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A friend here in Brazil has a couple trees and feeds the leaves to her dogs, in a vegetable mixture she combines with raw meat. Duckweed within the aquarium: profit or nuisance? I am going to be living where I cannot have something like this. Thanks for bringing that method to my attention. Other fish like it too. Owlcation is part of the Hubpage network of sites. We didn't weigh it. The solid removal filters are meant to be washed on a daily basis and this waste water collects in 11 x (20m x 2.5m x 0.3m) duckweed lagoons for further filtration to be later returned as clean water to the recirculating systems. And since it is packed with nutrients and protein almost equal to a bit of a worm, your fish will grow healthier in a small amount of time. We put in about the size of a soccer ball (football) of duckweed in each cage. i always just thought it was some weird plant. I believe they will. View abstract. Question: How long does the common duckweed live? Humpback (Lemna gibba) - this duckweed, often found in the aquarium. I seem to recall that Talapia can muddy clear water (though not as much as carp). Thank you so much for sharing all your info. Answer: We harvested our duckweed to use as food for our tilapia. These can be thrown away without any problem to the environment. Answer: In the image in the article, you can see how to do this. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on March 26, 2019: I have not raised catfish so had to do some research. We also have a constant wind for several months. For pond owners, duckweed is seen as a real nuisance. Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on March 19, 2015: This is quite helpful information for someone who needs this kind of plant. As we scoop it out we let the majority of the water drain out of the net. There are a number of benefits that floating plants can provide for your tank including shade, oxygenation, safety for shy fish or fry and filtration.They add oxygen to your tank, offer fish a habitat to play or hide, and can be utilized to biologically filter fish waste. If you're moving the duckweed to an aquarium, make sure that the aquarium lid has a light source attached to it. I want to try growing it outdoors next. Where I live in Brazil, there are many people with local knowledge of plants. Question: Is duckweed good for my outdoor guppy and guppy fry ponds? Now Keegan, if I didn't know better I would think you didn't read my article. We are now using it as a fertilizer on our 400 young coconut trees. This makes it either a formidable enemy or a fantastic ally. Tilapia should gain weight at about 3 grams per day with commercial feed. It consists of 2 x greenhouse tunnels housing different tank sizes with a total volume of 154000 Lt /recirculating system. I live in St Andrews, Scotland. Benefits of Floating Aquarium Plants for Sale. I live on a suburban pond which can sometimes be overwhelmed by duckweed. Voted up! Duckweed growing is not expensive to do, in fact, it is one of the most reasonable food cultivation for aquarium lovers, budget-wise. Remember, when you calculate the dimensions, you need to leave enough for the ends and the sides. Saturday, December 19, 2020 Terms and Conditions I had no idea it was so useful! I grow duckweed to feed the fish in my pond too! I didn't realize the young fish ate algae. I think that when we stop and look at how small communities deal with problems, we can learn much from them. They will sit in the water waiting for insect to arrive. Thank You to Mrs. Theresa (Phdast7) once again today for sharing another great article! I enjoyed your article, and congratulate you on your green lifestyle. Great article. So for example when you go to a gas station, there is a pump for normal gas, diesel and also alcohol which is a bio-fuel. You are so lucky to live where people are close to the land and understand the power of plants and strive to live in harmony with the ecosystem. Because duckweed covers the surface like a thick blanket, it blocks the mosquito from laying eggs. For those of you who don't know what duckweed is, it is a small floating plant that grows on still ponds. If you have had problems with freshwater algae or maintaining water quality, you may have been recommended a floating plant called duckweed. Prev Next . Did you grow duckweed without the seeds? Could I grow the duck weed in the aquaponics tanks of my system or would the weed become a problem? I'm glad you found the information useful. Because we had our duckweed growing year round, there was never a reason to dry it. If there was some left, the next time we gave them less. If started when they are young, they readily accept it. Question: I have a pond covered in duckweed and want to sell it. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on July 19, 2015: It is an amazing plant. You will end up with too many fish with stunted growth. If left to grow uncontrolled, it will quickly spread. moonlake from America on October 06, 2013: I love the way duckweed looks on a pond. Thanks for the great info. We are also now farming shrimp and these are fed duckweed which has been dried and frozen. We used chicken poop that we had purchased from a local man who bought it from a factory farm. One of my secret plans to save the entire world in spite of itself is take ALL of our trash and turn it into treasure. Duckweed could be the solution in many of these areas. The high protein content of it makes this an ideal food for them. Where before, the cost of feeding them to adult size, would have been cost prohibitive. Terrific article! The ponds never smelled of manure or stagnant. I think it is an excellent topic to cover. If chicks were accustom to it from an early age, they would be more willing. With the rapid reproduction of this plant, it has not only the scientists but also the environmentalists taking notice. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on April 03, 2013: Glad you found it useful. If you go to my profile on Hubpages,you will find them. Keep me posted as I'm sure other readers would like to know as well. My secondary plan to save the world involves eating zombies. And I raise Africa cat fish Clarias gariepinus can I use duckweed for them too?? If you want a botanical control for nitrates, duckweed is as good as it gets. I would like to know which growin technic you used to grow up your tilapia fishes? You have done a wonderful job of explaining why as well as the way you are growing duckweed. The earlier you introduce duckweed to the fish, the more money you can save on food and the more likely they are to accept it. We encourage everything here with the exception of cane toads. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on June 15, 2012: I am glad you enjoyed it. FIsh. My husband is the photographer in the family and loves photographing the birds, and snakes here. Too bad I can't grow it in m pool. A big thank you goes out to all my fellow duckweed enthusiasts from around the world who have been kind enough to share their… Answer: We use a swimming pool net that is on an extendable aluminum pole. Algae can be a problem as we had it in our lakes. I have heard about the many positive uses of duckweed not long ago. Although we feed them this astounding plant, this alone will not sustain the fish as a complete food source. Answer: You have various options, and some may be better for you than others depending on where you live. I find it amazing how fast that plant can grow. We can get downpours that last several hours and deposit an enormous amount of water in a short time. An Excellent Addition to Any Aquarium Despite its disadvantages, Duckweed offers benefits no aquarists should ignore. Anything that eats bugs that might bite me, can stay. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. This is a great Hub, well in line with some of our school work in the rural areas, the drylands. kartika damon from Fairfield, Iowa on June 14, 2012: Thanks - great article. Waiting for ur reply thanks.. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on April 30, 2017: More manure should get your duckweed growing again. This is a very informative hub about duckweed, I never thought, duckweed is this helpful. You will receive one (1) portion of duckweed. Give excess to other indoor pets if appropriate, compost, or immerse duckweed in water and freeze in … Will replace water and now premix quail manure before adding to the pool. With regards to drinking water, be careful. When the fish begin to breed, that is all they think about and the weight gain can be slow. Today I would like to highlight the positive side of duckweed and tell you why we have built specially designed ponds to grow this here on our farm in Brazil. Because the duckweed can often be sourced for free, you have nothing to lose extra some of your time. Thanks for putting this hub together. We made our ponds 30 m long by 2 m wide (98' x 6.5') and used a plastic liner in them. Also, we had larger cages 3m x 2m which had more. It is great to use in aquarium to help prevent algae, provide shade for inhabitants, increase surface area and to reduce nitrates. Filtration: Duckweed performs water filtration by effectively absorbing phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, and toxins in the tank. Duckweed has proven to be an ideal feed for tilapia when raising fish aquaponically. 26 Ways to Make Money From Your Small Farm. Question: This was helpful. Power Ball Pythons from Mobile, AL on October 09, 2013: I finally got some duckweed growing regularly in my fish tank! Question: Do you circulate the water in the ponds for oxygenation? Duckweed is the common name for any of 11 species of aquatic plant, known scientifically as Wolffia. Your duckweed pond will require feeding with manure, which has been soaked in water to soften. Its leaves are glossy and convex, as if hunched. We in the Us could use duckweed to clean our drinking water. Great article - thank You for bringing this topic to the general discussion, here on Hubpages. Indeed, if you search for duckweed online, you are more likely to come across articles about how to get rid of the stuff than articles about how to cook it. Very helpful... Keep it up! I had no idea. Think about the inline reel for ice fishing . The advantage of duckweed is not just its speed of growth but because it grows on water, it frees up the land for farming food crops. We used two per pond shown in the photo. Since common duckweed (Lemna minor) is the most common, it is very likely it is the species referred to in earlier herbal literature. I wish I could grow duckweed in my potted plants! information! I want to know if you had fed it to chickens before and what was the results? With regards to the rainstorm, the problem could be that it would float out of your pond as the water rises. I have learned much. This is an interesting point. Mr. Sharing. Many people don't like this plant because it can overtake a body of water. The waste I was referring to was the runoff from some farms. Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on July 19, 2015: I'm impressed. Right? You also said manure too, didn’t this make the pond smell? I'm wondering if the tilapia will eat the weed without having to harvest it? One tilapia farm in our area harvest their fish at 4 or 5 months, then they drain their shallow ponds and scrape the clay bottom to remove a buildup of excrement. They like mucky water with fertilizer in it. It reduces harmful waste and chemicals, serves as a food source, and generally provides shades and spawning spaces. Fish and other animals in the tank, as well as dead leaves and plants, can produce high levels of nitrates and phosphates, which are harmful to their overall health. 1. Or at least to use in conjunction with spraying. We then fill a plastic box, it's about 33 liters capacity. Question: I want to DIY a small duckweed pond for my commercial fish farm, how can we design the overflow drainage system using cola bottles? Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on November 01, 2012: I couldn't agree more. We use a 100-liter plastic trash can for this purpose.My husband puts the manure in (we use chicken) and then fills the trash can with water to allow it to soften. Mary Wickison (author) from Brazil on October 31, 2018: Regarding feeding duckweed to the chickens, my adult ones weren't that eager. Sometimes it is hard to decipher what is folklore and what is fact here. We say “thin” because duckweed will grow an inch thick if you let it get out of hand. I wish you and your lucky husband every happyness, and continued success...and best of health. Something we did notice with the tilapia, if they aren't accustomed to it, it will take a few times before they realize its food. Another lake we had a mechanical digger scrape the bottom. Is there some symbiosis with the surface and bottom-muck dwelling plants? As birds fly off it sticks to their feet and they unknowingly carry it to their next destination.

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