Lawyer-To-Lawyer Directory

There are many websites on the internet that allow people to find the perfect attorney for their case. Among these are lawyer-to-lawyer directories such as Nolo, FindLaw, and Lawyers Directory USA. These sites allow people to search for a lawyer by state, name, specialty, and other features.


FindLaw is one of the most prominent online legal directories. Its database has over 4.2 million keywords and is ranked well in organic search results. The site claims to be a free source of legal information.

FindLaw offers a variety of services, including search engine optimization, website building, and online marketing. However, some FindLaw users have reported problems with its service. Some of the complaints revolve around the platform’s marketing strategy and ethical issues.

While the legal directory may seem to offer an enticing offer, it’s not worth investing in unless your firm has the traffic to support its presence. And, if your budget doesn’t allow for FindLaw, another website may offer a similar service for less money.

Lawyers Directory USA

Lawyers Directory USA is a comprehensive legal aid directory in the United States of America. It features over 50,000 law firms. This directory also provides detailed profiles of attorneys. In addition, it has location-specific pages to help you find the best lawyers for your specific needs.

Legal directories are one of the most efficient ways to boost your online visibility. A good lawyer directory can help you increase your site’s search engine ranking, generate leads, and collaborate with other professionals. Using an attorney directory can also enhance your law firm’s domain authority.

Several legal directories offer free listings. Others charge a fee. Depending on your budget, you may decide to sign up for a listing.


A Lawyer-to-Lawyer Attorney Directory is a good way to find clients and get your name out there. In addition to offering a directory, these sites also provide other services, such as lead generation and advertising. Using a Lawyer-to-Lawyer Attorney Directory will help your practice connect with potential clients, and it can help you get the best possible SEO.

For example, it’s worth checking out the FindLaw Lawyer Directory. It has a comprehensive listing of attorneys from all over the country. Additionally, you can search for lawyers by location, practice area, and legal matter. You can also use the site’s free, legal guides and informational articles to learn more about the law and legal procedures.

Courtroom Insight

Courtroom Insight is an expert witness knowledge management solution that offers law firms a private, customized platform. It helps to improve expert witness retention, reduce litigation risk, and ensure a favorable outcome for your clients.

It has the most comprehensive directory of expert witnesses available. With over 108,000 profiles, lawyers can search for the best experts for their cases. The expert witness directory is separated into specialty categories, making it easy to find the right expert for any situation. Experts are listed by name, location, language, subspecialty, and expertise.

It also features public performance reviews. Attorneys can submit their own performance ratings and get feedback from other attorneys. Interested parties can also use the Courtroom Insight directory to track experts hired by the opposition.


The Nolo attorney directory is a great source of general consumer attorneys. It features a comprehensive profile of each lawyer including their education, experience and fees. In addition to the usual suspects, Nolo also includes several practice area specific sites.

Although the company offers a number of free resources, the site also provides a seven day trial to its $40 per month subscription service. This allows lawyers to add content to their profiles, which in turn improves their search engine ranking. Several of the site’s attorneys also offer to consult with clients for a fee.

Nolo’s legal content websites are perhaps the largest source of free legal information available today. They are a good starting point for any newcomer looking to get acquainted with the law.

Modern Attorney

There is more to legal directories than just listing your wares. You have to find the right ones, and it’s a process best started with a little bit of research. Luckily, there is a short list of sites that provide you with the tools you need to succeed. These include NoLo, Patch and Avvo, and they all come with a free trial. That’s not to mention a handful of other sites that require a subscription. This translates to more exposure for your legal practice.

If you’re still not sure where to start, try a mashup of the above mentioned directories. This way, you’ll have a chance at a gold mine.