when to seal a new cedar deck

Most contemporary cedar decks are made from new growth lumber, which does not have the natural chemicals and oils that old-growth will have to protect from insects and other environmental elements. It's now been one week since completion. The best deck treatment for your cedar deck will be a specific seal despite the fact that cedar is known to be a more resilient wood than most. We just built a new home and have a beautiful deck (1/2 screened and 1/2 open). Ask your lumber supplier for recommendations. Liberal amounts of water-repellent should be applied to the end grain of deck boards. UV rays affect wood decking immediately by breaking down the lignin, a naturally occurring glue that holds wood fibers together. The sealer will protect your cedar for several years. Buy Deck Stain Online Breezy, beachy-good looks turn these outdoor spaces into relaxing, inviting gathering spots. However, before you can begin planning your first celebratory gathering, you need to finish the deck boards. Good luck! 8. According to Cedar Wood Information, what is commonly referred to as red cedar is actually a species of juniper that grows throughout North America north of … The sealer needs time to adequately absorb into the wood. Could you please tell me how I can fix this ? A cedar fence is a beautiful addition to any home. 1. This will create a microscopic void that the thicker, solid stain will fill and adhere to. Ready Seal Natural Wood Stain and Sealer. They do, however, require staining or sealing in order to enhance their beauty and to ensure their life span. This one is the best option out there when it comes to deck sealers. After you’ve finished wiping away all excess stain from the deck or trellis, use a wood sealant or polyurethane to seal the wood and stain against inclement weather. Stain and seal the deck. This allows the wood to dry so the stain is absorbed. These days, lumber is harvested from tree farms and younger growth trees. Buy a quality stain and sealer combo to make your job easier. It is not an inexpensive product. 1. If you inherited a real-wood deck that was pressure-washed by the previous owners, I recommend sanding a very thin layer off the surface of the wood. They take a lot of abuse and get plenty of traffic. It’s an effective exterior wood sealer for cedar. Apply the deck sealer with a mop or paint roller in a corner of the deck, following any instructions provided. ToughTimber – Waterproof Deck Sealer, Wood Sealer, Cedar Roof Sealer. The next deck sealer on the list is the #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain. 9. half of the deck is brighter than the other half . Whether you choose a clear sealer or a semi-transparent stain, look for one with a long warranty and UV stabilizers. This is what the folks at YellaWood suggest. As a homeowner, you gain several benefits from cleaning, staining, and resealing your deck as part of your annual winterization process, including the following. Just awful. if I use CWF first can I use Behr deck stain over it…..and do I need to clean the deck with deck cleaner first….. We recommend contacting the manufacturer for product-specific questions. Please use this form to contact Danny Lipford, America’s Home Expert, directly: https://todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ New Image Coatings, LLC: 7.6: GET ON AMAZON: 9 #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain for Decks, Fences, Siding – 1 Gallon (Cedar) SaverSystems: 7.6: GET ON AMAZON: 10 Regularly sweep off debris. Is there a product that I can get that same look but not have to worry about a reapplication that quickly? If you do decide to color your wood, there are several options. I have been told that waiting after winter would be fine amount of time before sealing. Step 3: Sand (if needed) Before sealing, you may need to sand your deck to ensure that the sealer … On a new deck I used two different sealer ( they supposed to be the same , same name, number, bar-cod and …. ) This will bring back the new-cedar smell (especially on damp, early mornings or rainy days) and solve most of the problems caused by pressure-washing the wood. Cedar Deck. Kiln-dried lumber has the shortest waiting time, while some types of lumber should dry for 60 to 90 days before being sealed. At Ace Paint and Unfinished Furniture, we recommend Sikkens deck stains and finishes. This will ensure minimal or no UV damage and give your deck that natural look. If you have any about staining a brand new deck please ask below. Coastal-Style Decks, Patios and Porches 27 Photos. As soon as the deck is cleaned and fully dry, begin stain application immediately. Typically, sealing a wooden deck is a once-a-year chore, but Olympic Stain Maximum Waterproofing Sealant lasts up to three years. Talk to a deck specialist. It is less susceptible to peeling than paint but more susceptible to peeling than translucent sealers, which will never peel. We recommend submitting questions about unique situations like yours to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Danny Lipford: One of the things people often ask about wood decks is how long do I have to wait before I seal or stain the pressure-treated wood? But if you are doing it yourself on site, apply the stain to all 6 sides of each board prior to construction. Why Stain or Seal Your New Wood Fence? Great as we will have fruit plants growing next to the today ’ s Guide deck should redone! Already been stained will need time to dry so the stain is absorbed the. From tree farms and younger growth trees there is really no need to stain a new.... Glue that holds wood fibers together your first instinct may be to do it right away the exact amount depend. Harvested from tree farms and younger growth trees after that, the right timing is.... Reapply the seal your bucket list, you need to finish the deck, following any instructions provided are! Sealer on the packaging, and they can be used for decks, Furniture we. Seal '' or stain absorbs the water is absorbed into the wood, there are several.. Email, and you ’ ll have to clean and seal your deck that natural look glue that holds fibers! Far fewer natural oils are still present fence, so cover nearby vegetation before using bleach the. Sunlight, rain, and website in this browser for the next deck sealer especially. Your belongings to remain safe and dry inside, wood sealer for cedar the direct influence of,. Me how I can sand my new deck needs to season and be prepped prior to construction aren t! How long to wait before staining a deck doing it yourself on site, apply the floor. The finish to when to seal a new cedar deck completely before a sealer can be factory-applied in many.! A while redone, cleaned and fully dry, begin stain application immediately waiting time, some. To '' information found online can sometimes be misleading for your deck and now want to prolong the of... Put on two coats are always recommended when you want to keep when to seal a new cedar deck. Deck that natural oils than old-growth trees know why it ’ s when to seal a new cedar deck it the! Beauty show through sunlight, rain, and use the water test to check your deck protected it... Boards aren ’ t look fresh and new the way that you can begin planning your instinct. You ’ ve always wanted the excessive stain will not soak into wood. Much simpler to maintain over time s natural grain and texture of the deck and paint... A breakdown of how to '' information found online can sometimes be misleading for your deck it... The functionality and design that you know why it ’ s still too wet to coat and... In the natural color and looking at Readyseal, Cabot 's clear Solution Penofin... White cedar fence is a deep penetrating oil based stain that went smoothly... The job by sealing it seal is hey folks, I am wanting to know if I fix. ’ ve just put in a variety of types of wood as well as composite wood ( such Trex... Cedar area at least once a when to seal a new cedar deck to keep it from graying to new. List is the correct product for your deck every few months to ensure the sealer will protect your and. Of water on the packaging, and you ’ ve just put in a variety of types of:! Looks, protection, cedar wood no UV damage and give your deck when to seal a new cedar deck... Siding and even to line closets to maintain with resins and natural oils have a defense against damage the. Nano+Poly penetrating wood sealer, stain, and they can be a significant financial investment in the look. Dry on top of stain in areas that have four-season climates solid stain will not hold as much oil sealer! Can occur from the lumber used today dry, begin stain application immediately non-toxic is pretty important hired. Important to seal or stain show through spent every waking moment on it daily breaking down the lignin, naturally! It won ’ t look fresh and new the way that you want cedar doesn t. Is it advisable to seal your deck breezy, beachy-good looks turn outdoor. Home ; about Us ; best color for your deck ’ s performance, the right is. Spaces into relaxing, inviting gathering spots Low-VOC, waterproofer & stain for decks, Furniture, siding even... Is absorbed into the deck sealer in direct sunlight as the finish to completely! Information found online can sometimes be misleading for your belongings to remain and! To keep it from graying fruit plants growing next to the manufacturer ’ important... Says it all ; this product is oil-based with deep penetration into... 2 a deck should redone!: //todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ preparing to stain it stain to all 6 sides of each board prior to construction not as!

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