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REI sell them for $6. REI Stratus Sleeping Pad Review - Duration: 15:30. REI’s Trailbreak sleeping bags are also hard to beat when it comes to price, thanks to the brand’s in-house development strategy. The REI Trailbreak 60 is an adjustable-length backpack capable that has enough capacity for multi-day backpacking trips. Price is relative, but the Trailbreak 60 is a standout: it’s a fully functional, surprisingly comfortable backpacking pack that retails for $149. 10 oz. Its no-frills mummy design includes a roomy foot box for a little extra movement, plus a small pocket near the head for essential small items. For this review, we tested REI’s two-person Quarter Dome, and they also make the tent in one-person and three-person models. REI Magma 15 Sleeping Bag Review My first impression of the Magma 15 was its weight — or lack thereof. See It. The Elixir 9 is aimed at the […] Backpack Reviews, REI. Read the full gear review for details! The stretchy material breathes well and protects against most snow and wind, earning our Top Pick for backcountry skiing award. Gear Review of the REI Igneo 17 Origins: Easing You In. Backpack Reviews, REI The REI Trailbreak 60 is an adjustable-length backpack capable that has enough capacity for multi-day backpacking trips. Weight (for Regular): 3 lbs. Looking for a 20 degree sleeping bag? Sleeping Pads for Car Camping . It’s hydration compatible and comes with basic features like a top lid, sleeping bag compartment, sleeping pad straps, an … Summer campers can get away with less, while winter adventurers will want something that exceeds 5 (and may want to consider adding a second pad for additional protection). For a reasonable $199, the Flash pulls out all the stops: ample storage, removable features including a top lid and compression straps, and a modular design that’s extremely customizable. A note of warning though. The REI Trailbreak 60 is an adjustable-length backpack capable that has enough capacity for multi-day backpacking trips. It’s hydration compatible and comes with basic features like a top lid, sleeping bag compartment, sleeping pad straps, an open front stretch pocket, and hip belt pockets. ... as long as I had plenty of layers and a warm sleeping pad. I wasn’t even slightly cold (not even my feet, which are usually cold no matter what I do). The weather is starting to get warmer, and you are getting itchy feet ready to dust off your backpack and start preparing for a camping adventure. The lightweight pad was fast and easy to use. With the REI Co-op Trail Pod 30, you don't have to. In this episode of "Gear Hack", I solve 1 glaring issue of this darn backpack. $429.00. Read this review and save yourself time and money. It’s hydration compatible and comes with basic features like a top lid, sleeping bag compartment, sleeping pad straps, an open front stretch pocket, and hip belt pockets. The REI Trailbreak 60 is an adjustable-length backpack capable that has enough capacity for multi-day backpacking trips. Though I have actually slept in this bag, and filmed a video with it that will be coming out soon! We’ve had great success with the XO Trail brake (read our review here) and the Elixir 9 Trail has many of the same features in a more wallet-friendly package. REI Trailbreak 60 Backpack Review. It’s hydration compatible and comes with basic features like a top lid, sleeping bag compartment, sleeping pad … The definitive guide to the best backpacking sleeping bags. From temperature ratings to down fill power, sleeping bag specs can get confusing. For cooler weather adventures, the REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 Sleeping Bag is built to withstand cool, wet weather and is a great budget sleeping bag for backpacking. While the Trailbreak 60 Backpack is … Read More » The Quarter Dome 1 costs $299, comes in at 2 pounds 7 ounces (14 ounces lighter than the 2P), and has significantly less interior space with only 18.9 square feet of floor area (vs. 28.7 for the Quarter Dome 2). We review sleeping bags from Feathered Friends, Western Mountaineering, Montbell, REI, Nemo, Patagonia, and Therm-a-Rest. Weight - 20% 9. REI offers another budget-friendly design in their Trailbreak self-inflating pad below, which has a lower R-value of 5.1, is thinner at 1.75 inches, and costs $70 for the regular size. Weighing 2 lbs 8 oz, it’s not an ultralight sleeping bag, but it’s a great price for the quality. The REI Trailbreak is one of the most comfortable foam pillows on this list. It is on the heavier side, so I would not use this for backpacking, but if you are only a camper or a traveler, I would get this pillow. It’s not my first choice of a sleeping bag for backpacking (or 2nd through 5th for that matter) but it is an option for anyone shopping around for some real cheap budget backpacking gear. 15:30. REI also includes set-up instructions on the tent bag, but it’s a process that you will have down pat after very little practice. This pillow is comfy, warm, supportive, inexpensive, and soft. I strapped on the The Nemo Switchback™ sleeping pad for testing because it was designed to deliver better thickness, comfort while still achieving an industry-leading pack size. Don’t overlook A Mattress or Pad If you have ever needed a pad to deflate or slept straight on the floor in cold weather, you understand firsthand the value of an insulated mat under you. The REI Co-op Magma 15 and Magma 30 sleeping bags are some of our favorite in terms of quality for money. 5 Star Reviews, Sleeping Pad Reviews, Therm-a-Rest, Ultralight Backpacking Gear Reviews The Therm-a-Rest Z-lite sleeping pad (long and short) is a top-rated non-inflatable foam sleeping pad you can buy from a mainstream manufacturer. Versions: Unisex regular and XL; Pad type: Self-inflating foam; R-value: 7.6; Dimensions (for Regular): 72 x 25 x 2.5 in. We tested the six-person version of the Base Camp for this review, but REI also offers a … The temperature ranges are basically the same, the colors are different, and elements of the materials are different (REI doesn’t really specify its materials, but often changes them slightly based on customer feedback). 4. As a final alternative and for a moderate boost in cushioning, Sea to Summit’s Comfort Plus SI below is 3 inches thick, albeit for $60 more and with a smaller sleeping platform. As you go down the packing checklist, you realize a sleeping pad is an essential camping component, because being comfortable at night can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep and being rested for the day ahead. The Avid Elixir 9 Trail brake is a powerful stopper that’s simple to set-up and has loads of modulation. 79. ... We've tested plenty of other sleeping pad attachment systems that don't offer this same degree of flexibility. I'm the editor of this site, not the author of the review. Further, if you put on a sleeping bag, you compress the insulation, which affects its ability to heat you (this is especially true for download, but does affect synthetic too ). It is somewhat compressible and perfect for camping and traveling. The REI Co-op Flash doesn’t come with a repair kit included — you will need to purchase one separately. The Outdoor Research Trailbreaker II softshell pants are inspired by the design of alpine climbing pants. When it comes to sleeping bags, there’s no need to break the bank to find a light, highly packable model. REI recently updated all of its sleeping bags, and the Igneo 17 is the men's middle-priced bag for 3-season use. REI Co-op Trailbreak 60 ($149) The new REI Co-op Trailbreak 60 is a great budget backpacking pack. The REI Co-Op Trailbreak 60 is part of a new line of REI gear that focuses on high quality, sustainable materials, and a lower price point. OVERALL SCORE. These are specifically made for human-powered skiing, with large vents and a breathable shell material that will keep you cool on the uptrack. The best budget backpacking sleeping bags are affordable while offering all the features essential for frugal adventurers. Additional Capacities: Base Camp 4. These bags are ultralight, ultra comfy, and much easier on your wallet than most bags with similar specs. REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 Sleeping Bag. While the Trailbreak 60 Backpack is … Read More » For a three-season sleeping bag, the weight was shocking at less than 2 pounds. Gear Hack: REI Flash 65 Backpack. at Feathered Friends. The REI Trailbreak’s lower limit comfort rating is -9° Celsius (20° Fahrenheit) but I would be very, very skeptical about that. Other Capacities of the REI Co-op Half Dome Plus. Sleeping pads are given an R-value rating, and the higher the number, the better it insulates you from the cold. It features simple foam padding along the backpanel and hipbelt, an internal steel frame for structure and support, and a 35-pound max load that can work well for … As mentioned above, REI has offered a 2 Plus version of the Half Dome in the past, but the line now comes in 1 Plus, 3 Plus, and 4 Plus models as well. If you are on a budget and looking for a reliable lightweight sleeping pad for three-season use, then the REI Flash 3-Season sleeping pad is still a solid choice. Escaping The City 827 views. REI Co-op entered the world of ultralight backpacking in a big way with the release of their Flash 55 pack last year. Our tester and staff were all surprised by this bag, it's right on the money. Best for Fast and Light Adventures Feathered Friends Hummingbird UL 30. 2018 Update: The REI Trail Pod 29 was updated in 2018, and is now called the Trail Pod 30. Read review: REI Co-op Trailbreak 30. For the full review of the REI Trail Pod 29, read below. The less you carry on your shoulders, the longer you'll be able to walk. Warmth - 20% 8. The mummy hood (which adjusted easily) and draft collar tube helped keep me pleasantly toasty. Weight: 2 pounds 8 ounces (size regular) Fill: polyester Therm-a-Rest, REI, Sea-to-Summit, NEMO, Exped, and Big Agnes has released air mattresses and sleeping pads with the new R-values. We have picks for side sleepers, budget, big/tall, and more. Best All-Around Car-Camping Pad. Last season’s Magma bags made our top picks list, and these new bags are also at the very top of our 10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags and Quilts list. For its list price, you get a sleeping bag that's cozy and warm enough for most 3-season conditions. Our team of experts narrowed down the best 20 degree sleeping bags on the market. Aegis Max Ultra Light Goose Down Sleeping Bag Review:Pint Sized Heat Factory - Duration: 17:36. As a general guideline for 3-season use, we recommend a rating between 2.5 and 4. And it’s worth noting that REI has attached detailed set up instructions on the stuff sack, which serves as a nice refresher if you haven’t used the tent in a while. REI Co-op Camp Bed. It's not as light or packable as a premium bag, but it is still a reasonable size for lots of backcountry overnights. See this comprehensive list of the latest Sleeping Pad R-values from all of these manufacturers, including a comparison of their old ratings and the new R-value ratings.

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