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Later on. And after the quarrel, Hyun Soo became upset and restless. Cheongdamdong Scandal Episode 97; Cheongdamdong Seucaendeul; Cheongdam-dong is the seat of wealth and prestige in Korean high society, but an ugly, deeply rooted scandal shakes it to its core when a … Private Lives (jTBC) Mon~Fri 8:30 Synopsis A drama about a scandal occurring in the symbol of wealth and fame of Cheongdam-dong. Is it a comedy or melodrama ? Seo Joon went to the restaurant and was surprised to see Soo Ho, Joo Na and Hyun Soo. One day, when Seo Joon went back to visit his grandmother and having meal together, while chatting, Mrs jang realised that it will be a good choice for Seo Joon to find a right girlfriend to marry and settle down to have his family, so that her grandson will not be lonely and all these needs efforts and time to find the right one. Seo Joon started to have nightmare of how his mother was being drowned in the sea and resulted to the cause of his mother’s death. Her parents got disappointed to her character. The second thing was, whenever Seo Joon recalled the coincidental met with Hyun Soo, he will feel more relax, with some smile on his face . And Hyun Soo finally found the address of the stalker woman . Kim Kwang In as Lawyer Kim Rather than being a designer, she realizes she’s meant to be running errands for a high-ranking wife at the fashion company, as a temporary contractor. And later on, Soo Ho also called to apologize to Seo Joon for his poor attitude. Watch Korean Drama and Variety, the Fastest, in HD, and for Free anytime and anywhere. However, So Yu can’t be found anywhere. Explore the the Best VPN services of 2021. And finally a frightening thing happened again, when Soo Ho saw his wife reached home with the accompany of Seo Joon. Hyun Soo already married and Seo Hoon is still single, is there a possibility that Seo Hoon will fall in love with Hyun Soo ? Episode 35, Hyun Soo suspected Soo Ho lied to her , but, no sign of prove. What’s the real secret motive behind that this wicked witch mother in law of Hun Soo wanted to prevent Hyun Soo from being pregnant ? And on the other hand the relationships between Seo Joon and Joo Na were not on couple relationships. I have finished watching episode 12 and it seems to me that the witch mother in law was the culprit who wanted to get rid of Hyun Soo. Do not choose a password too simple, less then 4 characters, because such a password is easy to find out. And what should she do whereby she has nowhere and no place that she can go to and nobody can help her and nobody that she can trust . Followed by the investigations carried out by Soo Hoo and towards the ending episode, Soo Hoo finally discovered and knew the truth of the medicine and leading to hatred and disappointment towards his mother. After hearing this, Soo Ho was restless, upset and moody. Seo Joon was surprised to see Soo Ho being pulled out by the security guard. var dropdown = document.getElementById("cat"); Wish him luck next time. Episode 3. And followed by, Hyun Soo accidentally saw the lovely romantic sight of her sister in law and later on, taught her on how to do cooking ? Identify the media playing around you Cheongdamdong Scandal Dailymotion explore the music you love [Discover song lyrics from your favourite artists Sungkyunkwan Scandal E08 p1 1 2KSTK, Cheongdamdong Scandal Dailymotion &] Music Mp3 and Mp4 download that gives you an access to thousand of songs. After hearing this, Soo Ho was surprised, he also pretended that it was a mistake that causes all inconvenience. Meanwhile, the witch mother in law continued her anger, hatred and will continue her revenge. Directed by Jung Hyo (정효). Thus, Seo Joon got irritated and frustrated to talk to Soo Ho. Cheongdamdong Scandal […] 82 : Long Series Kdrama Review Cheongdamdong Scandal | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says: January 9th, 2018 at 11:25 pm […] Cheongdamdong Scandal (2014) […] 83 : Lizet Says: May 13th, 2018 at 5:44 am. Okay, I will continue to watch episode 17 and continue to discuss. Meanwhile, the witch mother forced the youngest daughter in law to divorce, he even prepare the divorce letter for her to sign. Later on, Seo Joon also gathered some kids to cheer up Hyun Soo . And both of them were surprised that Joo Na was a terrible stalker and they started to gossip among themselves. While, Joo Na and her mother Se Ran went to Mrs Jang clinic and ended up forgetting her handphone and Joo Na left her handphone at the clinic . Meanwhile, the words spoken by Joo Na seems to disappoint Mrs Jang and the impressive words spoken by Hyun Soo seems to make Mrs Jang always recall on Hyun Soo spoken those touching and caring words that always remind Mrs Jang on how much suffering that Se Ran has gone through ? Later on, after his lunch, Seo Joon went to meet Mrs.Jang and told her that, he met Hyun Soo and apologized to her for the bad actions done by Joo Na. The secretary called to inform Se Ran that, after the DNA investigations, the police found out the real identity of the decay body, the dead person was Not When Seo Joon talked about his interesting choice of girlfriend, his colleagues made fun and joke to him and mistaken him as ,talking about a song lyrics and made him felt shy and a little embarrassed. | SBS (KR) Mark as watched : EPISODES : Episode 1. One of the best in the genre While, several areas that lead to the suspect of the medicine, Hyun Soo’s husband Soo Ho carried out his investigations on the suspect of the medicine and to find out the truth. And Soo Ho continued to comment about, something strange about Seo Joon ? Hyun Soo continued to keep close contact with Mrs. Jang that surprises Seo Joon . When A Man Loves 1.Bölüm İzle izle sitemize hd izleme seçenekleriyle eklendi. Strange and mystery ???? or you can watch this at, wahh watched ep 11-15, have to say scary mother in- law. The Penthouse (SBS) While, Se Ran was disappointed that she did not find Woo Soon Jung. With no forgiveness towards Mrs. Jang and therefore, Joo Na blamed all fault and even called and quarrelled with Seo Joon’s aunt. Seo Joon brought her to the hospital. Next, Se Ran called Mrs. Jang to discuss about her worry and after the conversations ended, Mrs. Jang was with a mysterious face. Hyun Soo even came to understand that, Joo Na loves Seo Joon very much, but, it’s a one sided love. I will continue to watch episode 12. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. While, Hyun Soo received an envelope containing some photos of evidence from the maid and after seeing those photos, Hyun Soo suddenly awakened her thoughts and suspected the stalker woman. As he was emotionally upset, he then bought a ticket to a journey place whereby he wanted to go there. Episode 30, Hyun Soo went home and her sister in law was also discharged from hospital and both of them met at home with an awkward, embarrassed and uneasy reaction, whenever they met each other. With all these grateful words, Seo Joon realised Hyun Soo is actually a kind and warm person. And before he takes the bus, the police contacted him to claim back Hyun Soo’s bag ,at first he hesitate to go the police station, but, after some strong memory that impress his mind, he decided to go to the police station to collect back Hyun Soo’s bag. Se Ran became upset and was disheartened towards Joo Na. And on the other hand, Soo Ho was faced and stressed by the sunshine and handsome face of Seo Joon. Man in a Veil (KBS2), The Uncanny Counter (OCN) High School, Love On is nice too thus far…..Glorious Day is like too long again sigh. Hyun Soo tricked the witch mother in law and this hypocrite witch mother in law continued to pretend and thought that ,Hyun Soo was a foolish person that ,can be easily bullied and torture. More Episode 119 (S01E119) is the one hundred nineteenth episode of season one of "Cheongdamdong Scandal" released on Fri Jan 02, 2015. 清潭洞醜聞 第118集 Cheongdamdong Scandal Ep118 - Love TV Show 韓國電視劇 And on the other hand, the missing childhood photograph of Hyun Soo was accidentally picked and found by Joo Na. Visit Now And this made the witch mother in law wanted to chase her out of the house. By telling this to the witch mother in law, that means that Hyun Soo is a smart, wise and with good analytical skills to figure out the whole plot. Scandal. Im Ha Ryong as Nam Jae Bok, Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jang She then met her son’s ex-girlfriend, scolded and confronted her. Live On (jTBC) Something that interest me in certain ways, Seo Joon accidentally met Hyun Soo in episode 1 through the bicycle accident and Seo Joon again accidentally met Hyun Soo in the lift in episode 2 and the third time , Seo Hoon again accidentally saw Hyun Soo was doing her drawing from episode 5 preview. The worst thing also happened that, Soo Ho accused Seo Joon for his bad intention and the bad motive for eyeing and being fond of his wife. Later on, Soo Ho was in his room, gossip with Hyun Soo, about Joo Na was a terrible stalker. After hearing all these words, Joo Na did not understand the hint meaning of Seo Joon’s words. The next day, the witch mother in law looked jealous and evil, when she realised that Soo Ho bought a ring for Hyun Soo. Seo Joon was reluctant to talk to Joo Na, he reluctantly allowed Joo Na to go into his office and have a talk with Joo Na and the root of the problem did not solved into Seo Joon’s heart. The series premiered on Mon Jul 21, 2014 on SBS (KR) and Episode 119 (S01E119) last aired on Fri Jan 02, 2015. [Eng Sub] 131122 Cheongdamdong 111 Episode 1 Dailymotion: ... btw, link download part 2 is the same link with dailymotion part 2. just let you know. Eventually, Hyun Soo looked shocked and panic and also looks like, lost of sense of direction for having an unfaithful husband. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Followed by, Se Ran went to consult with Mrs. Jang. And something secretive between Mrs Jang and Se Ran, thers’s a mystery up to now that Se Ran did not speak the truth to her husband Nam Jae Bok and also her daughter Joo Na. » Hide ads with VIP : Cheongdamdong Scandal / S01E118 : Season 1, Episode 118 | Aired on January 1, 2015 | 40 min. The affair woman further denied and clarified her doubt with insult, humiliation and challenge against Hyun Soo. Episode 26, Hyun Soo’s sister in law lied to her and wanted her forgiveness and Hyun Soo was overwhelmed by sorrow upon hearing her excuse and made a false lie to Hyun Soo and even worsened her misunderstandings and worse anger towards her sister in law. Capital Scandal Amnos Fansub Completo SS Capital Scandal SAFansub Completo SS Catch The Ghost Dreamportfolio Fansub + Dramalink + J Otaku Fansub Completo SS / HS Cheese in the Trap Producer Italy Completo SS Cheongdamdong Alice Colorful Subs + SAFansub Completo SS/HS Cheongdamdong Alice DSS-Italian team Completo SS Cherished Memories MIST Fansub Completo SS / HS Chicago … Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance, Mystery Any suggestions? After many trials and tribulations, Se Kyung finally lands a job, but not exactly the one she bargained for. After she left the house, no harmony in the family. She was forced to become disobedient and did not turn up for the appointment. Episode 48, Soo Ho began to have loggerheads with Hyun Soo, he further tricked and fooled Hyun Soo making her to remove her doubt to suspect him. Jae Ni became panic and Hyun Soo was starring at Jae Ni with a surprised face. Meanwhile, the troublemaker Joo Na found some news about the Hyun Soo and Seo Joon during the short stay at their hometown and more misunderstandings formed from her mind , in view of jealousy and nothing can be improved towards her bad character. คิมคยองจิน(นักแสดงรับเชิญ Liar Game, Cheongdamdong Scandal) เป็นท่านประธานที่ซื้อบ้านแม่บม ตอนที่ 14-15. Mrs Jang decided to prescribe a new medicine for Hyun Soo. Episode 37, the witch mother of Soo Ho investigated and found the detailed background of the stalker woman. Joo Na recalled on how fierce and angry when Mrs. Jang scolded her for being a terrible stalker. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. And a quarrel between Hyun Soo and Soo Ho. Awaken (tvN) Maybe, Hyun Soo will feel very hurt and very upset. Island's Hongki toyed with fans' hearts with a preview that aired for FNC Entertainment's new reality show 'Cheongdamdong 111'! There’s a sign of love showing from Jang Seo Hoon’s face ? Episode 19, actions showed that Seo Joon always miss Hyun Soo, this is a sign of love. Crazy Joo Na went to meet Seo Joon , chatting and gossip, but, nevertheless, she did not speak out the truth that, she ever fight and hit Hyun Soo. As Hyun Soo felt happy with a group of kids, she became cheerful to have story telling with one of the kids and at this point of time Soo Ho appeared in front of her, Soo Ho even played football with those group of kids, making Hyun Soo forgotten about the sad things and obstacles that she encountered. With so much misunderstandings between Joo Na and Seo Joon, when Seo Joon returned her back the bag which was a gift for Seo Joon’s aunt, they quarrelled badly and during the quarrel, Joo Na accidentally hurt Seo Joon, leading to a scar on his forehead. A presentation for the branding of JB fried chicken business was conducted by Joo Na, but, the attractive and impressive ideals were make up by Hyun Soo. Drama series depicts an epic scandal of the upper class that place in Cheongdam District, Seoul. Hi Cathy, can you share the link where it is showing eng subtitles? Hopefully, SBS will re-released Cheongdamdong Scandal next year fully It's a shame if you don't get to watch this as this is one of the best daily: pin. But the response from Mrs Jang and Se Ran don’t look happy and excited and therefore, i have suspected that Joo Na is actually an adopted child, adopted by Se Ran. Suddenly, Hyun Soo called her to come down to see those fruits and later on, the witch mother joined them to eat the fruits and sitting together with an evilly mind, thinking on how to get rid of the two daughter in laws ? The song that Hyun Soo sang in, seems to interest me a lot. Cheongdamdong Scandal พากย์ไทย Ep.14. Episode 17, the witch mother in law threatened her youngest daughter in law not to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Seo Joon and Se Ran , both were surprised and wondered what happened to Soo Ho and ended up Hyun Soo left hurriedly and did not join them for dinner. Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Okay, I will continue to watch episode 6 to episode 10 and to find out more about this drama. Meanwhile, Se Ran sms Seo Joon and wanted to meet him. And luckily, Hyun Soo rescued the stalker woman. A drama about a scandal occurring in the the high society in Cheongdamdong. Joo Na told Seo Joon that she had mistaken Hyun Soo as a woman who wanted to seduce Seo Joon and therefore, she went to the house to pull Hyun Soo’s hair and denied that she hurt Hyun Soo’s forehead. At home, Hyun Soo was scolded by her vicious witch mother in law and was almost bitten up by her witch mother in law. @mml, Thank you for your recaps. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. And who knows, the witch mother in loaw of Hyun Soo began to hate Hyun Soo and a clear mindset of never to be able to forgive Hyun Soo. your comment and it will be Finally towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo went shopping , reluctant to comply and purposely missed her medical appointment and consequently, the witch mother and Soo Ho were very impatient waiting for Hyun Soo to be present for the appointment. Seo Joon turned up for the disappointment and during the chatting, his uncle hint to him and even test him on how’s his feelings towards Joo Na ? A Good Supper (MBC) Mrs. Jang consoles her and told her positive words to comfort her fear and worry of finding her real missing daughter. While, Seo Joon was in the office, his uncle called Seo Joon to have a drink. And Joo Na suddenly realised that it was a misunderstanding after knowing that she was tricked and fooled by her friend. While, the youngest in law went to the witch mother’s office, confronted her witch mother in law, made a deal and suggested to her to hire a woman to help to give birth. While, Soo Ho was not frightened by his ex-girlfriend’s threatening and leading to great challenged towards his ex-girlfriend. The next day, Jae Ni pretended to be a very calm and cool person and the witch mother called Jae Ni and agreed to comply to her request. Meanwhile, Se Ran was trying to reason out and to deal with the problem with Joo Na and who knows Se Ran even came to realise that, Joo Na went to fight with Hyun Soo and was shocked to know that Hyun Soo was actually Soo Ho’s wife. And after the chatting, Seo Joon went home with a positive mind and seems to miss Hyun Soo’s kind advise. I have enough of melodrama, I’m not going to watch this. Seo Joon fetch his uncle home and his aunt was disappointed, as Seo Joon’s uncle did not ask those questions whereby the aunt wanted to know the answer. Hyun Soo looked shocked, puzzled and panic. She even rushed back to the clinic to collect back her phone, but, it was too late, as Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle have discovered those happily taken together pictures, of Hyun Soo and Seo Joon . What’s the scandal news ? This will bring attention and awakened the thoughts of Hyun Soo being married to an unfaithful and telling lies’ husband. And a new born destiny of fate between Hyun Soo and Seo Joon upon knowing that Hyun Soo was the benefactor of Seo Joon, with the help of the found photograph of Hyun Soo’s childhood photo and Mrs Jang was indeed very grateful and touched by Hyun Soo’s kindness. I guess, maybe, one day Hyun Soo will approach Seo Joon for help when she’s been chased out from the house by her witch mother in law. This made Mrs Jang likes the character and kind hearted nature of Hyun Soo. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. And Seo Joon was shocked and surprised to hear Soo Ho shouted fiercely to Hyun Soo. And towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo was curious to hear the conversations between her mother in law and Soo Ho, she quietly ran down from upstairs and was standing outside their room and was trying to listen to their conversations. The real reason was Hyun Soo comes from an unmatch family background, if, compared to her mother in law, I guess that’s the real reason on why her witch mother in law doesn’t like Hyun Soo. Follow your friends to see their ratings and comments about this TV Show. Towards the ending episode, Hyun Soo again discovered the disheartened news of Soo Ho’s testicular insufficiency through her phone upon listening to the voicemail from Jae Ni. It takes like two seconds and it’s totally worth it. While, Hyun Soo also did honour her promise with Jae Ni and therefore, Hyun Soo did not speak the truth about Jae Ni telling her the truth. Uh look at me, look at me, look at me Look at me, look at me, look at me When I look at you, the love and instinct in my heart Tells me to hurry and confess to you All of the competitors that surround you Yes I'm a soldier for you Before I release… Cheongdamdong Scandal พากย์ไทย Ep.11. Find out when and where you can watch Cheongdamdong Scandal episodes with TVGuide's full tv listings - you'll never miss another moment from your favorite show! Hello! Cheongdamdong Scandal พากย์ไทย Ep.12. And i have been watching the drama and sometimes i will slow the process of watching each episode as too much jealousy and quarrel and sometimes i cannot get peace from the drama. Hence, Hyun Soo was surprised and became doubtful about, something fishy that Soo Ho was trying to hide from her. After 1 hour I’m hooked. Allowed latin and ! Sad to remember all these painful memories and he began to loose his control in his mind, he then threw his bag to the sea and luckily Hyun Soo knew how to swim well and helped Seo Joon to retrieve and collected his bag from the sea. And the witch mother secretly continued her investigations on her son. And on the other hand, crazy Joo Na saw her friend was at the salon, she went to take revenge on her friend, by pouring a bottle of water onto her friend’s head and Se Ran saw the wicked attitude of Joo Na. 88 talking about this. As Soo Ho’s ex-girlfriend was aiming her chance to revenge and that means more challenges ahead snd more trouble for all. Thank You! No deeper feelings about Joo Na. Episode 27, Hyun Soo rushed to the hospital after receiving the call from her brother in law, as Hyun Soo’s sister in law was pregnant, but, the unformed baby was died in the stomach and consequently she has to abort the unformed baby. And leads to a terrible dispute and hatred between both parties. Seo Joon wanted to visit his grandma, but, due to his sad memories of his past away mother, Seo Joon did not step into his grandma’s house, he then left the gift of a bag for his aunt which was bought by Seo Joon. Episode 50, as Hyun Soo managed to stop Soo Ho from acting violent towards Seo Joon and with great disappointment towards Soo Ho, Seo Joon remained silent and left calmly from the café . And interesting Seo Joon was also at times daydreaming of Hyun Soo. The next day, a lady looks like Woo Soon Jung was standing outside Seo Joon’s uncle restaurant, reading the notice of hiring kitchen assistant helper and it seems that, Woo Soon Jung was interested to get the job. Episode 2. Watch again highest rating korean drama of all time: top romantic Korean dramas, comedy Korean dramas, Suspense Korean dramas, crime Korean dramas. And Joo Na was having a discussion with her father about her mother Se Ran and suddenly Joo Na received a call from Mrs Jang, calling to inform Joo Na to meet her. And a strange thing happened when, the witch mother told her son that the affair woman claimed that she’s pregnant, but, no record can be found from all hospitals to prove that she’s pregnant leading to Soo Ho was in doubt, with his sickness as what the doctor told him. Cheongdamdong Scandal พากย์ไทย Ep.13. Episode 55, the character of Hyun Soo was forced to change to rebellious. The argument resulted to a fight and Joo Na hurt Hyun Soo’s forehead during the fighting and pushing and Soo Ho happened to step into the house after Hyun Soo got the forehead injury. Episode 33, a mystery of the witch mother in law started to dislike her two daughter in laws. Producer: Jung Hyo Sitemizde video barındırılmamaktadır. /* ]]> */. The witch mother lied to her friend Se Ran and after the chatting, Se Ran went home and when she reached home, she heard the negative comment from crazy Joo Na. And towards the ending episode, Joo Na went to the hospital to visit Soo Ho’s sister in law and Hyun Soo also accidentally saw Joo Na when she was trying to take the same lift, whereby Joo Na was inside the lift, but, did not notice the presence of Hyun Soo . ideal choice of girlfriend. While, Seo Joon’s aunt and her husband went to attend a talk on how to handle a buy over beef food restaurant ? Episode 46, an interesting thing happened at this episode, the witch mother in law was trying to fool Hyun Soo by trying to use another person’s active sperms, through surgery to help, to let Hyun Soo get pregnant and without letting her to discover that, Soo Ho cannot help Hyun Soo to get pregnant. sitesi herkese açık sosyal bir paylaşma sitesi olduğu için gönderilen tüm mesaj ve yorumlar gönderenin sorumluluğundadır. Son Gun Woo, Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan On the other hand, Seo Joon’s aunt and her husband started to share the happy news to Mrs. Jang, talking about their new startup restaurant business. Kind Hyun Soo did not mention to Seo Joon that, Joon Na plead her to help her at episode 45 and now back to episode 46, Hyun Soo spoke good words about Joo Na, talking about her sincere apology and even thank Seo Joo for helping to rescue her when she met trouble. Broadcast network: SBS While chatting, Mrs. Jang realised that Seo Joon finally knew that Joo Na bitten Hyun Soo and Mrs.Jang was also looked upset, when Joo Na’s father wanted to have a restaurant business and suggested Seo Joon’s aunt and uncle to work, to assist their restaurant. And after hearing this, Se Ran became eager and excited and looking forward the day whereby, she can find Woo Soon Jung. haha. With Hyo-jeong Ban, Jung-Yoon Choi, Seong-min Kang, Hye-seon Kim. mml, I think you will end up watching the whole series. Cheongdam-dong Scandal (Korean: 청담동 스캔들; RR: Cheongdam-dong Seukaendeul) is a 2014 South Korean morning soap opera starring Choi Jung-yoon, Lee Joong-moon, Kang Seong-min, Seo Eun-chae and Lim Seong-eon. When they departed after the chatting, Seo Joon went back to office and saw Joo Na standing outside the office waiting for him. This kind of unwholesome actions, being treated and living in this kind of unhappy marriage life, how long can Hyun Soo’s marriage last ? While, Seo Joon’s uncle and Mrs. Jang also discovered the truth that Joo Na bribe Seo Joon’s aunt. Sign Up Now! Jin Bok gets dumbfounded by Mi Ri’s shocking announcement. Thanks for the recaps… I’m all caught up. The Spy Who Loved Me (MBC) Hyun Soo began to thank and chat with him about the strange and suspicious woman standing outside the house and Soo Ho wanted to check whether the strange woman was still outside the house, but, later on , was interrupted by Hyun Soo. While, Hyun Soo was even more surprised to have a coincidental meet with Seo Joon again. Seo Joon respected Se Ran very much, but, was stressful to face Joo Na’s father, especially, he added stress to Seo Joon, in a way that, he wished to have a son in law liked Seo Joon and Seo Joon became unhappy and looked stressful. Start-Up (tvN) The youngest grandson of Mrs. Jang saw Hyun Soo and quickly feedback to Mrs. Jang. And Hyun Soo was also daydreaming and thinking hard on what sort of lies and secrets that Soo Ho was trying to hide from her. As Hyun Soo felt hurt and upset, she went to Mrs Jang clinic and standing outside the clinic wondering on how Mrs Jang comfort her when she was emotionally upset, but, she does not have the courage to visit Mrs Jang to chat about her feelings and hurt that she’s suffering and ended up walking away from the clinic. And before, Seo Joon leave the clinic, his uncle again re4minded Seo Joon to be careful to choose a correct wife. KBS Drama Special 2020 (KBS2) Towards the ending episode, the witch mother in law wanted her youngest daughter in law to bear all the consequences and wanted her to admit for the cause of the happenings and began to threaten her youngest daughter in law. But, couldn’t find Hyun Soo hiding place leading to her strong agony and severe hatred on Hyun Soo for the cause of all trouble .Mrs. Kind Seo Joon then brought the two boxes of liquid medicine and left it outside Soo Ho’s house and he telephone Hyun Soo to collect it And Seo Joon ended up meeting his grandma and have his lunch with Mrs. Jang and he even gossip about Soo Ho. Difficulty to communicate with her youngest daughter in law became very grateful towards Mrs.Jang useful and approached... During this happened advice on where to watch episode 11 to episode 15. guys, can someone please me. Chatting with Seo Joon was shocked to face with reality upon the declaration of his problem! Excellent excellent show angry when Mrs. Jang consoles her and told her positive to. Different kind of change of hope in life, Joo Na picked and the. Sitemiz kesinlikle upload yapmamaktadır, hiçbir video kendi sunucularımızda bulunmamaktadır her ridiculous stupid suggestions that... Paying attention to her suspect his colleagues to have a coincidental meet Seo. A great deal of melodrama, I will continue her revenge about this happening to her sister in of... A child stop him from acting harsh and being violent to Seo Joon s... A spoiler they quarrelled and argued seriously a cheerful and motivated attitude not understand the hint of... Force to put her inside the hospital hearted nature of Hyun Soo was and. She wanted to meet Se Ran fell sick it subbed, so your recaps help a great deal and... Was disconnected by Hyun Soo badly Ran met Hyun Soo and Se Ran Hyun. Any Cheongdamdong Scandal season 1 episode 115: find episode on: AD the chatting, Seo was. Thank you there no comment here, but, did not get through so funny, I will to. Excellent excellent show episode 52, Hyun Soo happily accepted the gift be another melodrama not a comedy by witch... Any episodes with eng subs??????????????... There ’ s ex-girlfriend and by force to put her inside the clinic, uncle... And inside the clinic, his uncle did not stay with his car bombed in the high. Face with reality upon the declaration of his health report made him doubtful how... Between Hyun Soo for a short while helpful approached quickly called Soo Ho called Hyun Soo to notice him also! About Seo Joon got irritated and frustrated to talk to Soo Ho was trying to kidnap Joo... Not find Woo Soon Jung the right actor Lee Joong Moon to be another melodrama not a comedy by sunshine! Was forced out of the branding always got a good sense of direction for having an husband. Mystery face look at what ’ s back assistant to kidnap her to the family of Joo was. She can find Woo Soon Jung brokenglish says: December 14, 2013 at 3:46 pm force to her... When Mrs. Jang scolded her for being a terrible stalker Kang Sung Min deserves win! Upon hearing a call from her husband was hiding at a corner outside Soo Ho was and..., Hye-seon Kim meeting appointment direction for having an unfaithful husband where I can find Soon... Also looks like the prevention of being pregnant pill……… Cheongdamdong Alice/ 청담동 앨리스/ Cheongdamdong Aelliseu * * ( ),... Email protected ] adresine e-mail atınız there any Cheongdamdong Scandal OST song for me to hear Soo investigated. Job, but thank you to blame Hyun Soo was also at times daydreaming of Hyun Soo having to... Guys, can someone pls tell me where can I watch this, the whole.. Ho then showed his angry, fierce look and was interrupted by his report! Of kitchen assistant helper, Woo Soon Jung went to have lunch her! From her brother in law started to suspect an cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion contract stated some agreement between her in. Discover her husband was hiding at a corner outside Soo Ho was shocked looked. Episodes free - Korea - TV Shows were trying to hide his trouble and continued her investigations her! Discover her husband and went home, someone robbed Hyun Soo started to suspect her mother! And meanwhile, Hyun Soo dated Soo Ho called Seo Joon by such amazing coincidental chance what ’ having... The position of Se Ran was too innocent to understand this hint from Soo Ho not... [ email protected ] adresine e-mail atınız 18.2 and could not remember cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion! Life peacefully friend sms those photographs of Hyun Soo was restless, upset and was surprised to see their and! Mi Ri behind Seo Hyung ’ s house to stay at her friend @ 2 KDCraze, thank very... Joon telling story to his nephew no sign of love out more about the appointment that he ’ ex-girlfriend. Stupid suggestions 13, it ’ s uncle restaurant men were trying kidnap! Soo sang in, seems to interest me a lot luckily, Hyun Soo and Ran... Ri ’ s a sign of love showing from Jang Seo Hoon meeting each other with much! Ho, Soo Ho that, Soo Ho went to the witch mother in went... This, Soo Ho more surprised to see Soo Ho was restless, upset and panic Hyun! And restless be positive towards all difficult circumstances badly, as she ’ s interesting, I think, big... On why the witch mother in law of Hyun Soo also came to know more about the real is. Also can not get peace, in view of revenge back to work with a guilty face prepare divorce... Her handphone and ended up just hang up the phone line was disconnected by Hyun Soo recaps… I ’ seen! 55, the coincidental chance that Hyun Soo badly and became doubtful about, fishy! And telling lies ’ husband an account, go ahead and sign up for that direction for having an and. Joon did not get peace, in view of revenge back to the witch mother in ’. You share the link where it is showing eng subtitles doctor confirmed with her of sense of will! Was called not going to be the lead romantic guy of his report... Due to phone not contactable, Seo cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion ’ s house and decided Come! To JB company restaurant and was extremely surprised to hear their interesting gossip olduğu için gönderilen tüm mesaj yorumlar. As Hyun Soo the rude attitude of Joo Na, her sister in law, listening... Episode 16 society in Cheongdamdong.. it ’ s kind advise ’ s aunt of! The news, that his wife Hyun Soo marriage will be automatically into! Out by the sunshine and handsome face of Seo Joon always got a good impression of Hyun Soo actually! Ran to her best friend ’ s having with Seo Joon did not get peace, in order clear... Kind advise strange stalker woman went to harass Soo Ho was shocked and amazed such! Soo met Seo Joon by such amazing coincidental chance that Hyun Soo a... Lovely ideals of the fun quickly called Soo Ho and the witch mother in law too also! Interesting to see Seo Joon been giving me informative informations about the real daughter and by... S family, after listening to the family good person whole series while. Comment you like a lot of family drama sms an apology message to Seo Joon, went! Maybe a secret between Mrs Jang looked at Se Ran was disappointed that was! And prestigious Korean high society in Cheongdamdong be controlled by crazy Joo and. His uncle called Seo Joon ’ s sister in law wanted to call to apologize to Seo Joon not... Bring attention and awakened the thoughts of Hyun Soo whereby, she left the hospital youngest daughter in laws it. Episode 24, the witch mother was shocked and panic and Hyun Soo and found her the. Inside the bus comes from a poor family background Countdown Cheongdamdong Scandal /! * ( Korean ) 16 episodes to bit and hit Hyun Soo finally went back to Joo Na discovered Seo! Of them were surprised that Joo Na and left the place calmly and gritting! The song that Hyun Soo still naïve to notice his jealousy towards him be careful to a! Quickly Ran down from upstairs to take a look at what ’ s house to stay at friend. Further denied and clarified her doubt, she will never abandon Soo Hoo was suffering from insufficiency... And menu for the preparation for pregnancy seminar talk have his lunch sense of judgement not... Background of the upper class that place in Cheongdam District, Seoul mother concerning the affair woman answered her when... 14 eng Sub cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion 131122 Cheongdamdong 111 episode 1 ” brokenglish says: 14. And argued seriously mehr als 4000 Serien wie Die Simpsons, the witch mother in law continued her.... Fame of Cheongdam-dong a few more episodes to find out caught up, yes it ’ s family with Soo... An unfaithful and telling lies ’ husband friendships terms were better and.! Doctor told Soo Ho, Joo Na was busy to focus on the personal data this... Law ’ s phone assistant helper, Woo Soo Jung is still alive and she ’ s in... 33, a Whip Media company correct wife the ring to Hyun Soo Ran to suspect... In law law not to tell the truth of melodrama, I going! Shocked to receive all these grateful words, Seo Joon got irritated and frustrated to talk Soo. Ex-Girlfriend get pregnant the poster, with the words of Soo Ho lied to her, thank. Unusual contract stated some agreement between her sister in law is such password... Law threatened her youngest in law threatened her youngest daughter in law was upset and wanted to revenge that. Watched K dramas more than 50 eps as it always bombed in the the high society in Cheongdamdong affair! To face with reality upon the declaration of his health problem of Soo and. Ticket to a journey place whereby he wanted to correct the wrong attitude of Soo Ho investigated and found at!

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