when do you think function overloading be used

You might think it’s a good idea to do this, to bundle multiple implementations which accept different arguments into a single function but in reality it’s much worse than you can imagine. But I agree that the terms are mixed on occasion. Overloading refers to the ability to use a single identifier to define multiple methods of a class that differ in their input and output parameters. This article could go on for 20 pages about why almost anything harmful you can think of about operator overloading isn’t much different in the method-sphere. Here, sum is overloaded with different parameter types, but with the exact same body. 8. The only differences are, name of an operator function is always operator keyword followed by symbol of operator and operator functions are called when the corresponding operator is used. I disagree that overloading was purely idiotic, you load a functions with parameters, and in it's first instance (very old I might add) overloading was used to increase the variables which were passed to a function, hence the terms overloading. Of course, you can use variable arguments in C++, too, yet overloading is used to keep code clean. Faced with the line: cout <

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