How to Find Attorneys Near Me

When facing a stressful legal issue, you want to make sure you find the right attorney. Look for Lead Counsel Verified attorneys who have experience handling your type of case.

Ask how their fee structure works. Hourly rates are typical, but some charge flat fees for certain services like writing a will or filing a simple bankruptcy.

FindLaw’s Attorney Directory

If you’re an attorney, you can create a free profile on FindLaw. However, before you do so, make sure that no one else has already claimed your profile and that it reflects your current practice areas. You also want to ensure that you’ve filled out your attorney bio and contact information correctly.

You can also enable client reviews on your FindLaw profile. This is helpful for marketing your law firm because it allows clients to submit feedback about your services. FindLaw’s review system is based on a scale of 1-5, with a star rating determined by the average of all ratings for each attorney or law firm.

FindLaw’s directory listings generally rank highly in search engine results, which is why some lawyers choose to pay for a premium directory listing. However, it’s important to consider the cost of a FindLaw listing in light of other law firm marketing costs, such as paid advertising on Google.

FindLaw’s Learn About the Law

FindLaw started as an information portal for individuals and currently offers consumer resources, attorney directories and legal news. It also provides marketing strategies and built-for-you websites.

The company draws a high number of visitors from consumers and also has the potential to be a valuable marketing tool for small and solo firms. The directory includes the ability to include content that reflects the quality of a firm, including classes and seminars offered by attorneys, representative cases, Super Lawyer status and other honors.

However, the site does not indicate how often the information is updated. For this reason, it is important for law firms to take the time to craft a detailed profile and make sure they don’t skimp on their About the Firm section. This is a key component to selling their firm in a way that will encourage a prospective client to work with them. Also, it’s important to enable reviews and ratings in order to increase the SEO value of a profile.

LawInfo’s Attorney Directory

For clients in need of legal aid, finding a qualified attorney can be daunting. LawInfo’s attorney directory provides a streamlined pathway to connect with local attorneys and legal experts. With search filters that filter by area of practice, lawyer experience, and client reviews, users can find the best fit for their unique situation. Attorneys who are listed on LawInfo are Lead Counsel Verified and meet the highest ethical and customer service standards.

Online directories are an effective way to generate backlinks for a law firm’s website. However, it is important to evaluate which directories rank well in your geographic area and provide do-follow links rather than no-follow links. Since many of these directory services require a yearly paid contract, it is critical for law firms to determine whether their return on investment will be worth the cost. This requires a careful evaluation of the firm’s marketing goals and SEO budget. LawInfo offers both standard and premium services starting at $40 a month.

Legal Aid

Legal aid providers provide direct services by attorneys and pro bono lawyers, as well as self-help materials to support the civil rights of people with low incomes. Their goal is to work alongside communities to ensure that every person is treated fairly and has access to justice. These legal services are often focused on supporting individual safety (domestic violence, eviction, landlord discrimination and foreclosure); securing economic stability (income, employment law, filing taxes, student discipline hearings and accommodations for disabled workers); and defending access to government benefits, including food stamps, subsidized housing and health care.

Attorney directories are valuable resources for anyone seeking legal assistance or who needs to find a lawyer in their area. These websites provide free information on attorneys, their practice areas and their credentials. Some directories offer attorney rankings based on peer nominations and evaluations. In addition, some directory sites allow attorneys to expand their profiles with pictures and links to their websites.