Listed in an Attorney Directory

Many attorneys are listed in an Attorney Directory. These directories allow the public to search for attorneys by practice area or specialty. Many directories also include information about board-certified attorneys who have completed national ABA-recognized specialization programs. Many states also maintain Lawyer Referral Services for their citizens. In addition to attorneys, these services may provide information on the attorneys’ background, reputation, and awards. Listed in an Attorney Directory is invaluable for locating legal counsel and avoiding legal pitfalls.

To find a qualified lawyer, start by researching the legal issue you want to address. Free attorney directories include state and local bar listing websites, search engines, and lawyer directories like Avvo. Attorney profiles on Avvo are automatically created based on publicly available information provided by the State Bar. The blank profile can make your firm easier to find and can also increase your chances of receiving reviews. However, make sure to research each attorney before choosing one.

Listed in an Attorney Directory is a great way to direct potential clients to your website. To make the most of this opportunity, be sure to collect positive online reviews. These can lead to new business. While listing in an Attorney Directory is important, don’t neglect other aspects of the marketing campaign. Make sure that you focus on your community and offer a client-centered experience. Also, make sure that your NAP citations are consistent. This will increase your online visibility and reputation.

The Knoxville Bar Association publishes an Attorney Directory every August. Nonmembers are also listed. The KBA Attorney Directory is an invaluable tool for the members of the Bar Association, and is one of the most sought-after benefits of membership. It contains the contact information for all members, including attorneys in Knoxville. This directory is also available on a CD-ROM. In addition to the printed directory, the KBA publishes an online version of the Attorneys’ Directory every year.