5 Practice Areas That Require the Expertise of Attorneys Near Me

Finding the right attorney is important, particularly for cases involving personal injury, family law, or bankruptcy. Ask friends and neighbors who have gone through similar legal problems about their attorneys. You can also use directories of lawyers on state bar websites or Avvo.

Health care lawyers specialize in the intricacies of health care laws and regulations. They can also help with medical malpractice cases.

Real estate lawyers

Whether you’re buying a home or selling an apartment building, a real estate attorney can help you. They can review real estate contracts and negotiate favorable terms. They can also assist with mortgages and loan closings. They can even handle disputes over property boundaries and zoning.

Real estate attorneys can translate complex legal terminology into layman’s terms for clients. They can also advise clients on property tax exemptions and abatements, land use and zoning issues, and commercial leasing and development. They can also file quiet title actions to resolve issues uncovered during a title search.

Tax attorneys

Tax law is a complex field that requires the expertise of an experienced attorney. They help individuals and businesses understand their tax law requirements and assist them in resolving tax disputes. They also help clients settle their debts in an affordable manner. This helps them avoid costly penalties and interest charges.

Apart from assisting clients with tax laws, they can also offer advice on estate planning and securities law. This includes drafting wills and trusts that comply with federal and state regulations. They can also assist in transferring assets and avoiding inheritance taxes.

Criminal law attorneys

When facing criminal charges, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal system and make smart decisions such as when to accept a plea bargain. He or she should also be able to handle multiple lines of evidence and mountains of paperwork.

A criminal defense attorney can help you defend against charges for domestic violence, murder, drug crimes, burglary, weapons violations, and sex crimes. He or she should have a strong reputation and proven track record in the field. Moreover, the attorney should charge fair fees.

Antitrust attorneys

Antitrust laws are federal and state statutes that regulate monopoly activity, price-fixing conspiracies, bid rigging, group boycotts, merger plans among businesses, and a wide range of other business practices. A violation of these laws can lead to civil or criminal proceedings.

Attorneys who specialize in antitrust litigation handle disputes involving allegations of unfair trade practices. They can advise a business about compliance with antitrust law or represent it in an investigation by federal government agencies.

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP has an excellent team of antitrust attorneys that includes practitioners with extensive experience in M&A counseling, civil litigation and criminal investigations. The firm’s lawyers have backgrounds at the FTC and DOJ, and their expertise extends to international matters.

Media lawyers

As media and entertainment companies evolve with new business models, attorneys in this practice area advise on a broad range of matters. These include copyright infringement, “theft of idea” suits and defamation claims. They also counsel on syndication agreements, rights acquisitions and commission of productions, and other content-related transactions.

They can also help with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, ownership and antitrust issues affecting the telecommunications industry, free speech, advertising, do-no-call lists and media censorship. They also assist with e-commerce, domain name issues and cybercrimes. They can also draft social media policies and advise clients on employee conduct online.

Agricultural lawyers

There are many laws that govern the agricultural industry. These laws include zoning, land use, and environmental regulations. Moreover, there are laws that govern the growing and marketing of crops. Agricultural attorneys are trained to help farmers comply with these laws.

Agricultural lawyers can also assist with estate planning and property disputes. They can also help with regulatory compliance and litigation. They can be a great resource for farm owners.

A good attorney can help you settle your legal issues more quickly and efficiently. They will be honest about what they know and can give you recommendations on other lawyers who can help.

Construction attorneys

Legal disputes involving construction projects can cause undue stress and excessive expense for property owners, contractors and other professionals. They can also damage the reputation and livelihood of those involved. Often, these cases involve insurance coverage issues that require expert legal representation.

A qualified construction lawyer will be familiar with the laws and regulations at both state and federal levels. They can also help negotiate contracts and agreements between parties.

Having a knowledgeable New York construction attorney can help you get the best result possible in your case. Whether you need assistance with filing a mechanics lien, enforcing an existing one, or defending against a lawsuit, these attorneys can handle it.