May lake is breathtaking. For this reason, I decided to exhaust myself further and venture over to the second saddle and do more scrambling. The actual lake is pretty with nice mountains nearby. Hoffman in the water. Stick to the well-defined sandy path toward the peak with an antenna. The Mount Hoffmann trail starts right at the lake and is a challenging and really beautiful hike. There was an error submitting your subscription. The entire trail is incredibly scenic, but also a grueling consistent climb. 1-2 hours. If you are going to continue on to Mt. Hoffman. The trail then crosses the outlet to Bertha May Lake over a once fine bridge, and heads southeast toward the last of the three lakes, Granite Lake. The commissions help support Moderately Adventurous stay alive and kicking. Hoffman, make your way to the top of the lake. Enjoy rugged wilderness vistas at Tenaya Lake (8,150′) before hiking up a total of 3.2 moderate miles to May Lake at 9,329′. Its a half day hike/scramble from the May Lake trailhead with panoramic views at the top. Hoffman, I recommend that you take a moment to fuel up – drink water, have a snack, use the pit toilets at the campground, and tie up your shoelaces. Hike to the summit of a small volcano. "Can't go wrong with a lunch view of Lake Atitlan. With the additional views on the lower shelf, this also sounds like a lovely way to spend your day in Yosemite’s high country. Here you will easily see the trailhead for May Lake and Mt. Whitney Day Hike, so I knew I was physically prepared for this hike. This is my last po. From this vantage point, you can see Cloud’s Rest, Half Dome, and the Cathedral Range. Granite Lake is the largest of the 3 and is a great destination for a day hike and lunch. The higher elevation will ensure that you are breathing a little heavier, but this gives you an opportunity to deeply take in the fresh mountain air. When you finally get a view down, May Lake feels like it is directly under your feet. The sky's threatened with rain the entire hike up to May Lake, then poured once arriving to the lake....perfect! Here, the May Lake Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Waterwheel Trail all converge. It will give 360 views that give an unusually good view of the northern part of the hike. From short, accessible trails to longer, invigorating routes that explore the backcountry, you’ll find a hike to suit your pace and experience. Enjoy views of Half Dome and surrounding mountains on the way. Some grip and ankle support would have made the steeper sections much better. Yosemite National Park Tourism; Yosemite National Park Accommodation; Yosemite National Park Bed and Breakfast; Yosemite National Park Holiday Rentals No one is silly enough to expend extra energy to scramble this second point, so I had it to myself. Union Peak: 9.8 miles - 5 - 6 hours: Long forest walk followed by a very steep climb. This reward is not easy to come by – there is a steep hike involved. The trail gains elevation before reaching Granite Lake, then descends to the outlet of the lake with another stream for crossing the lake outlet. At a quick 2.4 miles round trip (when the road to the trailhead is open), this hike takes you through beautiful scenery on the way up to a stunning high altitude lake, a High Sierra Camp, and a fantastic view of the surrounding area. Located on a quiet, high mountain lake, perfect for relaxing and fishing, the camp is a fantastic blend of hospitality and high country scenery. This is where things get confusing and I definitely lost the trail a couple of times. Located in the Beaverdam area, the park offers three loop trails totaling a distance of 6.5 miles of easy/intermediate riding, as well as a 6.5-mile trail for advanced riding. Enjoy views of Half Dome and surrounding mountains on the way. The hike to May Lake is a delightful 1.3 miles on a gentle incline. Hike to May Lake. I love the area because it is typically far less crowded than the Yosemite Valley with a more relaxed, discovery pace.

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