gelsemium homeopathy materia medica

Epilepsy. With Gels. Sneezing with fluent coryza, profuse watery discharge excoriates the nostrils. Vomiting occurred during the next twenty-four hours. face is flushed crimson, but not quite as besotted as that of Bapt. Paralysis of upper lips after prolonged conversation. Heavy, besotted expression, flushed and hot to the touch. an., Verat. Restless sleep, unpleasant dreams. Diarrhea with intermittent fever. He cannot go to sleep; every excitement keeps him awake. Children’s remittent fever. Suppressed menstruations with convulsions (every evening). Myalgia. You can read the full book here. Loss of sensation is sometimes found; numbness of the end of the nose, of the ears, of the tongue, of the fingers, of the hands and feet, numb ness, here and there, of the skin. The patient in general is thirstless, and it is the exception that there is much thirst. Spasmodic or neuralgic dysmenorrhea. He is awkward and clumsy and the muscles do this and that and something not ordered to do. There may be a lack of thirst, even during fever. Incapacity to think or fix the attention. The lids close when he is looking steadily; they simply fall down over the eyes. White had to ride twelve miles over mountains to reach the patient after receiving the summons, so the convulsions must have lasted a considerable time. He feels that if he ceases to move the heart will cease to beat. Prefere a solidão, não quer falar, e não suporta ninguém perto de si, ainda que em silêncio. There is sudden rush of blood towards the head, causing headache. The Homeopathic Remedy Gelsemium Sempervirens is used to treat acute influenza (flu) or sore throats, with weakness, limp limbs, chills, fever, headaches with double vision, and heavy, drooping eyelids. The only guiding symptoms was "the child’s chin quivered incessantly." The heart is feeble and the pulse is feeble, soft and irregular. Case 2 There are times when the paralytic weakness is not sufficiently marked to account for things seen, but there is an incoordination of muscles and he is awkward. Boericke . complaints come on slowly, and hence it is suitable for fevers coming on in the southern climates, but it also has sudden violent complaints, though not to the extent we find in Bell. In addition, the remedy can be given for hay fever if accompanied by these symptoms. Pressure on vertex, so great as to extend into shoulders, head feels very heavy. Gelsem. TRIO OF HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE 1. 5. This is due to a paralysis of the muscles of deglutition. Earache from cold. Sensation of constriction in right side of neck. It seems as if I should lose my senses. I am writing this under the influence of the drug. Stupor, cannot open the eyes. In eruptive and other fevers less restlessness than in Acon., less violence and suddenness of aggravation than Bell, languid asthenic fever. Early morning sneezing, streaming of water from nose. (typhoid, dreads movement, Gels. Respiratory Organs. The subject of the first was Mrs. Logan. Trembling in all the limbs. who describes her experience thus: –      "A few moments after taking the medicine there is an extreme feeling of restlessness, not able to be still for a second, keep turning and twisting all the time. The homeopathic remedy of Gelsemium may be of particular help for those who suffer from mental disorders or phobias, as it helps calm the mind and bring the body naturally into balance. I have cured among other cases one of neuralgia of the anterior crural nerve. In connection with brain affections there are convulsions of the extremities, crampings of the fingers and toes and of the muscles of the back. The patient feels dazed and talks as if he were delirious; incoherent, stupid, forgetful. Aphasia during singing or talking- Argentum nitricum, Arum triph, Causticum 4. Complete relaxation and prostration of the whole muscular system, with entire motor paralysis. Acts as if crazy, brandishes a sword in a threatening manner. Nystagmus. Voice, loss of. Severe, sharp, labor-like pains extending to back and hips. Clarke. Meningitis. Hot applications better pain back of head. Now this is my invariable experience whenever I take Gelsemium – no matter whether in the 3rd or 1, 000th potency – and I have been in the habit of using it for twenty years. All gone sensation in abdomen- Phosphorous, Sepia, Stannum met. 3. Sepia has cured endocarditis, and a remedy that will take hold in endocarditis and root it out must be a deep acting remedy. Cataleptic immobility, with dilated pupils, closed eyes, but conscious. Premature labor (abortion) (after fright). Nose. In cases of poisoning, artificial respiration and faradization of respiratory muscles. Pregnancy, albuminuria of. Temperature rose to 101.5 F. Heart’s action very violent and intermittent (possibly an aggravation of existing disease). GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS Keynote symptoms of homeopathy medicine Gelsemium Sempervirens, described by A. L. Monroe in his book, Method of Memorizing the Materia Medica, published in 1882..... Gelsemium Sempervirens Homeopathy medicine Gelsemium Sempervirens from William D. Gentry 's Rubrical and Regional Text Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica, comprising the characteristic symptoms of homeopathic … I find Cinchona an antidote for most of the symptoms, but it leaves me much exhausted, thoroughly tired, and with a wish to be quiet. Mouth. Homeopathy Materia Medica Materia Medica information is available as below. I gave her tincture of Gelsemium 10 minims, with a bismuth mixture to be taken every two or three hours. Paroxysmal shooting pains. Alcoholic stimulants relieve all complaints where Gels. Gelsemium Sempervirens 30C Homeopathic Remedy - 200 Pellets. (in dumb ague). This is succeeded by an inclination to weep, and I generally have a good cry, and while the desire to throw myself from a height lasts, I clench my hands and nervous rigors run all over my body down to fingers and toes. Hoarseness with dryness of the throat. Painful redness at the urethra. Bronchitis. It can be understood but must ignominiously fail. Detached retina. C.M - A Synoptic key to the Materia Medica 3. Irritable, sensitive, desires to be let alone. Pain as from a tape around the head. Many times when erysipelas has spread over the face and scalp in the most dangerous manner with the dusky red color that belongs to Gels., and other symptoms such as I have described in a general way, Gels. Palpitation, with weakness and irregularity of the pulse. It has congestion of organs, but it has also high grade inflammation. 2. 2. This condition exists in the cases of typhoid that call for it, the lassitude is expressed by the patient, with Mur-ac. The color comes out also in the color of the tongue, and bilious symptoms generally. 3. Incontinence from paralysis of the sphincter, in nervous children. Sepia is not known to be as great a heart remedy as Cactus, but it has cured many cases of heart troubles. Relations. It produces a general state of paresis, mental and bodily. This is succeeded by an inclination to weep, and I generally have a good cry, but before I cry and while the feeling lasts of wishing to throw myself from a height, I clench my hands, and nervous rigors or sensations run all over my body down to my fingers and toes, it seems as if I would lose my senses. Roughness of the throat, raw, as if ulcerated in the larynx. Characteristics. Arg. Trembling and weakness, listless and languid, Easily jangled. Cerebrospinal meningitis, stage of congestion, severe chill, dilated pupils, congestion of spine and brain. Vivacity, carelessness, followed by depression of spirits. On becoming suddenly overwhelmed by some surprise he becomes faint, weak and exhausted, he becomes tired in all the limbs and unable to resist opposing circumstances. The headache in Gelsemium is also associated with vertigo-like in pulsatilla. At times it is a remedy for coryza, with sneezing and running of water from the nose, with coldness in the extremities, and the trouble will go down into the throat and produce sore throat, with redness, tumefaction, enlargement of the tonsils, hot head and congested face. 2 for insomnia and headache. Emotions, effects of. Sleepiness and long-continued sleep. Spasmodic labor-pains. Blackley pointed out the suitability of Gels. Yellow Jessamine. has taken hold of the erysipelas and cured. Sticky, feverish feeling in the mouth. "Hershoff's useful guide to the therapeutic prescription of remedies for muscoloskeletal complaints is concise and clearly written, replete with valuable differential materia medica. Thus Gelsemium became our greatest and most reliable remedy in paralyses, less in total paralysis of the “glass coffin” type, which we hardly ever see, but more so in the different paresis of local nature; ptosis, diplopia, oesophagus spasm, postdiphtheritic paralysis, all of … Pains in neck like those of cerebrospinal congestion. Sudden blindness. It then occurred to me that the symptoms were produced by Gelsemium, and placing him in charge of one of the boarders, I returned to my office in order to procure the antidote, of which I was unaware at the time. Mind. FEAR, losing self-control. For angina pectoris, depending upon fatty degeneration of heart, Gelsemium [ and Belladonna] are good palliatives- Dr. Hempel. Apart from above it is also suitable for people having dullness, drowsiness and dizziness along with other health conditions. (complaints of women), Coccul., Con., Curare (paralysis), Fer. He next prescribed the 1, 000th, and the result of that was the proving now related. In this it is like Bryonia. Amaurosis from masturbation. Cannot go to sleep on account of violent itching on the head, face, neck, and shoulders. Deep-seated, dull aching in the muscles of the limbs and in the joints. Coldness of the wrists and hands. A tool for practicing homeopaths and laypersons alike." The muscles of the face seem to be contracted, especially around the mouth, making it difficult to speak. Numbness of the tongue, feels so thick he can hardly speak, partial paralysis. Fright. Stitches in the region of the heart. Here is the second case in Dr. Logan’s words: –      "I gave Mr. Dorion, since Dr. Dorion, of St. Paul, five or six drops of Gelsemium Ist for some ailment the nature of which I fail now to remember.

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