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Aquarium tissue culture plants allow the user to start their tank free of pests, algae, and pesticides. Sale Sold out. There are many species and variants of Ranunculus, which grow coarse and leggy in aquariums. ABN: 46619381074, Australian Native Fish | New Guinea Natives | Rainbows, Riccia | Riccia fluitans | Live Aquarium Plants, Ammanania Senegalensis Tissue Culture Plant | Aqua, Giant Red Bacopa | Bacopa Amplexicaulis | Tissue C, Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba' Tissue C, Hygrophila Lancea Tissue Culture Plant | Live Aqua, Lobelia | Tissue Culture Plant | Live Aquarium Pla, Ludwigia Glandulosa Tissue Culture Plant | Aquariu, Riccia Fluitans Tissue Culture Plant | Aquarium Pl, Rotala Colorata Tissue Culture Plant | Aquarium Pl, Staurogyne Tissue Culture Plant | Live Aquarium Pl, Telanthera Rosefolia | Alternanthera Reineckii | T, Pogostemon Helferi | Live Aquarium Plants, Dwarf Hair Grass Tissue Culture Plant | Aquarium P, Glossostigma Elatinoides Tissue Culture Plant | Aq, Hygrophila Araguaia Tissue Culture Plant | Aquariu, Pogostemon Helferi Tissue Culture Plant | Live Aqu, Glossostigma Elatinoides | Live Aquarium Plants. Click here to find out more about Aquarium Industries. These cups contain portions of pure plant power minus pests. Tissue culture aquarium plants are great options for aquascapers who know their way around an aquarium and for those getting ready for their first aquascaping projects. PetWave's online tissue culture aquarium plants are grown in sterile laboratory conditions and supplied in food grade plastic pots. Shop live aquatic life for your aquarium online & pickup in store. Austratec Pty Ltd is a family owned company supplying the plant tissue culture, micropropagation and plant research industries for over 10 years. Instead of spending days or weeks watching tissue culture of emersed plants melt as they transition, you could just plant submersed grown aquarium plants into your aquarium and enjoy watching them grow nicely without that melting mess. GUPPY’S AQUARIUM PRODUCTS ONLINE. $13.50. Click here to find out more about Aquarium Industries. Ltd. – Phone/Fax:- +61 (0)7 5545 4078 P.O.Box 37, EAGLE HEIGHTS, Q 4271 Ambulia Aquarium Live Water Plant. Pack of 10 . XARMA Pty. Pisces Live Plants Tissue Culture Water Wisteria $10.95. Fast Flat Rate - Order $75-$150 and pay just $5.00 Delivery - Order over $150 and Receive Free Shipping *Conditions Apply. Welcome to Austratec. Pisces Banana Lilies . We grew up to 10 generations of each plant variety using conventional methods, until we … Phone: 03 9788 8810. The above explains that given a choice, almost all submersed aquarium plants are always better than emersed or tissue culture aquarium plants. Choose Quantity. GLA Tissue Culture. We order all plant species every week to keep as many in stock as possible. Buy Aquarium Plants Online Australia. Our online tissue culture aquarium plants are delivered to you with a 100% live guarantee. Plant Life Spike Water Lilly Aquarium Plant 20-25cm Artificial Plant Red and Yellow Tip (PL10-2) Buy Now. Tissue Culture Plants. Latest Supply Update: PetWave has limited small & medium Bulk Woodies but have heaps of Bulk Crickets & Bulk BSFL - read more here. We have a wide range of hybrids and cultivars available for grow-to-order production. Part One: Intro to DIY aquatic plant tissue cultures. Pisces Tissue Culture live aquarium plants are grown in a purpose built sterile laboratory, free from pests, disease and algae. Australia's Largest Range of Aquarium Plants, delivered to your door. The most common tissue cultured plants are the … No algae, no snails! 150 Taylors Road, Skye VIC 3977 PO Box 8094, Carrum Downs VIC 3201 Click here to find your nearest Aquarium Industries Stockist. Alternanthera Reineckii Mini - Live Aquarium Plant Fish Tank. Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup. The Tech Den Australia stocks a large selection of Live Aquatic Plants at our Caboolture, Qld location just outside of Brisbane Australia. We have photographed and written the description for every moss based on long term observations and growing experience so that aquarium hobbyists can understand better how each and every moss grows and the best usage of them such as ideal placement of them in an aquascape. Each plant is grown from a tiny sliver of these plants, harvested under a microsope, and placed into a special nutrient rich ‘jelly’ called Agar. We sell our products worldwide and know what conditions our stock will thrive in. That's right, our aquarium plant tissue culture cups are created in sterile labs. Tissue Culture Australia specialises in new plant initiations for contract growing. Add to Cart. Aquarzon propagates more than 40 types of aquarium mosses in Australia including very rare and Australian native types. Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow them to be easily moved, and which are free from disease, pests, and pathogens. GLA tissue culture plants are derived from very small pieces of mother plants & manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions, producing unique, healthy & high quality plants enclosed in a cup with a fertile … for eligible orders over $149, Copyright © 2020 PetWave Pty Ltd Your best destination for a huge range of Aquatic Plants, Driftwood, Aquascaping Supplies and Professional Planted-tank Water Treatments. Australian family business. These tissue culture cups contain portions of pure aquatic plant power minus pests. PetWave's online tissue culture aquarium plants are grown in sterile laboratory conditions and supplied in food grade plastic pots. $11.77. Fax: 03 9782 2438. $17.95 Flat RateFree Shipping for Orders Above $149. All animals and their situations are unique so please independently verify PetWave care before putting any advice into practice. We also provide a range of fresh and frozen food products for reptiles, turtles and fish. Over 150 species to choose from. Reliability and client satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on here at Guppy's Aquarium Warehouse. Founded in 1971, Pisces Enterprises quickly became the market leader in the specialty area of live aquarium plants due to large investment in both human technical knowhow and in state of the art greenhouses, aquatic plant growing facilities, a tissue culture laboratory and an in-house quarantine room, all climate controlled and staffed by leading experts. Regular price $29.99 Sale price $29.99 Regular price. Add to Cart. Digital Marketing & Strategy by PN Digital. Tissue Culture | Aquarium Plants | Australia | PetWave. $9.50 Postage! Marina Aquascaper Red Ludwigia Aquarium Plant Medium Artificial Plant - approx 16cm height (PP-819) Buy Now. In-Vitro Tissue Culture Aquarium Plants at Aqua Lab Aquaria. Australia Wide No algae, no snails! Add to Cart. Just super healthy clones of all the aquarium plant species you can think We offer a special selection of Aquarium Plants Australia including replica plants, mats & moss and artificial fluorescent plants. This species comes from Australia and becomes 5-10 cm tall. 20 Products Found. Featured Aquarium Plants. Tissue Culture Plants Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Grid View List View Sort By: Add to Cart category.add_cart_announcement. Java Fern - Microsorium pteropus 5cm pot. Pack of 1 . Discus. Aquarium Industries were the first in Australia to introduce tissue culture aquatic plants to the aquarium industry, but what is a tissue culture plant? We're a 100% Australian-based company, with Australia-grown Aquatic plants and a large range of local and imported products for Aquascaping. Aquarium Accessories; Gift Cards; Sale; Deals of The Day; About us; Wall of Fame | APF's Verified Reviews; Home / Tissue Culture Plants. Going over all steps and media preparation. The plants need no water to keep growing while they are in the container, as long as they are provided with light. Just super healthy clones of … At Plant Biotech, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s plant tissue culture specialists, with our immense research, experience and expertise in the tissue culture plants propagation of an extensive selection of plants at competitive prices. The plants and the Agar are then sealed into the sterile container we package them in, and grown under strict controls in a completely sterile environment. Tissue Culture micro propagation is a specialist field of propagation, raising the standards of cultivar selections. Out Of Stock. Aquatic plants give a more natural look and feel to the aquarium. Our collection and knowledge of aquatic plants gives you the choice of hardy and low maintenance species such as Anubias for beginners, all the way to the rare and exotic choices suitable … New Release Discus; Discus Direct 5-6Cm; 9-10 cm Discus; 12-13 Cm Discus Tissue Culture Laboratories in Australia Include. Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow them to be easily moved, and which are free from disease, pests, and pathogens. PetWave caresheets are general guides. Featuring a wide array of specimens that show their true color in clear, well-lit water, our plants arrive in sterile packages where they can live for weeks before moving to an aquarium. Tissue cultured aquarium plants can typically be purchased in most pet stores around the world. Unit price / per . Christmas Delivery Times: PetWave is continuing to deliver overnight to your door via premium courier through Christmas - read more here. This means you start your scape with a clean slate. While our plant tissue culture management and staff have education and experience beyond this, we have been producing and handling our own stock for over 18 years. Tissue Culture Plants Alternanthera Reineckii Mini - Tissue Culture Cup. Tissue culture plants do not require watering and are grown in a nutrient rich agar... View full product details » Quantity. Quick View translation missing: en.products.notify_form.description: Notify me when this product is available: Choose Quantity. Live Plants; Live Plants ***** Live Plants / Livestock must be purchased separately to any dry goods. Please do not combine in checkout, as your order will be held as additional freight fees will need to be applied. Shipping … Our extensive range includes Anubias, Swords, Tissue Culture and more for your Aquarium. Ranunculus inundatus is characterised by its compact form and distinguished, deeply cut umbrellas. That's right, our tissue culture cups are created in sterile labs. They are super easy to use. Wisteria Aquarium Live Plant . We grew up to 10 generations of each plant variety using conventional methods, until we had arrived at the highest possible standard for each variety. AU$6.50 . Aquarium Plants. Plants are grown in a special nutrient rich jelly called Agar. Plant Biotech providing the latest technology in tissue culture plant propagation We’re an Australian Plant tissue culture laboratory involved in the tissue culture plant propagation of high quality Bromeliads, Gingers, Australian natives, Tropical exotics, Cordylines, Dracaena, Grasses, Medicinals, Biofuels and Herbals, for customers worldwide. Order plants for your freshwater planted aquascape today. GLA Tissue Culture . Aquarium creation and live aquarium plants from PetWave Australia. If people were to create their own aquariums to raise fish for food or just for show, then tissue culture can produce the aquatic plants that would go in these aquariums. Featured Products. Java Fern - Microsorium pteropus 5cm pot. Tissue culture aquarium plants are here at Buce Plant! Customer Reviews ; About Us ... Tissue Culture - Live Aquarium Plant Fish Tank. Aquarium Industries has been supplying live aquarium fish since 1968 and we are proud to house Australia's largest range of freshwater and marine aquarium fish. AquariumPlants.com has a large selection of tissue cultured plants such as Echinodorus, Cyptocryne, Rotala, Sagitaria, and many more. ***** We receive new plant shipments every week. Then the fish you put in the aquarium would be able to survive outside of their natural habitat. $12.15. SHOP OUR AQUASCAPE GALLERY. Alternanthera Reineckii Mini (GLA tissue culture) $12.99. Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory, which means they are free from disease, pests and pathogens. Aquarium Plants - Live Tank Aquarium Plants. Tissue culture laboratories in Australia offer a range of services including contract specialist production for wholesale growers. With a dedicated team of industry experts we administer the utmost finest aquarium products online for you, and your fish to indulge in. Tissue culture aquarium plants are here at Buce Plant! GLA. The Agar we use is different for each plant variety, to deliver the best possible start. Browse by grower, plant type, difficulty, tank placement, color, and more. AU$4.95 . Add to Cart. [email protected] hidden Guaranteed pest and disease free. Free Shipping Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne , Victoria, our company takes great pride in being Australian run and owned. This means you start your scape with a clean slate. × Aquarium Plant Room. Plants; Moss; Tissue Cultures in Australia; Fish Tanks; BUY-BACK; #NTADELIVERS; WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TODAY? Pack of 5 . Our online tissue culture aquarium plants are delivered to you with a 100% live guarantee. Let Plant Biotech look after your plant production/propagation contract requirements with tissue culture. Healthy marine & fish tank life for less. $11.00.

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