Find Lead Counsel Verified Attorneys Near Me

If you need a lawyer for any legal issue, it’s important to find one who specializes in your specific case. Search attorney and law firm directories to find Lead Counsel Verified attorneys nearby who specialize in your area of need.

Family lawyers handle divorces and other issues related to family members. Estate and real estate attorneys manage assets for death, as well as help with buying or selling property.

Legal services

Legal services are important to protect personal and financial well-being. A legal advisor can help you with family matters like marriage and divorce or estate planning. They can also assist with financial concerns such as bankruptcy, lawsuits and debt. MetLife offers a robust legal plan for its employees that provides access to an extensive network of attorneys who can help with these issues. For details, talk to your employer’s benefits administrator.

There are several not-for-profit law offices in New York that offer free legal help to low income residents and families. They can assist you with a variety of legal problems, including filing for unemployment insurance and food stamps, and fighting illegal collection practices and warranty contracts. They can even help you file for federal bankruptcy protection if needed. Other services include advising on legal issues related to housing and the workplace. They can also help you with other government programs and social service agencies.

Legal requirements

The legal profession requires a lot of professional qualifications, including meeting certain academic standards and passing a bar exam. Some states also have additional requirements, such as moral character and background checks. This makes it important to find a qualified attorney to handle your case.

If you are not sure where to start, ask for a recommendation from friends, family members or co-workers. They can offer valuable information about a lawyer’s abilities and personality. They can also help you narrow your search by identifying lawyers who specialize in the type of case you have.

Whether or not you are interested in becoming an attorney, it is a good idea to take college courses that will improve your research and writing skills. Law schools do not require specific undergraduate majors, so prospective attorneys can choose from many different disciplines. Steven Freedman, associate dean of admissions at the University of Kansas School of Law, advises aspiring lawyers to also take upper-level humanities courses.

Law firms

There are many top law firms in New York that offer a variety of services. These include corporate, finance, intellectual property, and litigation. These firms are primarily focused on complex challenges that multinational corporations and financial services firms face. They provide expert legal advice to help clients resolve problems and achieve their goals.

Clifford Chance is a top global firm known for its strength in M&A and its strong commitment to diversity. Its New York office has a collegial culture and offers above-market compensation. It is also known for its extensive pro bono work and commitment to associate development.

The personal injury plaintiffs’ firm of Rathelson & Levine handles cases related to motor vehicle accidents, mass transit accidents, construction accidents, and workplace injuries. Its lawyers have a proven track record of success and are experts in the areas of personal injury law. Robert Gerov Media helps businesses in New York City grow through marketing services. Its team conceptualizes, designs, and builds customized websites with informative copy.

Finding a lawyer

If you need a lawyer, it’s important to choose the right one for your case. You can find a lawyer online or by asking friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. You can also use a lawyer search database to find attorneys by location and professional background.

It’s also a good idea to ask for a recommendation from businesses that work with lawyers on a regular basis, such as accountants, insurance agents, and real estate brokers. These professionals regularly interact with lawyers and can give you informed judgments about their competence and savvy.

You can also access your state bar association’s attorney directory, which can provide you with a list of attorneys in your area who practice the type of law that covers your case. If you’re a low-income American, you can contact the local legal aid office to get free or reduced-cost legal help. You can also look into community-based legal services and pro bono programs.