Attorney Directory Services

Attorney directories provide a cost-effective way for law firms to market themselves. They offer a variety of benefits, including providing client reviews and testimonials. Some directory services also highlight lawyers who meet high ethical and customer service standards.

Having an impressive profile in an attorney directory is essential for building a strong online reputation. It will help clients find you and boost your search engine optimization.

North American Family Law

Legal directories are online sources where individuals can locate a lawyer or law firm in their area. They offer a variety of information, including contact information, practice areas, and education. Many legal directories also feature attorney reviews, which can increase the credibility of a law firm. In addition, they may offer badges and awards to lawyers that can enhance their reputation.

Family law encompasses all matters related to families, from marriage and divorce to adoption and surrogacy. The complex statutes and rules of family law can be difficult to navigate without the help of a reputable lawyer.

Getting listed on a good legal directory is important to your lawyer marketing strategy. These sites can provide valuable backlinks to your website, and many of them are ranked well by search engines. Moreover, they can help you identify your client acquisition cost (CAC) and client lifetime value. To make the most of your attorney directory listing, it is important to track your performance over time.

The lawyers on this website have been verified to be licensed and have experience in a number of areas, including criminal defense, family law, personal injury, estate planning, business, health care, and real estate. You can search by area or by lawyer name. The attorney directory also includes information about a lawyer’s education, training, and background.

The price of listing varies, depending on city and practice area. It is possible to test things out for a few months, starting at $221/month. However, it is important to remember that a listing on a directory does not guarantee you leads. In most cases, it is a better idea to invest in traditional SEO instead. However, if you are looking for new clients, it is worth the investment.


LawTally is an online directory for lawyers that allows consumers to search for attorneys by geographic area, practice area, and national board certification. Licensed attorneys can create profiles for free or pay a monthly subscription fee for premium listings. Lawyers can also add photos, videos, links, and social media accounts to their profiles.

The website connects clients with the best lawyers in their area. It includes profiles with lawyer credentials, areas of expertise, cases handled by the attorney, and stories of success. It also offers free searches for legal questions and answers.

Getting listed in legal directories is an effective marketing strategy for your law firm. By signing up with several top directories and contributing legal articles, you can establish yourself as a reputable expert. This can boost your search engine rankings and increase your clientele. This is especially important when you are launching your new business. Moreover, you can promote yourself using your business website and email marketing.


Findlaw is a Thomson Reuters directory that lists attorneys by jurisdiction and practice area. It also sells marketing services to help law firms generate leads. The directory offers free profiles, and premium profiles are available for $125. It also features Ask a Lawyer, which connects people with lawyers. However, it doesn’t offer individualized counsel or legal advice.

A primary driver of FindLaw’s traffic is its search engine optimization strategy. It ranks highly for many relevant searches conducted by legal consumers. Although it is impossible to assess whether this is a high-quality approach, it is possible to compare FindLaw’s SEO results to those of other directories.

Another service that FindLaw provides is pay-per-click advertising. This type of advertising uses a bid marketplace to display advertisements above and below organic search engine results. While it is not as cost-effective as search engine optimization, it can be a useful tool to promote your law firm’s online presence. It can also be used in combination with other marketing services to maximize your return on investment.