How to Find Attorneys Near Me

If you have a legal problem, you need an experienced attorney who can guide you through the complicated process. Ask for a recommendation from someone you trust or consult an attorney referral service.

LawInfo’s nationwide attorney directory makes it easy to find Lead Counsel Verified attorneys near you who practice in your area of need.

Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers is an attorney rating service for attorneys that is compiled by peer nomination and evaluation. The selection process is patented and includes independent research on candidates. They select lawyers on an annual state-by-state basis and evaluate them based on 12 indicators of professional achievement.

Lawyers can only receive a formal nomination to become a Super Lawyer by other attorneys in the same practice area and in the same state in which they are licensed. The research department also looks at national publications, local magazines, legal directories and other sources to find candidates.

Attorneys that are selected can advertise their Super Lawyer status on their website and in print. However, many states have ethics laws that prohibit this advertising since it may suggest that the attorney has a higher level of experience than their peers. Some attorneys also choose to promote their Super Lawyer status on social media, but this is not a recommended method.

Learn About the Law

Learning about the law is an important part of becoming a lawyer. It helps you develop your legal reasoning and writing skills, understand the basic principles of each area of law, and prepare for the bar exam. It also helps you find a law school that fits your interests and goals.

When dealing with a stressful legal case, it is critical to hire an attorney you can trust. You should run an attorney search in a trusted database to see client reviews and verify that they are licensed to practice law in your state.

It is also a good idea to research the law firm’s website and read customer reviews before hiring them. Some attorneys offer free estimates or consultations. You can also set up a power of attorney so that someone you trust can act on your behalf if you become incapacitated. This is a great way to protect your finances and assets, so make sure to get a free estimate from several different firms.


Founded in 1995, FindLaw is a legal information portal and one of the largest directories on the Internet. Owned by Thomson Reuters, it ranks for many SEO keywords. They also provide a number of law firm marketing services.

Their website lists a comprehensive suite of services, including attorney website design, local online visibility, and legal directory exposure. Moreover, they also offer social media management and other related digital marketing solutions.

Unfortunately, clients don’t own their websites and are obligated to a 3-year service agreement (they enforce these contracts with the threat of lawsuits). These restrictions limit flexibility and discourage small law firms from working with them.

While FindLaw emphasizes the importance of attorney content, it is unclear whether they provide high-quality content. Additionally, it is difficult to determine if they use in-house or external writers. They also don’t share their methodology for selecting relevant search terms or geographic targeting. This makes it challenging to understand how their marketing strategies differ from those of their competitors.

Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer Referral Service networks connect people with pre-screened attorneys. They don’t charge for their services and make money through advertising and a yearly fee from the lawyers they list in their network. If you find that an attorney you were referred to through one of these services does not meet your expectations, the State Bar has a complaint process for you to use.

To access these services, call the referral number and state your legal problem in a brief statement (any information you share will be held in confidence). A representative will then search their database for attorneys with experience in that area of law. You can also ask for information about pro bono and public service legal programs or consumer, governmental or other agencies that may help with your problem. Each service is required to comply with ABA Minimum Quality Standards for Lawyer Referral and Information Programs. The rules also prohibit a referral fee to any lawyer who owns, operates or works for the service.