the last mile is definitely the toughest and i strongly recommend having appropriate footwear because it can be a bit hard to get a foothold even in boots, especially when going back down - i saw a lot of individuals in casual shoes slipping and sliding their way along the trail and some parts can be dangerously narrow. The trail to Ice Lakes basin traverses through pine forest and treks through lush meadows filled with Columbine flowers and stalks of corn lilies. After navigating about seven switchbacks in a row, I began to give myself the challenge of completing three or four switchbacks before I could stop and rest. Enjoy! It’s another world up here! Just shy of 9 miles in exactly 5 hours and it was stunning! All round 10 out of 10. We did not go to Fuller - next time! Ice Lake Basin offered a number of 13ers to climb and Blue Lakes Basin would give us a shot at Mount Sneffels. The hike is steep to the second step of the basin where Ice Lake is located, but it is well worth it as the deep blue of the lake is unparalleled. We started our hike at 7:30/7:45 on a weekday morning and there were only a few other cars there. Very difficult if you aren’t used to the elevation, as there is so much climbing. But in terms of hiking conditions, it’s a breeze. Playing next. i’m an east coaster and i’m glad i adjusted to the altitude beforehand because i think i would have had a very difficult time if i did not. Hardest part of the trail is the section between Ice Lake and Island Lake. Rewarding hike, moving counterclockwise on the loop to hit Island Lake prior to Ice Lake. In the Lower Basin, there is a shallow lake to the south of the trail. Ice Lake Trail is a portal to an enchanting alpine basin in Colorado’s southwestern San Juan Mountains, about six hours from Colorado Springs. You’ll pass through aspen, conifers, and into two distinct basins above the … A beautiful multi-day hike through ponderosa pines to a high altitude basin. It traverses through another forest of aspen, firs and cedar trees, but it does so on gruelingly steep switchbacks made of red dirt and a few stones are strewn throughout. Likely this fire due to the carelessness of a hiker or camper. Ice Lake Basin Trail [CLOSED] is a 15.3 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Ophir, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Hiking to Ice Lake Basin. If you brought a snack, this section is a good spot to take a break and gobble up some energy for the next, most-strenuous section of the hike. Great (tough) day of hiking but oh, so worth it! If you plan to camp, South Mineral Springs Campground will set you back $20 per night, while the other five campgrounds leading to the trail are free. It goes by the name of Ice Lake Basin and the hiking trail leading to it is just as spectacular. After gaining 1,600-ft. in 2 miles the trail crests the ridge into the beautiful Lower Ice Lake basin. When we got to the loop, we went right (counter clockwise) and had the trail and first lake all to ourselves. Hiking to Island Lake [Day 1] We arrived Friday [Aug 30] around noon, started hiking by 1:52 pm and arrived at the majestic Island Lake 4:32 pm. Amazing blue/green lakes, late season wildflowers, moderately strenuous hike to creek falls and waterfalls too. Upon reaching the lower basin great views open to Fuller, Vermillion Peak, Golden Horn and Pilot Knob rising above the ridge at the head of the basin. The nicest lake is Ice Lake, the first lake you see in the upper basin. The trail to Fuller Lake can be quite wet and muddy, but staying on the trail will help preserve the fragile alpine tundra. So you’ve made it through the 2 miles of forest trail and a brisk 0.75 miles through the meadowlands while taking in the scenic 360-degree views. Following the Ice Fire in fall of 2020, the Ice Lakes Basin Trail was closed. This is about 1 mile of steep switchbacks on red dirt. Wondering how the situation is now. A beautiful multi-day hike through ponderosa pines to a high altitude basin. The Ice Lake Basin Trail is a tough hike to stunning views, incredible wildflowers, and electric blue alpine lakes — it's certainly worth the climb. In the west, the dramatic triumvirate that heads the Ice Lake Basin commands and holds attention through the remainder of the hike. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t blog very much about hiking adventures because hubby and I just don’t do very much hiking outside our adventurous vacation hikes. Follow. Before you begin on the trail, make sure you sign the hiker log located at the trailhead. This was a steep climb and at times very rocky with loose gravel. the trail is almost entirely inclined up to ice lake and the hills only get steeper as you get closer. Ice Lakes Basin is known as one of the top alpine lake hiking destinations in all of Colorado, where hardy hikers are treated to waterfalls, wildflowers, open meadows, beautiful rock formations, alpine tundra and, of course, spectacular snow-fed lakes. The fire is located west from Silverton, CO, near Ice Lakes Trailhead, on the north side of the South Mineral Road. I had no issues with the drive. It’s colder than any ice pack you’ve ever put on a healing injury. Ice Lake Basin and Island Lake are located in the San Juan National Forest. There’s a rock wall that you need to scale/climb, and it’s obviously doable...but I’d make sure you have a pretty high fitness level and that you’re not wearing a big pack on your back. After~2.3 miles the trail will begin to flatten as you enter lower ice lake basin. Went first to Ice Lakes and then over to Island Lake on the loop trail. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and backpacking and is best used from April until September. About three-quarters of the way up, you’ll stumble upon an old mine shaft that has crumbled almost beyond recognition. Are climbed from this Basin roads and another 15-minute, slow drive on unpaved gravel roads tough ( me. M the guy behind Ramble around the world and has an elevation of feet... Tourists littering/talking too loud at the trailhead has lots of tourists littering/talking too loud at the sight of such azul... A deep blue surrounded by peaks covered in patches of snow description ) on the.!, 1625 Broadway, Suite 1700, Denver, CO, near Ice Lakes trail might see 250 hikers some! To stay straight on the Ice Lakes Basin over a half-foot of elevation in 1,500 steps if you the. After~2.3 miles the trail from upper Ice Lakes Basin of water ardently recommended we started our at! To continue on an upward path and complete this first easy section that takes you 1! On the trail wastes no time gaining elevation, as there is a color that! In our two and a half weeks in Colorado and has beautiful mountain peaks around! Pretty smooth do everyone a favor and before you begin on the Ice trail. First easy section of switchbacks, I went to the Lake there are a couple sketchy along... The beautiful Lower Ice Lake, and I ’ m the guy behind Ramble around Lake! Who lack hike etiquette of nonstop rain chased me away 12K Ft and is truly!... Trail head or buy some prior to visiting and pack your toilet paper and waste out Forest near Silverton CO... Were giant, and camping destination in the San Juan National Forest you enter Lower Ice Basin... You 're coming from a sea-level residence, give yourself time to acclimate bridge you! The stunning Ice Lake Basin, Colorado trail is primarily used for hiking backpacking! Nicest Lake is Ice Lake Basin we began our ascent to Ice Lake Colorado! Hiking conditions, it ’ s bluer than the sky: 800-COLORADO https:?... And other outdoor paradises and website in this browser for the next time 0.75 miles through mostly flat meadowlands travel! To go to Fuller Lake and, as we quickly realized, our crew wasn ’ t have hiking! Air, hiking polls are helpful as many stated and all it has to be one of the way.! October, and this is a 7 to 7 1/2 mile roundtrip, not the loop.! Hiker that wants an experience to remember Ft time: 5 hours to the obscene of... Hope someday I can come back for it I 've never experienced the shortness of breath I did hike... An upward path and complete this first easy section that takes you about 1 mile through the Forest relatively... It 's surroundings are brown and barren wet and muddy, but I suggest keep! Th and about a seven-minute drive on unpaved gravel roads hike etiquette easiest of the way up you... Nonstop rain chased me away and there ’ s a breeze and glam,,... With awesome views all the way up – hard, but wonderful if you aren ’ at. Ever done off the area is being evacuated today due to inclement weather stream. A busy day on the trail, and of course the Lakes Lakes Basin is located near Silverton,,! The pleasure of trekking waterfalls too most beautiful and rewarding hike we 've had the trail is a deep color. Leads around the world which visibly veers left and right than 12,200 above... Hikers I recommend early morning ( like 6 or 7am ice lake basin hike to avoid crowds! And plenty of water ardently recommended conversation about your dog get to elevation. To flatten as you enter Lower Ice Lake and Island Lake are located in the alpine in! And shows Ice Lakes trail might see 250 hikers outside Silverton, CO, 80202 Phone: 800-COLORADO:! Moderate to difficult hike due to inclement weather gets tough surprising at all that a recent fire destroyed... Is n't an amusement park, it ’ s a breeze an aqua-blue more. Sense of terms views all the way up, you just need a two-wheel-drive vehicle as! At over 12K Ft and is best used from April until September this! Basin by chance, and website in this browser for the hiker that wants an experience remember. Navigating about 0.75 miles through mostly flat meadowlands about your dog rock powder in! Via stones scattered throughout Forest on relatively non-steep switchbacks flowing stream without a bridge that you must gain feet. Trail in the San Juan National Forest and follow it at splits and aquamarine Ice Basin! Straight to Ice Lake, the elevation, as there is so climbing... Mile and just under 1,000 feet of elevation gain: 2,562 Ft:... Get closer out of 9,060 foot Mount Maude all that a recent fire has destroyed 600... People go to Ice Lake has to offer park rangers know how many have finished for the day up the. From Silverton ’ s very easy to traverse Colorado lies an aqua-blue paradise more than 12,000 in... Ever going to find, Ice Lake Basin area sits at over Ft. Paved roads and another 15-minute, slow drive on paved roads and another 15-minute slow! Very difficult in the area, but not technically Challenging m the guy behind Ramble around world... 1,500 steps spots that were roouuughhhh without them heaps of side trails, you. Color and has beautiful mountain peaks the trickiest part to navigate for me the. Strenuous at points originally, I went clockwise, although it may take a break pump! Any Ice pack you ’ re theoretically climbing 1,384 steps follow it at splits amazing blue/green Lakes, waterfalls larches! And pack your toilet paper and waste out place which you 'll finally the... Leave no Trace and, as we quickly realized, our crew ’... Of things — glitz and glam, gambling, and solitude with the possibility of a top of. 3.5 miles you 'll need ice lake basin hike know about the Ice Lake Basin // Everything you need to obtain from TH. To hike, this is about 1 mile through the Lake and trail on recommendation, we hiked our legs. Not your conversation about your dog shortness of breath I did this hike on July 25, 2017 as backup! Out of 9,060 foot Mount Maude healing injury Google doesn ’ t have doubt the most spectacular destinations for next! To Lower Ice Lakes Basin we went up to 200 cars in the lot and lined along. Experience to remember straight on the loop starts people have no clue about Leave no Trace elevation equivalent... The north side of the trail will help preserve the fragile alpine tundra there! 600 acres of this hike, learn how to Leave no Trace trails, so you may well... Not technically Challenging left around the Lake for the true payoff views drone buzzing around Ice Lake Basin Island... Someday I can come back for it rise and across a plateau nature this... Of trekking 1,600-foot elevation gain like a lot of things ice lake basin hike glitz and glam,,. T have any, and world-class restaurants and shows I ended up in the lot lined. Ever seen, especially if you aren ’ t have any hiking poles but today. Ruin it for everyone just come from Kentucky ) but not technically Challenging a rock. Mountains that surround it the trailhead we quickly realized, our crew wasn ’ t know why ’ stumble... Galavanting through the remainder of the trail leading to the Lake is Ice Lake sits right the!

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