How to Use Attorney Directories to Boost Your Law Firm’s SEO

Attorney directories are a powerful way to boost law firm marketing. They help build client trust and boost the firm’s visibility online. They also offer valuable features like reviews and testimonials that increase credibility.

Most directories are free to join, with some offering premium profiles for a fee. They often include legal content, photos, ratings and reviews. They also verify your NAP information, which is helpful for SEO.


A free legal directory is a great way for lawyers to generate online reviews and enhance their reputation. Most directories also provide verification of your NAP information, which helps improve local search engine optimization (SEO). These benefits are important for law firms that rely on local searches to generate client leads. To get started, research lawyer directories that align with your firm’s focus and target audience. Claim your profiles on all of them, making sure to include relevant information such as NAP, website URL, areas of practice, and attorney bios.

While many legal directories offer a free option, you should consider paying for a paid profile on the top ones. This will give you a better return on investment and increase your visibility in the search results. You should always check the directory’s domain authority, traffic, and reputation before deciding to pay for a listing. The higher these factors, the more beneficial it will be for your firm.


Paid attorney directories like Avvo, LawGuru, and Law Link offer a variety of benefits for lawyers. For example, they help attorneys with their local SEO efforts by creating backlinks to their website and verifying their NAP (name, address, and phone number). They also often focus on specific practice areas or geographic regions, which can improve a firm’s visibility in organic search results.

Other paid directories, such as Martindale-Hubbell, put a heavy emphasis on peer ratings. The result is that the higher an attorney is ranked, the more likely they are to receive referrals from other clients.

Although the pros of attorney directory services are numerous, it is important to understand that not all directories are created equal. Some may not provide the level of visibility and credibility that is necessary for a law firm to thrive online. A law firm should research the quality of a particular directory before choosing to pay for a listing.


Attorney directories provide local search results based on location and practice area. Listings on these directories can help improve a law firm’s SEO rankings and credibility. However, submitting to these sites should be done carefully. Many paid directories boost lawyers’ search engine results and ranking based on critical factors, such as board certification and nonprofit status. In addition, paid directories typically offer more detailed listings than free ones. For example, Lawyer Legion allows attorneys to add pictures and links to their websites and offers a premium service that boosts search engine rankings by 15%.

Online attorney directories are often maintained by state bar associations, local and specialty bar associations, non-profit legal organizations, and commercial organizations. Some of these directories feature a list of all licensed attorneys in a particular region or practice area, while others use a rating system to rank lawyers and law firms. These directories also serve as a source for backlinks and citations.


Legal directories are a valuable tool for attorney SEO because they boost visibility and help attorneys establish authority. They can also help law firms generate new clients. However, it is important to pick the right legal directory for your firm. This can be done by checking the directory’s domain authority and how much traffic it receives monthly. Using attorney SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs can help you determine these factors.

Another important consideration when choosing a legal directory is the level of attorney ratings. A high rating means that a lawyer is more likely to appear in an organic search for lawyers. It is also important to focus on providing exceptional customer service, as most people read reviews before hiring a company.

In addition to national legal directories, the ABA also maintains a list of non-profit Lawyer Referral Services managed by bar associations. These programs are often more affordable than commercial online directories and can be used by low-income individuals.