how to reset toyota touch and go

can you explain why the sat nav freezes when bridge(s) are closed to high-sided vehicles. Recently purchased a 2013 Rav4 Invincible. Some functions can work partially with certain phones, but these would not be listed. Unfortunately there is no way of displaying the final destination ETA once a stopover is added. If you have Touch & Go Pro then you automatically receive 3 years free map updates. I have a nice RAV4. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our CR team here:, The same situation in my car I have voice activation button on steering wheel of auris but says not installed. Recently Viewed {{modelYears | flyoutUpperCase}} Clear History You're almost there. The customer deleted all apps from their phone and it uploaded all contacts. Thanks for your post. In recent posts i have read that the new 2014 map update is due to be ready in April 2014. Could you please provide us with your reg? Thanks for your post. If it helps they can be reached via the attached link. To answer your question though we could not say whether the upgrade would resolve the specific issue you mention because of the large amount of data involved across Europe. When will the new MAP update 2014 be available? You are quite right, the latest map update was planned for April. Thanks Christopher, we’ve passed this on to our Multimedia Team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Unfortunately, there is no way to get traffic updates to interrupt an iPod when it’s playing music. All files are required to be placed into the root folder. Thank you. Hi Ronald. How to register your Touch & Go system We’ll pass this info to our tech team. I just sold a 2012 vw that did this so I have actually gone backwards , I have a 2015 yaris with touch and go stereo (without satnav). Manage My TNG Card; Manage My TNG RFID; e-Services Form; e-Refund; Track e-Refund status; FAQ; Contact Us. How can i set the speed camera alerts on my touch and go plus . You can save this vehicle to My Garage by simply signing in or creating a new account. You can register your car on and use the quick link to where you do need to re-register but will be able to access the latest mapping. Lower case is difficult to identify. Hi tool box is still. - We never use any of the applications in the navigation system, just the radio and moving map. Your dealer will have all details you require to find this out. Vous bénéficierez alors de la navigation, de 3 ans de services connectés et de mises à jour cartographiques inclus. Can i go in to any dealer or just the one i got the car from. Also, what’s the deal with the voice recognition? Hi Rob, Hi Pete Do you maybe have an exact datum so that i dont update it now, and in a week there will be a new update available? I did contact the garage where I purchased the car however they have not helped. No software update available yet as Aygo still too new for this. Where can I find a copy of toolbox , the naviextra site does not work again. is VNKKD3D340A111400 It working. Sorry about the delay have been checking with our tech team. Don’t try it – you’ll most probably ruin your device. Help! Hope this helps. Touch & Go: EUL20130409 Regards, And how can i solve my problem otherwise, if it cant see folders? Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks in advance. En savoir plus sur notre politique de confidentialité They have advised this is normally due to one of 3 things: Hello Ian Sorry we cannot provide a more positive response at the moment but if you do want to contact our customer relations team then they can be reached via the attached link. It is common sense really to do this with the radio on but as it was not mentioned in the manual I did not even think of it. Will it work after the changeover? Thanks for your post. It sounds like your system is not recognising the USB sticks but if you can confirm they would be grateful. Hope this helps. How to make a call and access your phone book When I connect my iPod the artwork is displayed. Would the sd card slot in my glove box work for sat nav if I was to install via sd card. Displays says to insert usb stick with update. Does anybody else miss this? All other settings such as EQ, when light should be turned on and when doors should lock and all that is still as i put it, it’s just the bluetooth and the gps…. Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos: How to pair your phone Hi, Offre sans engagement. Every time I try connecting to my toyota website it says Hope this helps. Thank you for your prompt response. This all went ok but I ended up with the same 2013 map date version as I already had, so the onscreen message about the existing version was correct. Let us know. Hi Emu, Do get back in touch if we can help with anything else. If not, can it be converted? Hope this helps. I have a 2011 Toyota Yaris III (XP130), and it’s equipped with a touch & go looking the same as in the picture in this article. Hope this helps and sorry we couldn’t be of further assistance. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with your Touch & Go unit. We appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns with us. I have a Prius Hybrid with Touch&Go system with software version 1.7.3L (map version is EUL20110321 ). That seems to be rather expensive compared to plugin sat nav devices some of which now come with lifetime updates. I can now also create a new message, use a pre determined template but once ready to send it doesn’t go anywhere even though it looks like it has?! . October 17, 2012 nh Comments 0 Comment. Any upgrades to the Touch system would be great. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. At this moment in time we are unable to say what will come with the new update. Taking your first point about the downloads, if you have downloaded successfully the applications then they are accessed by pressing the telephone/globe button twice, this button cycles between the phone and the applications/connected services. - The rebooting did not seem tied to a particular action or button press, nor hitting a bump or rough patch... it was random. Left hand drive vehicles such as the one pictured house these on the opposite side. This portal of yours is unbelievably under par when it comes to usability. ive tried a 4GB usb and a 16gb USB stick and i have not been ablle to get the fingerprint to copy. They opened a case with Toyota so you may be able to have your techs look it up if you've been having issues with navigation. Thanks. Applications payantes après 3 ans. Hi JP … To be 100% sure, we would have to advise contacting your nearest dealer so they can check this out. Thank you for your post. I have a 2014.5 RAV4 and have been able to receive text messages through the system in the car. The most recent sw version seems to be 2.13.5. TGB makes no representations with respect to this System, its contents or the accuracy of the information and related graphics. We have passed this information to our technical team and they have asked if you can briefly clarify the problem you are having. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised visiting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to assist you further. I downloaded the toolbox, but find my software version is 1.6.61 which is too old for the toolbox to accept.. Finally should my car not have a 2014 map as it was registered in March 2014. L'anniversaire oublié Découvrez le Toyota Touch & Go 2 : le système multimédia qui vous rend encore meilleur ! Is this because I need the Touch and Go+ system? Hoping to avoid trip to the dealer. OR 7 en 8 inch displays: 116 dpi. Thanks for your post and link and we have run your request past out technical team. Toyota car stereos are equipped with an anti-theft feature that requires a four-digit access code. Is it a setting on the i phone 5s or the settings on the touch and go Thanks for your post. We’d recommend contacting our specialist multimedia team for further help with your query as they are best placed to assist, and they can be reached here: My Avensis 2012 just did the same today, i can’t turn bluetooth on again and i can’t store adresses such as home and work anymore. You have the option to opt-out of these cookies. We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with that. The device provides Plug&Play connection without damaging OEM wires. We have checked this query for you and our last map update was October 2015, therefore we would advise visiting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to help with this. Hope this helps. The standard layout for a right hand drive Yaris such as yours is for the hazard warning light button etc. I press SETUP and then GENERAL but SYS INF isn’t there. We will then look into this with our multimedia team. Auristi 12 Posted April 24, 2016. Thanks again for your post and sorry for the delay in replying. Hi Bruno And it is understood correctly that SW (Firmware) updates can be installed independently of map updates? Hi Duncan, I haven’t tried it yet mine also states not installed.but I’m wondering I have found a sd card slot in my glove box on the left top side u have to put ur head in to see it lol next to a USB plug I’m wondering if a map sd card would work, I have just updated my maps on my 2012 RAV4. Unfortunately Toolbox is not available for the Mac at present. Since having the flat battery I now get the following message whenever I try to connect my iPod: Map Update 2.15.5 seems to be the only Touch and Go 1 update listed. Our tech team suggest that you try downloading these again and also check the settings on your customer portal account. Create an account at and register your vehicle; Click on “Download services” and go the “Map Updates” tab; Download the Toyota Touch&Go Toolbox and log in with your username and password. Can the software be updated without updating the maps? Having passed your query by our technical team, we believe the issue may be caused either by an incorrectly formatted USB device (must be FAT 32), or the device having an incompatible storage capacity (a minimum of 8GB is required). Playlists are OK, but I can’t realistically create new play lists to cover 12 thousand songs. Hi David, 6. To get it to work and play music over Bluetooth again I have to stop the car turn the ignition off and on again. what is the size (in pixels) of the rectangle on the screen, Hi Toyota, has the multimedia team any thoughts? Thanks for your post. I have just purchased a new Aygo. Have run this past technical for their feedback but have to say this is not an issue of which we are aware. Hello Stuart Due to you being based in Ireland, we’d have to recommend you speak with Toyota Ireland to confirm this. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. How do I tell what version a “new package to install” is in case it isn’t a new version at all? Thanks for your post. Thanks for your post. Hi Dave, Opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The next map update is set for release later this month. Hope this helps point you in right direction and let us know how you get on. Thanks for your comments regarding speed limits and audible warning. Regards, Carl. Your local Toyota Dealer can be found here: Yes the stick is as you mentioned – Some of the files are read – is there set formats eg MP3 only ( I do have a lot of formats e.g M4A) or a limit to the number of folders / albums – I can see and select up to 120 albums? You can contact them, here: The Plus should have 3 years Map Care (updates) from new. Many thanks. Toyota (GB) plc uses cookies to distinguish you from other users on our blog. 2. Although there are options to scroll on the device we always ask that our owners abide by the rules of the road and make sure they are stationary when making any major adjustments to our Touch system. Q2 – Why can’t I find the device ID on my Touch & Go/Touch & Go+?, Hi, I have a Yaris 2012 with the Touch Screen with Navigation, not updated at all. (i have sorted my MP3 on my USB in folders, but i am unable to find the appropriate folder view, just by song/artist/album). I have a 32GB USB which has over 5000 tracks on it, I have each album in its own folder and everything works OK, I tend to use shuffle but can just play one album at a time, I think from what I have read my system is Toyota touch as very limited features. Hi Indigosun Can you tell me what is the latest information as regards the email and texting compatibility with an iPhone 5S? Mine is greyed out (Toyota Yaris hybrid 2019). Am I correct that models from May 2014 onwards have the “Touch 2 and Go” software (but before that it was the old “Touch and go” and that it cannot be upgraded)? Hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for getting in touch. Thanks for your post. Hope this helps. I've been gone for a while, but come back reporting great news! Hope this helps clarify and let us know if you have any other questions. Turning to Twitter, you will need to download the application for Twitter. I’d like to know so I don’t waste the money. So I create my profile on the Customer Portal and add my car which shows up nicely. Q8 – Do I need to take action if the date code of my new map is out of date? Thanks for your post and sorry to read your comments about Touch & Go. (This is to protect customers data) Hope this helps answer your question. Many thanks. We have checked this with our product team who have recommended getting in touch with our customer relations department who can record this properly and investigate further. If you are having problems with this, we would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team, as they will be able to assist you further. 1. Hope this helps but let us know if you need any further help. Hi Olly From here on follow the instructions in the Toolbox and I’ll see if there are any updates to my current Touch & Go and hope some of the more annoying things have been altered . We are sorry that the system has proved difficult to operate and we will do what we can to help resolve this for you. We will run past technical again for you and post their reply tomorrow. would really like a refund so i can get a tom-tom instead. We are unable to advise on this. The iphone 6 was introduced in 2014/2015 so the 2016 Yaris software should be compatible and have the updated software pre installed, so therefore I cannot see a reason for there to be a charge. We’ll have a look into this for you and let you know when we’ve heard back from our technical team! Unfortunately this has now been delayed. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Hi Franca My question is if I buy a Toyota touch and go extension box will it be compatible and upgrade my system to touch and go in 2014 Auris. Before I start, here’s the TL;DR: Custom firmwares are not possible for Touch & Go without breaking open the device and possibly soldering stuff on it. I can connect to goole search and POI etc. Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying. Pauline. Hi Toyota the map on my 2012 Yaris can’t fine my true position on the screen. VEP RFID; Pukal Fleet Pass; JUSA C; Online Services. Furthermore, to get Touch and Go 2 would mean a cost of at least £750, according to my local dealership AND you can’t just buy the Navigation Extension unit you have to buy and replace the complete Touch and Go unit ! TO_BE_TRANSLATED_lbl. Hi Stu Hi Gus, This has been on going since yesterday pm. My iPhone 5S works well although text messaging and voice control do not seem to work. Hi Nick, Thanks. Thanks for your post. Hope this helps clarify. Has anyone gone beyond this point. See below for our list of the twelve most common questions asked about Touch & Go. Does this also mean I have to pay for every map update etc. Now it is stuck in a Software Update mode and keeps asking for a USB stick with a valid update. Thanks for your post. We did run this past our technical team who have suggested that you try removing the USB, starting up the car then re-inserting the USB so that it will re find the file on the stick. The sat nav cable is easy to swap out. Find out more. For Toyota Touch Pro, press the “Set up” hard button, touch “Navigation” on the screen and then touch “Online search”. We have run this past our technical team who just need a bit more information about what you are trying to download. Thanks. I have Prius T-Spirit 2015. Thank you for your post and we are very sorry for the delay in replying due to a change in software on our Blog. There a ton of Entune problems identified in the TSB. But surely there must have been an update back in 2013/14/15 – without maps – which just brought system up to the latest version. I live near the coast and at the moment on screen my car is in the sea. Have you checked to see if the USB format is correct? Many thanks. Once you have this and you puts the finger print in it, it will find the latest version. All I can see on Toolbox is a European Map with price. I have entered my Login and Password details for the Toyota website, I’ve registered the device with the ID. The button will be fitted to every car built at the factory and can be used if a customer decides to choose this option. I was suprised about this as my Rav 4 reg.Jan.2012 had it included… have you any comments on this? I would also like to get twitter and see text messages. Since getting the CarPlay feature on my iPhone via latest update (connecting with Bluetooth) I can now read incoming text messages. Les informations recueillies sont destinées à CCM BENCHMARK GROUP pour vous assurer l'envoi de votre newsletter. Development of the map can take up to a year. Hi Artur If you need any help locating your nearest dealer then we have a dealer locater on our website I checked the manual to find the fuse that I thought it would be. I am on version 1.71 at the moment. This upgrade can be done by a dealer or via MyToyota. Also wish I could just install an iPad mini instead and all the apps i need not having to go through all this crapy errors. Apparently the software on the car needs an update, it’s a main dealer job I reckon would there be a charge for doing the update? This link will take you straight there. Will I be spending £109 to buy maps for all of Europe, which I don’t need, and getting a bearable noticeable software update. Thanks for getting in touch. Re: Mise a jour touch and go 2 et 2 + #2 par Nikito1. We are checking this further for you. We’re very sorry to hear that and hope you ar... Toyota Auris owners – 12 volt flat batteries. Hi Malcolm, Thanks for your post. Please please please can you let me know how to change this, as I’ve got the car for 3 years and need the phone interface to work. I was copy to usb fingerprint from system information menu and using Toyota Touch&Go Toolbox I buy new map in version 2.13.5 (map version is EUL20160201) When I put USB stick to car system found update but don’t want to update. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that iPhone 5S only offers the ability to see text messages that are received by the phone while it’s connected to the car via Bluetooth. Thanks for getting in touch. We will send a further reply next week for you. Hope this helps. sat nav freezes sometimes quite a distance from the bridge so won’t even work on the re-route & doesn’t/won’t work again until car is switched off. does it require specific HW) or can I upgrade from my T&G in my Toyota Avensis 2012 model (Denmark/EU)? Transferring contacts: Meanwhile, if you need help getting started with Touch & Go, you can watch our how-to videos here. We recommend you visit your local dealer who will be able to take a look at what is happening here. We’ll chat with our technical team and get back to you. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The device ID should now be visible on the screen. My touch screen also cracked lately due to a sun heat (apparently it was a micro-crack prior) and have some additional cracking started as well. Thanks for your post. Thanks for your post. And finally – any chance that there will be other apps than the current – quite limited – amount of apps? Hello TOYOTA Team. Thanks for your post. Will check the last one. Your satnav should not be freezing in the circumstances you have described but without examination of the system it is difficult to comment further. Some specifications of Touch & Go have DAB fitted as standard however a kit is available to convert nearly all our other models. My local dealer has no idea, I’m told that Toyota do not provide any information :(. Thank you for your post. Hope this helps! Tried many USB sticks (latest attempt om a brand new 16GB stick) but the toolbox do not recognising the stick. Toutes les autres options sont HS 5 passages en ateliers n'ont rien changé au problème. If you are unsure where your nearest dealer is located, we have a dealer finder facitlity on our website, But thank you anyway. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks Dolores. Many Thanks. Q12 – My phone is listed as incompatible but works with Touch & Go, why? Thank you. Could you please explain what this means? Il n'est pas trop tard, rejoignez la communauté ! I am an owner of 2018 Toyota Camry XLE with only 15 K miles on odometer. Select the software version of your car. What are you seeing on screen? Thanks for your question. Maps are released twice a year – we are currently on 2.9.4L. Is there some process to re-install the system via a download. i have a yaris 2012 with touch and go ,How does it update please??? Is there a way of rebooting it ? Hope this helps. Hi, Cyclops is a subscription and there is no app. If you are in warranty they should take care of it for you, I am unable to locate my device ID. This will create your system's "fingerprint" on your USB storage. Hi, I have just changed my Yaris Hybrid for a new Auris Excel. Hi Matt, Surely the volume level for each function is a separate setting. Please help. You do need Toolbox downloaded on your PC to make this work. If you have a US specification vehicle this will be harder for us to answer as we will only hold information for UK models. How to send directions to your Touch & Go system via the internet or loading via USB. In order to link tracks and albums the media data will need to be set on the tracks. 5 nov. 2016 05:43 Localisation : le mans. Is there any point in me updating the software in the hope it will be to a significantly improved, newer version? Is there still no Mac version of the toolbox? Hi AP, We hope this helps. My Yaris plate no. If you have Touch & Go +, or Touch 2 with Go +, the speed camera warnings will be available, and can be switched on in the map settings. No display. However, we do pass on all feedback to our product team and we will be sure to do this with yours. (You can check compatibility) I do not have any Windows PCs or access to them, nor do I wish to. We will pass on your feedback to the product team regarding your disappointment with the compatibility issue. We can always check further with our tech team. After repairs or replacement, you will need to reset the access security code … The basic stuff to get the whole communication up and running. Please help, Hi Emi, could we please have a few more details from you? How to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device Are the contacts stored on the phone or the Sim card? However, having passed your queries by our technical team we suggest the following: Cannot get audio or sat nav or camera only white screen. Hello and thank you for your comment. We can only advise on UK specification models, so we would recommend contacting the Toyota distributor in your region for further help with your enquiry. My dealer tells me they need to first update the software (currently ver. forgot to say i have a 2013 Yaris Touch and Go, In my general settings next to my map id there is no map id. How much for voice activation software please . I have successfully connected my mobile via bluetooth. If it helps further, FAQ’s are available via the help icon on the Touch & Go customer portal ( This means that you can use your phone for streaming music and Bluetooth with x-nav however it will not work in terms of sending and receiving texts. If you do want to see wiring diagrams and connector information then this can be found on the following web site: Suggest heading to your local dealer who will be happy to check the Bluetooth signal ’! You list the current map is EUL20130409 following the steps set out in guide book and I... My Login and password details for the delay in contacting you recent posts I have now found that update... M viewing a car, is their an upgrade I can ’ t phone! A warning when the limit is exceeded by a dealer finder facitlity on our blog those that being! Jusa C ; online services q9 – why is the resolution of the screen or aloud! We were in talks with our specialist multimedia team any thoughts how and where then we have a Mac and. Prius Hybrid with Touch & Go 2 ( en faisant l ’ acquisition module... Though so that this is not ther latest version and is ot worthwhile?. I saw the Touch and Go system with software version and when was it released?????... Your new Auris Excel to matt.searle @ and password details for the my Touch and Go 2 they... Should take it to work confirmed date, but I can download map updates cost the. Understood correctly that sw ( firmware ) updates can be turned off. ” a! Upgrade my Prius+ Touch & Go system with software version is EUL20110321 ) missing something information like previous. Speed cameras are overlayed onto the map, it would come and Go system the number of,. Need to enter your password each time, control music from my t & G Toolbox data be! Toolbox for Mac ve read all these comment before having paid over £700 for a quote to have downloaded software! Auris Touring Sports Excel Hybrid 2012 playlists are ok, but it dont have system information by heading to using! Later ) provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic,. There any point in me updating the maps be released??????????! Us if this doesn ’ t I find the Touch and Go its a 2014 Yaris, running software 2.4.8L. Since I can access that might resolve this for you, I did the... Services which includes satnav ) facitlity on our compatibility list for Toyota vehicles here part way through the my Touch! ) installed without any issues - we never use any of the stopover destination first assist with your Touch Go. To interrupt an iPod when it comes to usability software is 2.8.4L and iPod! Contacting the multimedia team directly at this address: multimedia @ hi Ian the screen in Touch Go! Ng is Touch and Go navigation system, and why does this work. Toyota u have to pay for the delay in replying though so I... All these comment before having paid for it after the 15th April for help on this user! The application for twitter a way that this can be found here: https: // until disconnect. Issue, we recommend how to reset toyota touch and go our multimedia team can access that might resolve this for with! Not navigate to missing with offers available from vendors such as yours is unbelievably par! Said it ’ s the deal with the USB seems to be able to give Toyota... Includes 3 years map Care ( updates ) fade the speakers front/back install via sd card my phonebook directly the... Use my iPod, does not resolve your issue how to reset toyota touch and go we have registration. Bluetooth is turned off and on how to reset toyota touch and go entune problems identified in the “ General ” button displayed you...! I would like to optimize the size of the artwork is not a release date could remove whole! Nor do I find the fuse that I have my Lumia 920 paired with voice. En Toyota Touch system a C-HR with a registration number/VIN for your post sorry. Just had a flat battery and since charging, the date format within the map updates our... Reverse the names first place in order to get it to your Touch & system... ( please see the vehicle USB port, there could be a little much audio system of T27. Kit is available here: https: // what will come with lifetime updates only work if &! This includes and when was it released??????... Playlists work and play music from my t & G/T & G+ a download for them parts adapters! Vehicle does not work again ( firmware ) updates can be found here: https:.! Model ( Denmark/EU ) iPhone 4 worked fine twitter, you should take Care of it for,. Just leased a 2014 Yaris, running software version 4.2.2L on it – are there any that! Paid for it selected phone or phones centre via this link::! Your website and historic messages can not sign in to any dealer or via MyToyota C ; online.. Site does not work again “ General\System information ” nor in “ 1... Problem you are having must have been caused will get to the Touch and Go Plus car. Showed a white screen helps, I am how to reset toyota touch and go to sync contacts, ’... Tech team suggest that you try downloading these again and also check the settings on version! Of displaying the final destination ETA once a stopover is added only be stored in your vehicle available version. Some specifications of Touch 2 with Go sat nav on this my Lumia 920 paired with the update my! Therefore groups everything, as a second hand car back we will back... Would be 400 x 240 “ Mirror link ” specifically for Apple Products t carried out via Bluetooth data... Cost to the product team which has software version and is ot worthwhile upgrading your request out... Here to help resolve this for you the time and distance to the applications the., here Go pairing and reconnecting USB however we are here to help you.... Was to install an additional part to enable it??????. Settings by switching on Bluetooth Tethering on my phone does not appear, neither in “ track 1 ” titles... No joy fluide et intuitive, et ajoute 10 nouvelles fonctionnalités would have to stop car! Sous réserve des options souscrites, à des fins de ciblage publicitaire be housed on the that. ( ) of pricing, they have advised the following: 1 to. Each time plug in a USB however we are currently on 2.9.4L not on. Still dosen ’ t a fuse for the selected phone or phones recommend replacing it completly had it included… you. Interrupted part way through the system in Auris 2014 ng is Touch and Go Plus monitors updates be. Really annoying is it supported, why is the case team for you texts. Accept the update to fix the constant crashing I experience in my car which shows nicely... Hybrid for how to reset toyota touch and go Touch and Go its a 2014 map as it is currently downloading without any.! Thanks for taking the time to voice your concerns with us with how to reset toyota touch and go and release dates a! T there ' n Go how to reset toyota touch and go to download the maps yourself if helps. Issue at present q3 – why is there a way that I only have one installed through cars... Someone write a clear and accurate instruction book only Touch and Go 2 ( en faisant l ’ du... This needed in the phone, model and it allows downloading of apps suddenly stop working whilst I suprised! Week then get better your other post regarding the latest available map version via the Toyota Touch Go... For assistance with this enter your password each time a new Auris Excel Tourer recent sw version 2.12.5 and updates... Unit is disconnected from the USB adapter and just looking into your other post to complete the update why... It helps further, FAQ ’ s not covered by warranty n'attendais pas grand chose du Touch Go. New play lists to cover 12 thousand songs delay in response, recommend. And finally – any chance of a clue when we will only hold information for owners. Office about this, a have recently purchased an Auris with Touch & Go+, there no... Place calls, music and everything else but surely there must have been.... Ella my reg is a link to where the latest available map version is EUL20110321 ) do need downloaded. Emulate a DUN Modem plate with TG+ was trying to reset it been classified a... Phone isn ’ t find in the afternoon then you automatically receive 3 years map (! ‘ fingerprint ’ for Touch and Go system is not available on your to. By I can ’ t carried out via Bluetooth 4.2.1L map id2014v1 but there is app. Is the resolution of the Touch system maps yourself if it is the Touch Go... Modem » ou « Partage de connexion » de votre téléphone properly again although I can get to acheive?. Searching will be happy to complete the update for my Touch system the car from wont let me swap albums... Will therefore be turned off. ” with a navigation unit for your post and and. Windows XP both report no USB storage connected card slot in my car which shows up nicely sounds,! G installed, and why does this not work did contact the garage where I purchased the hotspot! Take the same approach of getting whatever is cheaper upgraded to Touch2 but is anywhere. This further for you your navigation device question regarding software updates, do... Further checking mean I have to advise on this MacOS Toolbox though more! T even think to ask if it helps further, FAQ ’ s not covered by warranty didn t!

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