Years later, though, in 2000, he took his wife out to the viewing area east of Marfa to look for the lights, and they were treated to an amazing show. Marfa Lights are generally considered harmless. We first became aware of this phenomenon in the early 1990's when the TV show "Sightings" did special segment on the lights. Bring an open mind and enjoy the great view! Important! They have been observed to vary their size and fly at high speeds. keep up to date on twitter & instagram @marfamovie. Marfa Mystery Lights. Yelp reviews . Marfa residents have grown accustomed to the unexplained lights that flicker out in the desert off of US 90, about 9 miles east of their small West Texas town. Home to a remote festival. 28 reviews Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Center - Bounding Around We cut our time short in Terlingua by one day because it was super hot. According to eyewitnesses, the Marfa Lights appear to be roughly the size of basketballs and are varyingly described as white, blue, yellow, red or other colors. Marfa is a city in the high desert of the Trans-Pecos in far West Texas, between the Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park.It is the county seat of Presidio County, and its population as of the 2010 United States Census was 1,981. Marfa Chamber of Commerce. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family History: In 1883, in the fields near Marfa, Texas, cattle by the thousands was being herded by cowboys across the arid country. Directed by Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod. Here, Charlotte shows Marfa lights videos and DVDs. Since the 1800s there have been reports of strange lights in the desert 10 miles outside the town of Marfa Texas. A place out of time. 1.4K likes. No-one knows exactly what they are, and that’s what makes them so captivating. Lights of Marfa. The Marfa lights, also known as the Marfa ghost lights, have been observed near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas, in the United States.They have gained some fame as onlookers have attributed them to paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, UFOs, or will-o'-the-wisp.Scientific research suggests that most, if not all, are atmospheric reflections of automobile headlights and campfires. It has since become a UFO tourist spot due to the local unexplained activity. Marfa Lights up close video. And then there's the giant lemon. Browse 32 marfa lights stock photos and images available, or search for marfa texas or northern lights to find more great stock photos and pictures. Bounding Around 31' Fleetwood Bounder. Public or commercial use of photographs requires written permission from the copyright holder After being intrigued by amazing Marfa Light displays in November 2000, I started investigating these phenomena and did so somewhat intensely for over a decade. We visited the Marfa Lights viewing station Halloween night (2019) and was treated to a spectacular show. The Red Bull Air … Updated 2/11/2020 – While the July issue of Coronet Magazine had the first publishing materials regarding the Marfa Lights, the earliest communication linked to the mysterious lights dates back from 1883. Marfa Army Airfield (AKA: Presidio County Airport) is an abandoned airfield located in the high desert of West Texas, about 200 miles (320km) southeast of El Paso. It is your responsibility to get permission, if needed, before visiting any location listed on this site. They are spherical and reddish-orange in color. Popular Pages. The winter solstice is here, bringing with it the longest night of the year, making it a great time to look up and gaze at the wonder of the universe. Some days, she gets overwhelmed by people asking about the lights. The famous Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas (naturally) have inspired numerous rumors and urban legends. Youtube Channel . A place where unexplained lights tremble in the night sky. Modern rock band from Nashville, TN. A shrine to minimalist art. See the end result when Red Bull Air Force and famed photographer Dustin Snipes reinterpreted the world-renowned, mysterious Marfa Lights phenomenon. Visit Marfa web site. For more than 135 years, people have reported strange lights above the horizon in Marfa, Texas. A gentleman by the name of Robert Ellison first observed the lights in March of that year, while he was herding cattle across the Marfa plains. Photographs and videos at this website are protected by copyright. The winter solstice is here, bringing with it the longest night of the year, making it a great time to look up and gaze at the wonder of the universe. Vortexes in USA; Global Vortex Map . The winter solstice is here, bringing with it the longest night of the year, making it a great time to look up and gaze at the wonder of the universe. Mysterious lights appear and disappear in the same … Marfa Ghost Lights History. Aired: 07/27/11 Rating: NR To check out all of the images and BTS video on the making of the Marfa Lights project, visit here. Related. Standing At: Lazy E Ranch 9601 Lazy E Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044 Inquiries to: Butch Wise/Matt Witman, Farm Manager 405-282-3437 An isolated town in the Texas borderlands. “Twelve times a day people show up,” she told me. It is located approximately 4,840-foot (1,480m) above mean sea level. Photographer Dustin Snipes was on hand as the skydiving team, led by Jon DeVore, went for a stunning nighttime jump, strapping lights and sparklers to themselves and literally becoming mysterious shooting stars in the sky. The lights started appearing shortly before the sun had completely set in the west. Add Video! But maybe we should just ask the Red Bull Air Force where they come from? Red Bull skydivers recreate mysterious Marfa lights in dazzling video for winter solstice 2020. 1.4K likes. Numerous photographs and video footage have captured these lights in action. MARFA, Texas — The Marfa Lights is a familiar sight to many West Texans, but the mystery behind them has never been truly pinned down. The Marfa Lights are reported to be from 1-10 feet in diameter. 70's Marfa Lights documentary video. Known for its mysterious lights, colorful characters, ranching roots and tourism, Marfa is fast becoming a thriving and eclectic creative community. This unexplainable phenomenon can be seen in the desert outside the West Texas town of Marfa. You can see Marfa Lights pictures on the Marfa Lights website and can read more about the Marfa Lights in the news on our Marfa media coverage page. Unlike the famous Marfa Lights, this display had a … The official Marfa Lights Viewing Area is located 9 miles east of town on U.S. 90, towards Alpine. Video by Eliot Stein. Be the first to add a video for Marfa Lights Viewing Center! Whole generations of Texans have been looking for the answer to the question - "What are these lights?" livin’ the dream productions. 2020-12-21 0. about us; legal documentation; upcoming film festivals Lights of Marfa. Add photo Case File: Marfa Lights Location: Marfa, Texas Date: 1883 Description: Marfa was a railroad water spot in West Texas surrounded by cattle farms. It was about 11 o’clock at night, and I was alone at the Marfa Lights View Park when I spotted two pale greenish-white balls of light, hovering over the barren fields. But recently, a new glowing streak appeared in the sky. Modern rock band from Nashville, TN. In beautiful, desolate West Texas, Marfa is an outpost of civilization, boasting an independent bookstore and modern art by resident artist Donald Judd.

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