when do endless summer hydrangeas bloom

They get morning sun until about 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Endless Summer hydrangeas are unique as they bloom on old and new wood so there is no rule of thumb specific to when you should prune or deadhead. Pruning last year’s growth effectively removes the next season’s flower buds. It is in this hydrangea category that the color of the flowers is famously determined by the pH level of the soil. Today I’ll show you how to do both! See What Type Hydrangeas Can I Grow? Some types of hydrangeas bloom on both new and old wood. No Flowers on Endless Summer Hydrangea. The ENDLESS SUMMER series of Hydrangeas is a collection of bigleaf Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla). Bloomstruck hydrangea is also part of the Endless Summer series. If you are simply deadheading, only removing the old blooms, that’s something you can do early in the summer or later in the fall. I bought two Endless Summer Hydrangeas last year and they bloomed all summer with large beautiful blue flowers. It’s incredibly simple to change the bloom color so it will fit in with the rest of your plants better. For pink to red blossoms, raise the pH of the soil to around 7.0 or higher. Winter cover You do not have to prune your Endless Summer Hydrangea, because they can bloom on both old and new growth. If watered properly, Endless Summer® Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) will bloom on both old and new wood throughout the summer. Hydrangea varieties fall into three main pruning categories: old growth ( like Hydrangea macrophylla – Lacecap & Mophead), new growth (like Hydrangea paniculata – PeeGee Hydrangea & Oakleaf), and Endless Summer series hydrangeas (which grow on both last years growth and new growth). Option 1: Plant Your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in Early Fall. Take the Bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) varieties, such as the Endless Summer series and the Let’s Dance series, for instance. To plant your hydrangeas in early fall follow the same steps you would in the spring. I have found that often the hydrangea that is not cold hardy was received as a gift or bought wrapped in foil. Slow-release fertilizer is encouraged, but a fast-release balanced fertilizer with an NPK value of 10-10-10 will also work. This series is popular because it has been touted as the "reblooming hydrangea." Barbara H. Smith, ©2018 HGIC, Clemson Extension Another advantage to planting these repeat blooming hydrangeas is that if there is a cold winter, it will only kill back the early flower buds. For example, the Nikko Blue Hydrangea and Endless Summer Hydrangea will have deep blue blooms if their soil’s pH is kept around 5.5. Determine the best spot for your hydrangeas. Hydrangea bloom time for panicle types is from late spring to early summer, but the blooms stay on the plant until winter’s chill topples them. Summer Hydrangea Pruning for Double Blooms Next Year October 14, 2020 In late summer when the hydrangea blooms have begun to fade and dry, comes a perfect time to do a little shaping of your macrophyllas that can also pay you back double for your work in blossoms. I added Miracid to them hoping that would help them bloom, but it didn’t. Bigleaf Hydrangeas primarily bloom on last year’s growth, or “old wood.” For this reason, bigleaf Hydrangeas should never be pruned in late summer or fall. This year I had large beautiful leaves and no flowers. The flower colors range from pink, blue, or purple, and in some varieties by changing the soil pH, the flower color can change. The best spot to plant your hydrangeas is going to largely depend on what zone you live in. 'Endless Summer and 'Blushing Bride' are two wonderful hydrangeas that will bloom almost anywhere. If your hydrangea has never bloomed, don't give up hope. Another variety may succeed famously. Pruning . 1. Endless Summer Hydrangeas certainly do bloom on new wood, but it may take longer for flower buds to develop on the new growth of a young plant. Fertilize your Endless Summer Hydrangea once in spring or summer with a specially formulated fertilizer.

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