How to Get Your Law Firm Listed in an Attorney Directory

Directories like Lawyer Legion help the public find lawyers with a specific practice area and geographic location. They also include customer reviews.

Many state bar association maintain their own attorney directory. This allows the public to verify the attorney’s licensing and disciplinary history.

Turn your directory into a dynamic, user-friendly platform. Start by choosing a theme that mirrors legal professionalism and secures optimal functionality.

Getting Listed

Having a listing on an online lawyer directory is one of the most important things a law firm can do. It provides potential clients with a lot of information and helps them decide whether to hire you or not. Moreover, getting listed is usually easy and affordable.

You can easily get your law firm’s name and basic contact details listed for free on most directories. However, if you want to improve your chances of being found by potential clients, you should consider upgrading your listing. Some directories, such as Justia (previously Martindale-Hubbell) offer a premium option. These listings are more visible, have a link to your website, and can include a photo of you or your law firm.

A modern attorney directory like Modern Attorney helps you stand out by giving your prospective clients an inside look at your firm’s flexibility and modern workflows. Plus, it allows you to set up a winning profile that showcases your personality, qualifications, and practice areas.

Getting Clients

When you’re a new attorney, finding clients can be difficult. But if you can take the time to build your reputation online, it may be easier than you think. Many attorney directories allow potential clients to search attorneys by their areas of expertise and by their geographic locations. Some even let users specify the types of legal issues they need help with, such as family law or divorce.

Attorneys can use a variety of marketing techniques to attract potential clients, including social media and paid online advertising. But one of the best ways to get clients is by networking with individuals who are likely to need legal services, such as business owners and doctors.

Another way to get new clients is by writing blogs about legal topics that are relevant to your clients’ needs. This will not only attract new clients, but it will also establish you as a thought leader in the field of law.

Getting Referrals

Most people who hire legal services do so because they have been referred by a friend or family member. Word of mouth is an essential marketing tool for lawyers and attorneys. However, it might be difficult to get referrals from people who do not know your reputation or skills. Fortunately, there are several ways to get more referrals.

Another way to increase your clientele is to build partnerships with other businesses and professionals in related industries. These can include real estate agents, financial advisers and accountants. By providing these professionals with helpful legal insights and resources, you can encourage them to refer clients to your law firm.

Lawyers also have to keep in mind that some of their clients may need legal help in areas that they do not practice. It is important to have a good network of lawyers who can handle these cases and refer them to you when necessary. This will ensure that your clients are represented by a skilled and competent attorney.

Getting Paid

According to the Thomson Reuters Consumer Legal Needs Survey, nearly a third of consumers who needed legal services conducted online research for law firms. This is why lawyer directories are such a valuable marketing tool for law firms. Many of these online directories allow potential clients to search attorneys by name, practice areas and location. Getting listed in these directories can also help your firm’s website rank higher in online searches.

Attorneys can create free profiles on most legal directories, but some directory sites charge for premium listings that include more detailed information about your law firm. For example, Enjuris charges a monthly fee to list lawyers on its site. These premium listings allow attorneys to highlight their experience and provide client reviews.

Other directories, such as NOLO’s local attorney listings, focus on specific types of law practices. They can also spotlight attorneys with high verdicts or ratings, which builds trust with potential clients. This can be a cost-effective way to market your law firm.