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• The Brooklyn Latin School • Brooklyn Technical High School • High School for Mathematics, Science and ... • Use multiple factors—not the Specialized High Schools Admissions ... highest-ever postsecondary enrollment rate – 57% of the Class of 2016. • The . In fact, the only way to be accepted is to ace the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) in the fall for entry the following year. Students. If so, please download these SHSAT free online practice tests by clicking the button below, and we will also send you our guide about the top "5 Key Strategies To Use SHSAT Practice Tests Effectively and Improve Your Score.". School # K430. Graduation rate 98. Cutoff scores* for Brooklyn Tech over the last three years were: *Cut-off scores for each school vary yearly, determined simply by the number of open places in each school and how the candidates score. In order to attend BTHS students are required to take an entrance exam. Type Public. hÞÄVYkÛ@þ+û^‚ö^ B ñQÚP‡BJÖö6µ%#É-ù÷Yݪ7~éÃH£ë›Ã;–‚PÂ8à!'. Brooklyn Technical High School located in Brooklyn, New York - NY. Sign up to stay up-to-date and receive reassurance on important and timely issues related your children's education and testing needs. Do you also need some critical strategies to help you use these tests to get the most improvement possible? Address: 29 FT GREENE PLACE, BROOKLYN NY 11217. For the September 2011 round of admissions, approximately 30,000 students took the SHSAT. BTHS, Brooklyn Technical High School, Technites, Brooklyn Tech, Engineers, NYC Best Schools, Tech Triangle The Brooklyn Latin School; Brooklyn Technical High School; ... offer, and acceptance rates for high-potential students in underrepresented communities. Otherwise, students may find themselves running out of time on test day. We also cover subjects related to tutoring, studying and learning. The SHSAT is a comprehensive and lengthy exam, so students must study hard to get top scores and join a specialized high school in the fall. We prepare students for the milestones and assessments of their academic lives. Public. '¿Q‚6¶å.³Í˜"8IW•ÛÓ­A‘ øŽ§ize? The High School of American Studies at Lehman College, along with the Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Technical High School, Brooklyn Latin High School, High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College, Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, Staten Island Technical High School, and Stuyvesant High School were established under New York State Law … Nearby The examination covers computation and word problems for its math section, and grammar and reading comprehension for its verbal section. 125 Grades. It is well-known for its challenging academics and lots of high tech, hands-on learning. Students who are interested in Brooklyn Technical High School should read this guide, where we will discuss the acceptance rate and cutoff scores, advanced courses, clubs, sports, the arts, and the school’s overall performance. There are accommodations available for anyone who identifies as a Sabbath observer. William E. Grady Career and Technical Education High School is a public, Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school located at 25 Brighton 4th Road, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Contact info. Site Link: 2011 - 2012 Specialized High School Handbook Out of that … Cutoff scores* for Brooklyn Tech over the last three years were: *Cut-off scores for each school vary yearly, determined simply by the number of open places in each school and how the candidates score. For more information, check out the Brooklyn Tech website. View Map. Enrollment: 369. … High School of American Studies at Lehman College. Interested students need to speak with their middle school guidance counselors and get an SHSAT admissions ticket. The acceptance rate is approximately 8%. Read on to learn what makes Brooklyn Tech one of the most special specialized high schools. Scoring on the SHSAT is done by the Department of Education, which administers the test. The Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) is the admissions test to some of the best high schools in the country, the eight Specialized High Schools in NYC. To get more details go directly the Brooklyn Tech website. Programs, activities, academic opportunities, school performance, contacts and other information about Brooklyn Technical High School. Out of those students, around 572 offers were made by the institution–recording a 3.9% acceptance rate. The school sends many of its students to top universities every year, and has a lot of famous alumni in many different fields. GreatSchools Rating Reviews. The Brooklyn Latin School Students from Brooklyn Latin High School. This test can be taken by all eighth and first-time ninth-grade students in New York City. Brooklyn Tech is the nation's largest high school. Brooklyn Technical High School Grades: 9-12 Share this school. Learn more here. Depending on how well the student does, determines if he or she can attend. The school's campus is adjacent to Fort Greene Park, and is situated in a mostly residential area. For more info on the SHSAT, get the Student Handbook for the Specialized Science High Schools, which contains practice questions on the test. Nyc Geog District #13 - Brooklyn (718) 804-6400 School website. Brooklyn Technical High School, (commonly known as “Brooklyn Tech”), is one of the best high schools in New York City and consistently ranks in the top hundred high schools for New York State. The verbal section has plenty of different problems, including logic, scrambled paragraphs, and reading comprehensive based on selected passages. Brooklyn Tech is one of the specialized high schools in New York City, so admittance is only granted through getting a top score on the SHSAT. Every year, the DOE curves test results to reach the right target student performance, and they allocate scaled scores to the test-takers from 200 through 800. Skip to Main Content K-12 Schools New York City Area Through input from its STEM partners, our classrooms and labs are on par with university and industry standards. (Ðn There is no guessing penalty for performance on the exam, so students should choose answers for every question. Based on the graph it is quite evident that majority of the students that attend Brooklyn Technical High School (BTHS) are Asians. All of the questions on the SHSAT are multiple-choice. This comprehensive exam is required for all of the specialized high schools in NYC, and it covers a variety of math and verbal topics. The DOE does not publish score results, the numbers below are self-reported by interested parents on public forums. Brooklyn Technical High School specializes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students 5,839. uffáÇ8)Ó¼Ú¦¥É³N[Ó$~0ÏëtXìçN¯}ÉG.ÕBYèïÊÎLUìÊÌTPú~oÃئÖÀ9ŒAÐ4ŽaLIê) ì&sc°%*DÖ9I+0¦9QYd±±s'81{‹§›ôŌøéqõj2W`²!¨a Explore Brooklyn Technical High School test scores, graduation rate, SAT ACT scores, and popular colleges. See the best high schools in the New York, NY metro area based on ranking, graduation rate, college readiness and other key stats. It is a part of region 7 in the New York City Department of Education.Grady High School was established in 1941. During this registration process, students will be assigned a test date in the fall, usually in late October. — 95 of 1,825 at Brooklyn Technical High School — 57 of 540 at Brooklyn Latin School — 8 of 165 at High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College * LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts, is also a specialized high school. Our services include academic tutoring and test preparation for all standardized tests, including the ISEE, ACT and SAT. See contact info and more. Brooklyn Tech is one of the specialized high schools in NYC, but students don't need to show a portfolio of work or do any interviews. The facilities are large and filled with the latest technology, but you may get lost among the 5,000 students who attend the school, which is the largest of all the specialized high schools. Admission to Brooklyn Tech is highly competitive. Everywhere, we have graduates going to Ivy leagues, Sunys and and even CUNYs University of Buffalo, Binghamton, Stonybrook, Hunter and Baruch are some of the schools we choose as safetys and lots of people go there. Brooklyn Technical High School Unclaimed. The acceptance rate is approximately 8%. SAT and ACT Scores and Requirements Brooklyn College requires that all applicants submit either SAT or ACT scores. endstream endobj 2533 0 obj <>stream NHS is one of the largest organizations in the United States that recognizes academic excellence and community service in outstanding high school students. Admission to Brooklyn Technical High School, also referred to as Brooklyn Tech, is exclusively based on an entrance test called Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). New rating. I am also an Asian American graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School, one of the specialized high schools in New York City. endstream endobj 2532 0 obj <>stream Brooklyn Technical High School: Total Student Population: 5,639. For some middle school students, the SHSAT may be the first exam they take under self-timed conditions. In September 2011, approximately 30,000 students took the entrance examination and 14,529 students listed Brooklyn Latin as their first choice on their application. Compare Details Brooklyn Technical High School has the largest high school student body size in the New York City Geographic District #13. ADMISSIONS: Students take the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test) in the fall of their 8th- or 9th-grade year and are admitted solely based on their test scores. Acceptance to one or more of their 6 programs is by audition, not participation in the SHSAT. Hunter College High School Preparation E- Guide, Math Mastery â€¢ Test Preparation Mastery â€¢  Executive Skills Mastery • Writing Mastery. 223 Graham Ave., Brooklyn. While we must solve the lack of racial diversity in the specialized high school system, abolishing the test is not the right way to do it, for several reasons. As a result, NYC is updating our pre-pandemic admissions timeline to ensure ample time for families to explore schools and … hޜÍÑ Admission Criteria; Bronx High School of Science: Van Cortlandt Village: 2,997: A rigorous STEM curriculum: SHSAT scores: Brooklyn Latin School: East Williamsburg: 681: A liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on the classics and Latin language instruction. Total students 5937. This means students need to study and to practice timing themselves with a watch so they can build up stamina for the real test. Only 506 Black and Hispanic students got first-round offers from the competitive schools like Stuyvesant, Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Technical High School, a … Students outside a high school fair at Brooklyn Tech in 2014 Sarah Darville/Chalkbeat I am a lawyer, and every day I use the law to fight for social justice. These scores are key for high school admittance, because the high schools all have specific cutoff scores for their new freshman classes. With all the studying going on for these topics, students should be relieved that there is no mandatory essay. 10 /10. Our Insights. Attendance rate 98. 9-12. Welcome to High School Admissions COVID-19 has had a profound impact across every aspect of our school system, including the admissions process. This article has provided an overview of how to get into Brooklyn Tech. Read on to find out how to get into Brooklyn Tech and whether it is the right school for you if you qualify. During the 2017-18 admissions cycle, Brooklyn College had an acceptance rate of 44%. We provide tips and advice on how to best prepare for key tests, including SAT and ACT. SHSAT scores: Brooklyn Technical High School: Fort Greene: 5,837 This means that even though the full exam has a strict time limit, no one tells students when to start and stop each individual section. 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217. ê((vŠDÔQmÄ\äu‚ VñcP‹Z×qøýA²NÄ¿’\ÒNìwy^Øj.êY_©Py-*T›قi1$t§Ó×äÓi‚Ÿã³~E§›èeܤèYo7¥Ü ýÉý×h²ûݒ7 HIvÉßMÿBá]€ ÝMÁ More information on the SHSAT is available on our earlier blog post, and it includes lots of useful details about studying and getting up to speed before the test. This means that for every 100 students who applied, 44 students were admitted, making Brooklyn College's admissions process competitive. National Honor Society of Brooklyn Technical High School

Brooklyn Tech has over 4000 students and of those 4000, only 300 are members of the National Honor Society (NHS). Type. Grades 9-12. It is key that students take several practice tests under the two and a half hour limit, during which they practice tracking how long questions take on their own. DREAM Program. As an African-American student at and now graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School, I of course am disheartened by the low admission rate of Black and Latino students. Racial makeup is: Asian (59.9%), White (24.5%), Hispanic (7.1%). ‚0àWÙ}ș›¤ 2‹"YΠ»¥#F2#ׅoßV7QPÔÍáÀùÏÿ3„¡£¸%±(M!“½ZtÆBÉ+1ã£éEË6ÈZYŸ W}­L#õ‰Þ$¡ëá07u×hs„U£ŒÕv–°½ìpVPº¡ì„Ñ.¤ü¹?ùø¢ÉäÙÍ9_‹Í—‘?\F?¹ûª(vâᾋN~#:~o Ü6y‹ 5,839. This blog is dedicated to helping students prepare for the major assessments and milestones in their academic lives. 2925 Goulden Ave., Bronx. Much of the school's facilities have been reborn for the 21st century, the school is a national model for excellence and has a stimulating environment that fosters transformational education and personal growth. Preparing for the SHSAT can help increase your chances of getting admitted. Print this page 29 Ft Greene Place Brooklyn NY Phone: 718-804-6400. The exam is broken into math and verbal – the math questions are all multiple-choice and make up roughly half the exam. We support students in developing the skills to think, learn and problem solve on their own. Admission to Brooklyn Tech is highly competitive. The entire exam lasts approximately two and a half hours, and it is self-timed.

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