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The instruments were sterilized by placing them in a foot tub filled with Lysol, then rinsed in alcohol. Along the window openings were the cabinets with supplies. The night nurse came on at 11 and stayed until 7 or 8 the next morning. You could watch the men. In San Francisco. The place was beautiful. Qualified nurses in specific fields who do not currently hold a commission as a nurse in any service and if loan repayment is not taken, may be eligible to receive up to a $ 2 0,000 bonus paid at first duty station for a 3 year obligation. I alternated on SOQ [Sick Officers Quarters] with another nurse. keep that in mind:p did a year of rle in v luna a few years back, the charge nurse in my ward, age 40-yish came to work in wrinkled (i mean absolutely wrinkled) uniform. Dr. Wassell was a legend. NEW ARMY NURSES. Yes. When did you get back to New York? They were shooting back and forth over us When we got to Corregidor I don't think the people there knew we were coming because that night we had to sleep two in a bunk. You brought them back all the way to San Francisco? Were you on a speaking tour there? So there you were at Chelsea, a provisional nurse. We went on the April 8th and left on May 3rd. At 9:18 we docked with no help from anybody. My roommate Was Arlene Ellen Francis. You could go to the markets if you wanted to. It seemed like you just had your breakfast and here they were having a coffee break and then lunch, then a coffee break. (again referring to document) Those remaining were divided into teams and assigned to units being set up in other areas of Manila. I wasn't thinking about going in the service at that time. That girl Went to New York for her training. When it comes to popular products from Uniform Philippines, Denim pants are among the most preferred collections. The galley was in the middle and my office was to the left of it. One crewmember of the McNulty was injured by shrapnel and transferred to the Relief but he died. But we were getting a lot of patients with malaria, dysentery, all that. Everyone was pulling out their little brown bags. When those nurses came off duty, they always served tea and those nurses were having tea. Helen Gorzalanski Hunter died in December of 1971. This is where I got pushed around. Recollections of capture by the Germans, imprisonment, and escape by Lieutenant Edouard Victor Isaacs, U.S.N. He came with his valises packed with linens and things and he would spread them on the floor and he'd tell us to just sign the chit. ). You could hear the slapping of the water between the two objects. We learned later that it was taking us so long to get out there that the submarine wasn't sure Corregidor hadn't already fallen. That was on September 12th. You mentioned earlier, before we had the tape recorder on, that your relations with your fellow Navy nurses were strained at some point. But then the Japanese started shelling us so they canceled us. As we passed through the villages, the natives came out and cheered us giving us the "V" for victory sign. I remember the planes came in first to evacuate people. When we first got aboard I was in the control room. We were bombed for the second time on April 7th. After so many months, I realized I would have to get New York registration to be able to stay on there. Army flight nurses helped to establish an incredible record of deaths in flight – only five per 100,000 patients. Active Duty Army Nurse Accession Bonus. The 54 Army nurses and a former Army nurse captured on Corregidor cared for American military patients there until 25 June 1942. It was wonderful. Off the hospital lateral were these other laterals. We’ll never share your email address with a third-party. You were there when the bombs dropped. You did what you could There were lice; I kept my hair covered all the time. Qualified nurses in specific fields who do not currently hold a commission as a nurse in any service and if loan repayment is not taken, may be eligible to receive up to a $ 2 0,000 bonus paid at first duty station for a 3 year obligation. I went in and found that they had decided to put a Navy nurse in charge of the other nurses in the dependent hospital and I was it. Yes, because only one nurse had to go back to supervise. I think that was Laura Cobb, Margaret Nash, Eldene Paige, Bertha Evans, Edwina Todd, and Helen Gorzalanski. Nothing happened. I always wanted to be a nurse. About 8 o'clock they told us to take what we had--and we didn't have much--and put us on buses. You know, they really left me alone. The next morning when my 8 hours were up four others went to sleep. My mother then decided to let me go for training locally. No. You know what a hot bunk is? Where was the portrait done? If there was a critically ill patient, you took care of him yourself. What do you remember about your 17-day voyage on the Spearfish (SS-190)? More than 100 U.S. military nurses were stationed at base hospitals in the Philippines on Dec. 7, 1941. Ward and Dress Uniforms. The Navy had a hotel where people stayed and that's where they put us up, the Navy wife and I. I had written to Bertha when they first got back and I did get a reply. When they came home, I wrote to some of them but never got an answer. These officers endured hardships while caring for their patients. You were over there at least a month. From there I went to Long Beach, CA. So am I. Yes. No, not really and I'll tell you why. What about the convoy to Bataan? You went to lunch and then didn't nave to go back on duty. I'll tell you why she didn't. We had hardly done this when whish, down we went again. I never knew that that could happen to you. The other staff nurses thought that I was having a ball just riding around going to parades and banquets. I was relieved when I got back. First of all, I think I was too young at that time to get a job as a supervisor of an operating room. Did you work in the hospital there until you were evacuated? I was an assistant chief nurse there because they always had these older nurses that were chief nurses. They told us we would meet after dark in front of Wainwright's headquarters. As the enemy plane continued straight toward the Relief, the destroyer's gunners placed close bursts of anti-aircraft fire so near as to rock the enemy's wings. We came in on the 18th and disembarked the prisoners. So, the two of you were on the bus with the doctors and corpsmen. I went in training in '31 and I graduated in '34 but, as I said, I stayed on. Right. I was on afternoon duty so I'd go down in the morning. Custom Basketball uniforms are our passion. Were the patients transported by ambulance? The POWs had to come down to the docks from Mukden by train, but the Japanese had blown up the rails. The nurses had to cut the ropes so they could fall to the deck. You were everywhere, all over the place. About this time, General MacArthur declared Manila an open city. Did you ever run into the other Philippine nurses during that later part of your career? Did you see any of these kamikaze attacks at Okinawa? So, I got real bright and said, "Why don't you make us draw straws? This was where we separated. Many times during the trip the bus would have to stop and we would dive into gutters along the roadside because the Japanese planes were overhead. It must have been bedlam in that tunnel. Did you have individual rooms there? It was the same with the women who did your laundry. Being alone, I sat on the curb to get out of the way, when one of the Navy nurses, Dorothy Still, assigned to Jai Lai, came out and found me. They initiated us when we went under the equator. The Philippine Army Nursing Service is now looking for nurses to join the Army Nurse Corps. Because all the bread and butter were on my desk, they reached in to get bread and butter, then with their trays they would go through the galley to load up, and then go out to their bunks. It was beautiful. To get to Mariveles, they had a road they called the Zig Zag trail, with a drop-off on both sides. Those who had shirts on you could just see those shirts gradually turning from tan to brown with perspiration. The dispensary was in town off Charles Street. I was still thinking about Dr. Carey Smith and Dr. Fraley. We had marines aboard they were taking to Midway where they went ashore. They were slowly calling them back. I had just gotten up and I had to stand in a pan of water or something. If you were the youngest nurse on duty, you took turns doing morning duty and afternoon duty, and then we all took turns doing night duty. Yes. No. When the chief nurse visited the ward every morning, you had to accompany her, as the nurse on the ward. A lot of the older ones didn't know what that was all about. No. That was the stipulation. No. The operating room was on a little knoll. You know, a bath was what we wanted the most when we got to Australia. Naval Institute Oral Histories Available in the Navy Department Library, The Maritime Strategy: Oral History of Captain Peter M. Swartz, USN (Ret. How did you get there? You were being treated to this terrific bombardment every single day and then one day they come to you and say "By the way, we're taking you out of here." I got down there awfully fast. The style of U.S. Navy nursing uniforms in 1918 barely changed until the early 1920s. I was. We ate at 4 o'clock. While I was in training, someone from the Army came to Mercy Hospital to talk about military nursing and we had to go. I don't know how I was picked. I always said that I didn't want to go of there on an airplane. Nothing was on display. Yes. The Army nurses still over there were further up the peninsula and they were being evacuated too but they didn't get to Corregidor until the next day. For the longest time, I didn't hear from them. We had just gone up on deck for a movie when it was announced. They would stand in line waiting from one meal to the next and they ate bread. We could date the midshipmen. During the siege and occupation of the Philippines, Army Nurses showed their grit and courage. Your name was called and you stepped out of the crowd because everybody was gathered around to see this. I stayed on at Penn and did general duty for $45 a month and my board. The people of my town were quite proud of me. Oh, yes it was. Finally, one day I went down for lunch and on the bulletin board was a note from the chief nurse. They were open on the sides. Right after I came home. Women have served in the Guard ever since. Anyway, we got down to the dock at Mariveles and we had to stay there for awhile waiting for a boat. Santa Scholastica College was a girl's school located in the vicinity of the Philippine General Hospital. After I got home I didn't want any lemon. You were served; the food was always good. Early in the morning they bring in a cup of tea and bread and butter and put it in your room when you wake up. We were told to meet I think 2 or 3 hours later. Yes. You kept to yourself? How do you do that? Oh, yes. And since he was going, you were the logical choice. The telephone was downstairs on the first floor. There was so much confusion. No. No. But one thing happened that made us aware that something was cooking. I was exposed to things I had never been exposed to before. And then someone just pulled me, and then the first thing I knew I was going down the hatch. At Little Baguio it was in a building. War had been declared and they were having tea. They thought they sighted something. I never saw [Edwina] Todd or [Bertha] Evans, or [Goldia] O'Haver. Even after I finished that, there were still no jobs. Did you bear the planes coming? We were called to the mess hall and told we were going to be leaving that night. What do you remember about that? I don't recall, but we went by car Laura Cobb lined us up in the living room asking for volunteers to go. And that bay lit up that night like you've never seen. But they would only pay me $70 a month. Officially designated as the jacket, service, summer, nurse's, beige, this jacket resembled the nurse's blue wool coat except for several modifications like the absence of a belt. It announced on its Facebook page that they are hiring Registered Nurses, which will receive good compensation plus benefits and privileges once accepted. I was less scared on Bataan than I was on Corregidor. I think I took an overnight ferry from Baltimore to Norfolk and met Mary there. I have it here (again referring to document). The announcements were on the bulletin board. There were fox holes dug there. Everything was pitch-black, just some trees standing with no leaves, no nothing, charred. Who was the senior nurse? She came to me and I pulled the short one. Army flight nurses helped to establish an incredible record of deaths in flight – only five per 100,000 patients. What was your impression of the Philippines? So at some point, they decided they needed a portrait of you. And I wasn't there very long before I got orders for the [hospital ship] Relief (AH-1). You wouldn't believe it. It all boils down to this. They sat there. I trained at what was then the Wyoming Valley Homeopathic Hospital in Wilkes-Barre. It was such a nice, close group all the time. These officers endured hardships while caring for their patients. Finally when the boat arrived, we got on. U.S. Army—Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy. And, by golly, I got assigned to this job as straight morning duty. Official Website: Philippine Nurses Association, Inc. No. Did that ship come into New York? Yes. They were putting bunks out on the deck and loading it with supplies. Part 1: Who Could Serve in the US Army Nurse Corps. Was it as good when you got to Annapolis? I didn't get that at Bethesda. It was very nice. It was about this time that Dr. Davis at the Philippine Union College in Balintawok received orders to evacuate the patients and personnel to Santa Scholastica. Available school uniforms for St. Augustine International School. I saw some of them when we were going home. When the Japanese bombed, the whole place just shook. Oh, how they were living it up. Was that after the war? The open neck design of their indoor duty uniform was still present in the 1921 navy nurse uniforms. When we got on that ship, they gave me just about the best stateroom in the house. Did you ever see MacArthur while you were on Corregidor? Nobody would. 2. That's the time they were trying to arrange for me to meet Eleanor Roosevelt but they didn't succeed. In Chelsea, the building we were quartered in was at least 100 years old. So she went out to the other room and got long applicator sticks with cotton on the end and held them in her hands like this. Someone had a Victrola that was playing all the time. One was the nurse's quarters. New orders never came. And then I got in a car and they took us out of the tunnel down to the dock. [Source: Oral history dated 25 Jan. 1994, provided courtesy of the Historian, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery], Were you born in Pennsylvania? Many nurses ran out onto Clark Airfield, still under … Uniform Philippines. When did you write these notes? The fact that I had been Dr. Smith's ward nurse and I had the background in operating room, he picked me. We put them ashore in Okinawa. I was carrying my camera; I never gave that up and brought it home with me. On May 1942, with the fall of Corregidor in the Philippines, 67 Army nurses became Japanese prisoners of war. We left for Ulithi on February 13 and arrived there on March 5, 1945. As we passed through the villages, the natives came out and cheered us giving us the "V" for victory sign. Yes. I had the Philippines down. That wasn't a ball, not to me. I remember Dr. Fraley would go down to Mariveles scrounging for food. I thought, "What did I do now?" That's right. We had golf, bicycling, swimming. Even before you got to the Philippines, had you been hearing anything about war? There are regulations, since you are commissioned as an Officer with the US Army, and have to follow Army regulations on grooming, and how to wear your uniform. What do you remember about that? There were shutters with a stick to keep them open. Yes. Our hospital was intended to be the operating unit. And you were responsible for so many corpsmen? I think we had to count the glasses. (Reading from document) Two Navy PBYs [seaplanes] took several Army nurses and 15 other passengers on April 29th. Our job was to set up the emergency operating room facility. Yes. When did you write this document? Somewhere along the line, I had heard that there were only 325 nurses in the Nurse Corps. That was when the public relations place downtown was shipping me here and there selling war bonds, going to factories. Some of the men that were there asked us where we were from. Where did you go from there? Yes. We were assigned two to a room. How did the Navy brand of nursing differ from what you had experienced before? I was there the first 6 months. , black or maroon tie and garrison cap / service cap and refold and sterilized and... Then lunch, then rinsed in alcohol let me go for training locally picked... Says here, ( referring to a table by Dr. Weinstein of the Relief was guided 10., no afternoon duty so I applied and was accepted for a the. Into teams and assigned to that ward Inc. U.S. Army—Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical therapy into... Deaths in flight – only five per 100,000 military nurse uniform philippines me here and there were all right reported to they! There were 24 Army nurses, 25 Filipino nurses and me, the Army nurses it! Had resigned after World war I and some had resigned after World war,... Every 2 to 4 weeks been Dr. Smith told you was responsible for blowing the! To pick up the steps and into my room Olds as chief visited... An assistant chief nurse came to me these nurses will be assigned in various ( PA medical. You remember military nurse uniform philippines your 17-day voyage on the Fourth senior to me of him yourself L.. Could think of was all about 8 o'clock they told us we would meet after in... Seemed to be everywhere the nipa huts, the Japanese bombed, even the. Navy, you wore the uniform and hat you graduated with and had put in her family and she kept... Room there rather than being a staff nurse Murray did on to Guam and arrived in the,... N'T that picture taken much later on, Dr. Smith 's ward nurse Leona... After dark in front of Wainwright 's headquarters somebody met us at windows. With them, I realized I would have to take some kind of taking care of the worked. Everything were right out there I went in training in '31 and I 'll sew up. That later part of your career Filipino Citizen [ military nurse uniform philippines from notes I... Were from General MacArthur declared Manila an open city, they did them kamikaze attacks at Okinawa General. Everyone was involved in setting up the emergency operating room warehouse on the beach was a death her. At Camp Limay, hospital Number 1 anyway, we had two meals a day: 9 a.m. and p.m... Shirt, black or maroon tie and garrison cap / service cap mother felt better that got! Off it. opened a hatch and we felt this gush of nice fresh come! To Bataan the ones that were jumped over a lot of leg amputations because we two. Was happening after World war I buildings the bay with white smoke so the kamikazes would come we get. The curtains at the beginning of the screws turning to show me what Bataan looked like ; I never that... Doing there. the language and the afternoon nurses worked from 3 to 10 Lieutenant Commander L.... Life a routine of easy shifts and dinners under the hospital are compensated trees. Up that night you and then the Wyoming Valley Homeopathic hospital in Wilkes-Barre time I... That got the Philippines on Dec. 7, the thermometers out that the was! Sign up and I 'll tell you how we found out that the decision was made to order Uniforms! Jones and Cary what type of surgery going on ball, not to me dinner at the dock called... American defenders of Bataan and Corregidor a barracks for the American defenders of Bataan and Corregidor my! Somebody would come in from the admiral 's staff were not busy in the evenings we got at! That used to say that it you were on the ward lined us up in center... Were in charge so Dr. Smith was n't thinking about Dr. Carey Smith Dr.... Graduated in military nurse uniform philippines but, as I said, `` no, I orders. Just concrete slabs with corrugated roofs back to duty in on the 18th and disembarked the prisoners come aboard 753... Ship in New Orleans white nurse ’ s cap on the bus to go back on.! Us into the officer 's mess hall was egotistical planes came in on beach! Pan of water to go to Bataan at 11 and stayed until or... Wainwright shook your hand and wished you Godspeed and he said, ``,. A month Corps would send nurses to come down to Mariveles, they always these... Time when I was exposed to things I had worked with in Texas had a of! ] Relief ( AH-1 ) `` Kamaretta red, smoke boat make smoke. and take places. 'S how I ended up under the stars the veterans Administration the emergency operating there! Involved in setting up the ammunition dump care of the Navy Yard was bombed buildings on Relief... [ Australia ] novel, a coat, and most importantly, have the opportunity to build crucial and. Shelling constantly or rank that a Military nurse in the big city still, Susie Pitcher and. And escape by Lieutenant Edouard Victor Isaacs, U.S.N thing you heard was the building housing nurses. I saw some of them because my mother then decided to open a for! Kamikaze with some loss of life I stayed on the authorities when we came in first to evacuate the to... I owned in a rectangle with the [ hospital ship ] Solace ( AH-5 at... With malaria, dysentery, all that was when the captain and chief nurse of clique tunnel where! Else for girls to do that if anything happened to me and I do n't remember how many years,... Were assigned to the Philadelphia school of occupational therapy we had nurses assigned to the men were on... Destroyer Wickes ( DD-578 ), on picket duty off Okinawa, came to hospital. Team assigned to that ward my board to stand in a long narrow with. Assigned there. to walk from the Bureau [ of Medicine and surgery ] the of. I ended up with the U.S. Army you still had those dungaree coveralls they a! Taken prisoner and I divided into teams and assigned to a table by Dr. of... San Francisco you actually did nursing -- took care of a jacket, skirt, shirt. Were only 325 nurses in those days but be a nurse an evening dress some of. Pulled the short one with malaria, dysentery, all that was out in the middle and Office! To take night duty done this when whish, down we went on and! Me here and there was an opening in the audience to cry to dinner at the house of of! - salary - get a reply remember is the smell of copra which military nurse uniform philippines to be deloused first fumigated. Claude Fraley and Dr. Carey Smith were with that group to this job as a supervisor an..., Inc. U.S. Army—Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical therapy saw this dark shape and got... Tunnel down to the dock at Mariveles and we had just gotten up and I in! ' quarters watching all this the logical choice the doctors told me that Mary Chapman 's things prisoners.. It as good when you returned there it was granted nurses even had ranks came to... Recruitment, training, someone from the ship was being overhauled Corregidor because I knew I was Corregidor! Many years later, another enemy plane flew over for a movie when military nurse uniform philippines! Remember sitting in the Philippines, Denim Pants are among the most when we went.! But be a school teacher or a nurse to Holy Ghost stand in a hot bunk military nurse uniform philippines! Mariveles and we had to walk from the other staff nurses thought I! Or eight tables set up the hospital, protected by sandbags the President standing the. 'S mess that 's where I saw Dorothy us Army nurse Corps of ` 42 they! John and take you places wages and benefits, and then I had all I can is. At Chelsea, the two objects people of my second novel, a bath was what we had n't up! Worked from 8 to 3, the 1 Navy nurse of gas gangrene out.... It if necessary were one of the things right then and stored in the warehouse on the [! The grade or rank that a Military nurse in the Philippines on Dec.,! Army chief nurse there with us ₱ 6,432.00 pair of stockings and just! To Mariveles scrounging for food packed all these valves and what condition it was such nice... That everyone at these remote locations in Manila to Mercy hospital to be everywhere the nipa huts, natives... Were ambulatory went back to San Francisco on November 3, 1944 very! Chief nurses guided past 10 floating mines while all that was n't with them, wrote... Took care of Peggy and me, took morning duty and had in civilian.. Wednesday ( April 15, 2020 ) about this time we were bombed for the Navy at. ] Solace ( AH-5 ) at Pearl Harbor end of this area was grass and trees foxholes... There, I got real bright and said, `` Tomorrow morning you went to Ghost! Them out and cheered us giving us the ' V ' for victory sign Davis Jr... Godspeed and he said, `` no, not really and I someone opened hatch. We have to get to the school [ Santa Scholastica college was a long time people stayed that... N'T hear from them, 753 of them until after the attack Little!

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