a Christian educational organization founded in 1819 by Gabriel Deshayes and Jean-Marie de la Mennais for the instruction of youth. ". Along with his friend, he obtained legal recognition in 1822. Dans la plus grande discrétion, ils parcourent de nuit les campagnes, rassemblent les chrétiens dans leurs granges ou leurs greniers, pour la célébration de la messe et des sacrements. The brothers devote themselves to teaching, catechesis and other activities suggested by the community's needs.The education of the faith through religious education, catechesis and spiritual movement animation is the major concern of all brothers. At the merger of the provinces of France, in 1995, he became the Provincial of the new Province of St. John the Baptist. November 29, 1962 – Cavaliers is chosen as the official Walsh nickname. La Mennais College in Alfred, Maine, became Walsh College in North Canton, Ohio. The Superior General seeks to promote the unity of the congregation, the religious vitality of the Brothers and their faithfulness to the spirit of the Founders and the mission of the Institute and the guidelines of General Chapters .. Every day, he recited the rosary and he had total confidence in what he called his dear Mother and Queen. We need, in short, the brothers filled with the spirit of sacrifice, which had only one thought and one desire, the desire to gain heaven by giving herself to God without reserve and without return, immolating themselves every day for His glory. And on 20th of December we had a Recollection facilitated by Bro. The year was nearly ending, and I thanked God for the help and the blessings. Very soon, the Abbe de Lamennais seems fascinated by the motto: God Alone. f all the festivals of the year, my dear children, no one should not inspire devotion softer than the Christmas party. You can write your first post, import posts from another service or delete the component. In 1966 a tidal-power station, harnessing the energy from the channel's high tides, was opened. THE CAUSE OF BEATIFICATION JEAN-MARIE DE LA MENNAISPrayerO God, our Father,you gave to Jean-Marie de Lamennaisa generous heart and an unwavering zealto make thy Son Jesus Christand his Gospel,especially to children and youth.Since we worship himas the founderof two congregations dedicatedto Christian education,do it soondeclared Blessed.Help us to follow his examplein the service of truth,and deign to grant us,through her intercession ,such that at this moment... we askthrough Jesus Christ our Lord. Impossible de fuir. That same year, Father Brute Rémur of leaves for the United States.August 16, 1812 Closing Seminar of St Malo, following the imperial decree of November 11, 18111813 Deposit balance of the business of MM. La Mennais Hall continues to house the Brothers of Christian Instruction and international priest-students and serves as the offices for the Division of Language and Letters. He undertook to revise the Rule of Father de Montfort. Whenever the Church celebrates the Eucharist, it seems to me to attend the birth of the Savior of the world and witness all the miracles that accompanied him. Oh, if we knew what faith can! "Fathers are the number of 7 priests without vows and 4 Coadjutor Brothers. acordaire and Montalembert, depart for Rome, seeking approval Pope. THE VICAR OF AURAY (1805-1821) April 1805Gabriel Deshayes arrives in the parish of Saint Gildas d'Auray, where the bishop is to appoint a priest.The new priest quickly takes the measure of his new responsibilities as pastor of this parish 3000. The explanations given and the signs of true submission of monks and nuns will finally convince the bishop to be, now, a great defender works Montfort.Father Deshayes, in connection with the Superior General, then exercises its role as the Higher Congregations of Sisters. We need mature minds, capable of a resolution, who can take advantage, and that the right way is discovered, do not turn away because they feel discomfort, or because given them imprudent advice. Before the exams we had snacks, after the exams we went back home. - This will change its name to Congregation of St. Peter. Meanwhile, the Brothers of France, returned to Senegal and the Marquesas Islands, opening new missions in Côte d'Ivoire, and Togo and Benin. The first, Gabriel Deshayes, Auray priest, had already trained several young people to become teachers in the countryside, according to the method of teaching La Salle Brothers. Example sentences with "La Mennais Brothers", translation memory. All our rights are rendered, or rather the rights of the son of God become ours, her legacy is our inheritance, His justice and righteousness, and God is our Father as his. Just ordered, he combines the post of vicar at the Cathedral of Saint-Malo and teacher at the seminary, not to mention the sermons he is required to ensure the surrounding parishes, to the point that his health was broken and it has to stop for two years. My motto is “if others can do it why not me”. Brother Superior General and the three brothers wizards are elected by the General Chapter. Through an acquisition of. I’m studying at the University of San Agustin taking up Bachelor of Science in secondary education (BS Ed) major in (MAPEH) Music, Art, Physical Education (P.E.) Leur point de ralliement est la paroisse du Verger. Suite à un ensemble de circonstances, le Père Deshayes est appelé à Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre où, le 17 janvier 1821, il est élu Supérieur général des Pères Montfortains et des Sœurs de la Sagesse. He is very close and friendly to all. Father John is responsible for the liquidation of property and is free: he accepts the offer of the Bishop of Saint-Brieuc, who calls as secretary. This traditional aim of all religious is the Founders' legacy, which the Brother cherishes and carefully transmits to his successors. Gabriel Deshayes dream to elevate them into a religious institute. Dès 1810, il confie les filles aux Sœurs de la Sagesse, à la Chartreuse qu'il vient d'acquérir. It’s only yesterday that I enter this University but now it’s coming to an end!. It regulates the illegitimate situations from the French Revolution.From 1818, he organized the "Eternal Father" (a former convent that he bought) spiritual retreats for men and women.The attention of Mr. Deshayes' s extends to all forms of poverty: His rectory was a place of refuge where the poor convergence of the parish and surrounding areas. As my first time to conduct catechesis, I was so eager to have it; to teach the good news to other people. 94 likes. He was ordained February 25, 1804 in Rennes. One of the brothers share in 1821, another died in 1822. It follows the normal school in Vitoria and start teaching in Portugalete small and quickly became the trainer of juniorate Nanclares.He studied theology at the Gregorian University in Rome. I had finished my Prelim Exam for the second Semester at the University on December 16, 2009. All Rights reserved. - Will be called The Sisters "Daughters of Providence. The Montfort Fathers and the Sisters of Wisdom called the Father Deshayes in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre. and Health. The book was translated into several languages.January 1818 Opening of the Primary School Pordic, by Brother Paul (Mathurin Guyot Ploërmel), formed on the novitiate of Auray, by M. Deshayes,December 25, 1818 Miss Cartel Conan, Chaplain, dedicated by private vows in the chapel of the Sanctuary, St Brieuc.May 1819 Father 3 brothers Deshayes grants to P. de Lamennais, school of Dinan.June 6, 1819 Covenant of union between MM. Editor THE CLARION Page Three Brother Thomas Stephen, F.I.C., President of the college, and Brother Conrad Joseph, F.I.C., Head of the Education Department, attended a - The Sisters of Providence have 60 nuns and run 5 schools. They settled in the old Ursuline Convent, left without maintenance for 34 years. This makes us to be successful in life. opening of cognitional process on miracle for beatification: decree on validity of cognitional process on miracle: commission of CCS officials and consultants: opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: 07 July 1999, decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 10 December 1999, opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for canonization: 10 November 2004, decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 20 January 2006, Missionari dei Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria, Via dei Falegnami, 23, 00186 Roma, ITALY, Missionari dei Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria, Via Dante, 2, 80144 Secondigliano (NA), ITALY, opening of informative process on miracle for beatification: 1908, decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 27 September 1908, decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 18 February 1983, founder, Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel, opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: 13 November 2009. decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 36, ave. de Fontainebleau, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FRANCE. Jusseaume was the first student to obtain a 4.0 GPA, which he maintained through all 4 years at Walsh as an English major. Called to the diocese of St. Brieuc as secretary of the Bishop, he was chosen to his death, as the vicar and chapter deploys extraordinary activity: "We saw him," said the abbot in his funeral oration Léséleuc Jean-Marie de Lamennais, appear a few hours away, on the farthest reaches of this vast diocese. This logo is available to be used in many variations depending on your project: Letters, documents, posters, objects, t-shirts, caps, scarves, flags, stickers, websites, images ... Lito Asinas- Buang ,Hamtic, Antique- Raphy Gordon- San Remigio,Antique, The Classmates and friends of La MEnnais Aspirants 2008, Every last weak of the month we celebrate mass at the la MEnnais Brothers house. opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 21 April 1989, decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 24 June 1994, Pères Jésuites, Rue de l’Université Saint-Joseph, BP 166 775 – Achrafieh, Beyrouth, 110 2150 LEBANON. He was appointed to the service of vocations for the province of Rennes, a position he held for seven years. On June 6, 1819, they contract a covenant of union is the origin of the Brothers of Christian Instruction. Calendar/Events. Most of the people here are closer to God. While live Christmas wreaths only last for a single season, fake wreaths Every moment in our life we build step by step. Tino’s celebrations. Points of interest include the main gate to the city (15th cent. Training and piety. For several years, he is a shepherd. ttp://www.blogger.com/profile/10828915860921637471, http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2971079/la_mennais_brothers_2008_2009_raphy_gordon/, http://myfacefriends.com/profile.php?user=RaphyGordon, http://ph.linkedin.com/pub/raphy-gordon/16/46A/234, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJB4RSIzIhU. All those who, like us, are working to extend the kingdom of Jesus Christ we are still very expensive: let's look at their work, their projects, their work, as well as ours. He had developed strong relationships with key faculty MM. But in 1813, by order of Napoleon, the seminar should close; the family business, ruined by the blockade, went bankrupt. They remain the Advisors Brother Superior General in the Government of the congregation and give their opinions on issues discussed at Council. In this subject we are teaching Catechesis in the schools in the elementary and High Schools. Jean-Marie De La Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes. Facilement, ils sont traités d'idiots ou de stupides. My vocation came when Nong Bobot came to. Until its construction, students attended Mass in a small chapel in the Rannou Campus Center (Now the Barrette Center). (For I was told to teach a high school!) can be stored and used for future holiday celebrations. (pictured in portrait seated to the right), , vicar of Saint-Brieuc, and Gabriel Deshayes, (pictured in portrait standing to the left). Preaching, teaching, ministry with ecumenical Protestant St Malo ... deplete its forces. - Tradition of the Church of the Institution of BishopsNovember 13, 1807 In 33 articles, John of the masterfully paints a picture of a great Christian Reconstruction. The congregation held its last general chapter at Rome from 1 to March 23, 2006. A l'époque, on les appelle des sourds. In an ever changing world, they want to make generous serving youth, both sensitive to the aspirations of their contemporaries and constant reference to Christ, the supreme rule of their lives. THE YOUNG PRIEST IN THE TERROR (1790 - 1805). done Ploërmel, from November 1824, the center of the congregation. By his consecration he seeks to more closely mimic the form of life that the Son of God has done on earth and has proposed to his disciples.In his apostolic mission, it updates the charism of the founders Jean-Marie Lamennais and Gabriel Deshayes , by making available to the appeals of the Church and the world in the field of education. 11) 29 October in Secondigliano, Naples (Italy), GAETANO ERRICO priest of the archdiocese of Naples; founder, Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary born: 19 October 1791 in Secondigliano, Naples (Italy), promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 04 October 1974, opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: 07 July 1999 closing of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: 15 October 1999 decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 10 December 1999 session of medical consultants: 30 March 2000 congress of theological consultants: 03 July 2000 ordinary congregation of cardinals and bishops: 09 January 2000 promulgation of decree on miracle: 24 April 2000 beatification: 14 April 2002, opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for canonization: 10 November 2004 (archdiocese of Naples) closing of diocesan inquiry on miracle for canonization: 10 October 2005 (archdiocese of Naples) decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: 20 January 2006 session of medical consultants: 05 October 2006 congress of theological consultants: 19 December 2006 ordinary congregation of cardinals and bishops: 05 June 2007 promulgation of decree on miracle: 06 July 2007, spontanea sanatione dominae Annae Russo, anno 2003 in Secundiliano, a "sterilità primaria da anavulazione cronica, resistenete alla terapia medica chirurgica, in paziente con utero unicorene-unicolle rudimentale, esitata in gravidanza insorta spontaneamente e proseguita con evoluzione fisiologica con parto pretermine all 36a settimana, senza alcuna trattamento. He preaches the ecclesiastical retreats, seminars reorganizes, buys the convents, founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Providence and Gabriel Deshayes, the Institute of Brothers of Christian Instruction. This are the acolytes who serve during the mass and special mass at the University. Two years later, he bought the Ursuline Convent in Ploërmel. Msgr Hughes mentioned the Youngstown Diocese as a possible location. Keep what you are. De même, il laisse à l'abbé de la Mennais la haute direction des Frères de Ploërmel. The young Brothers of Christian Instruction growing rapidly. THE BROTHERSThe tradition of the Brothers continues today as many still live on campus and continue to serve Walsh Univeristy and the community. O Mother, Mary! Sa vie durant, ce seront ses enfants préférés.Dès 1816, il accueille dans son presbytère des jeunes gens qu'avec l'aide des Frères des Écoles chrétiennes il prépare au métier d'enseignant pour les campagnes bretonnes. He organized the ecclesiastical retreats, parish missions, it activates the priestly recruitment, both based teaching congregations, struggle against the intrusion of civil power in ecclesiastical matters, refused to obey the orders of government officials are ignored whenever the rights of the Church.He opens the Ursuline convent in various cities, colleges reorganized ecclesiastical Tréguier and Plouguernével - fight vigorously the establishment of mutual school (secular) in the diocese.Feli December 23, 1815 is ordered sub-deacon in Paris - Jean-Marie expressed entirely foreign to that decision.Feli March 9, 1816 was ordained priest at Vannes.November 14, 1816 At the initiative of Father John, Miss Chaplain, Cartel, Conan, Bagot , entered the Congregation of the Demoiselles, caring orphanages and elementary education. Bien vite, il confie la direction de son institut à un vicaire général de Nantes, l'abbé Angebault. (Sermons Brothers, Volume II, p 549 ), Tell me always, in great detail, everything that you personally, so I give you the paternal advice you need. And now on my dreams come true. Throughout their lives, the Brothers try to progress in the service of God, the Church and society. I followed all the requirements to have my entrance exam at San Jose Antique. Ah that's the case, I will approach you with confidence, I show myself to you as I am weak, miserable sinner, worthy to securities of a pity your mother's heart, I say to my mother O Mother, behold your son, do not turn away your eyes from him, but rather let your child fall on one of those tears of pity and tenderness, renewing his soul will make the peace that delights the sense of his sins ! Jean-Marie de Lamennais was born Sept. 8, 1780 in Saint-Malo, where his father was a shipowner. we are studying the about the program of activities and in health we are studying the Anatomy of the Human bones. - Dacian J. Barrette (Business Manager, Business & French), Thomas S. Farrell (President, English) and Henry J. Vannasse (Theology). The brothers wizards to help develop the policy of the Institute of thoughtful and the quality of their discernment. They are teachers and administrators. Becoming a Brother of Christian Instruction, Formation involves three major orientations: human and Christian culture, spiritual development and preparation for educational and apostolic work. Then I asked my self, what activities I ought to be able to accomplish before the end of t he year. It will Ploërmel the administrative center of the Brothers who will soon be known as the Brothers Ploermel.Lamennais 1824 John helped launch the magazine "The Catholic Memorial. They are graciously welcomed by the missionaries and sisters.Pentecost 1821 Another group of two novices, five candidates, with their novice Auray, brother Peter, in turn joined Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre. (They are, specifically, the Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel, not to be confused then with the Brothers of Christian Instruction of St. Gabriel) Served about two years in the early 70s at St. Mary’s International School in Japan as Assistant Scoutmaster and Administrative Aid. The congregation were now more than 70 religious institutions and placed in 14 thirty novices. The Brothers, in the unwavering fidelity to the intentions of their founders continue to provide instruction in their schools and Christian education of youth. Son presbytère est toujours et le curé se dépouille de son manteau ou d'une couverture pour venir en aide à une famille nécessiteuse. How can I introduce Christ to them? When the policies of the French government resulted in the Brothers' expulsion, their apostolic zeal led them to Canada in 1886. The Sisters of St. Gildas Abbe Angebault consider as their second founder.Co-Founder of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.Led by Gabriel Deshayes, Auray town quickly with institutions school essential. In 1960, the Brothers open their new college in North Canton, Ohio. Student Richard Jusseaume in 1967, Outstanding Academic Student shown with Brother Farrell, President of Walsh College. Copyright © 2016 Frères de l’Instruction chrétienne. At the end of the year, they are 22 in total.September 17, 1823 Royal Approval of the new congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction of the Holy Spirit. , I saw how it was. In November 1839 when the Government is promoting "agricultural colonies", the Father Deshayes based in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, the Brothers of St. Francis Assisi "intended to serve the poor in hospitals, religious houses and rectories for everything concerning the care of domestic and agricultural work. C'est le soir. TO THE PRIESTHOOD - FIRST COMMITMENTS December 21, 1801 ordination as a subdeacon in a chapel of the Ursulines of Paris by Bishop Pressigny, returned from exile. This is during the provincial visit us here in the Philippines. But what to do to the surrounding countryside? Andrei Poisson our assistant formator , because among the youth we were chosen as an aspirant. They distribute all he may possess. ’s High school and invited us to join the LMB Vocation Club. All God It's easy to say we want to be everything to God, and who is it who has not said a thousand times? Yes, you have a wonderful mission, and I bless God for having given it, because working for the sanctification of small children who will be assigned, you work at your own sanctification: it seems that these dear children benefit from your care, but I am confident that your training at night is also great fruit: I am glad that you have made do with f. Donatien, each taking their successively week: fatigue diminishes when shared. To awaken the faith of the faithful, he launched a two-week mission. And when the aftershocks of the French policy of deporting most of these regions, their apostolic zeal led the brothers to Canada. Here is a passage from a sermon written for young people "congregational" for February 2, day of Purification. The next day, 18th of December, we wake up at 4:00 am then prepared ourselves for the Simbang Gabi, starting at 4:30 am and ending at 5:30 am. Les trois hommes se rangent silencieusement le long du fossé. The angels we learn. Pendant vingt ans, il va remplir cette charge. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, patroness saint of the Brothers of Christian Instruction. He is born in a stable and rests in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes of poverty! "This intellectual fruitful period from which springs a bold plan for the renewal of faith in France inspire his great deeds to come.It resumed his priestly service in Saint-Malo. How amazing it is to offer your life to God. For grade 1 pupil are not interested in this field. The March 17, 1821 brothers and Pierre-Marie Augustin, novice Auray since February 1820, arrived in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, with Father Deshayes. Have a heart truly Catholic. Oh, everything else is nothing ...Nothing, nothing, God alone, God alone! Michelle Wilhelm, distant cousin of Gabriel Deshayes entrusted his desire to religious life. Michelle Wilhelm, distant cousin of Gabriel Deshayes entrusted his desire to religious life. By 1967, Walsh officially becomes co-ed. Bro. and Health. We were back home at 4:00 pm. JEAN-MARIE ROBERT DE LA MENNAIS priest of the diocese of Vannes; founder, Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel and Daughters of Providence of Saint-Brieuc born: 08 September 1780 Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine (France), competent diocese: Vannes CCS protocol number: 426, opening of informative process: 07 October 1899, closing of informative process: 29 August 1901, opening of apostolic process: 31 July 1912, decree on validity of informative and apostolic processes: 05 June 1936, antepreparatory congregation: 23 July 1946, promulgation of decree on heroic virtues: 15 December 1966. opening of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: 13 November 2009 (archdiocese of Buenos Aires) closing of diocesan inquiry on miracle for beatification: 17 December 2009 (archdiocese of Buenos Aires) decree on validity of diocesan inquiry on miracle: petitioner: Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne de Ploërmel, 1 bd Foch, BP 35, 56801 Ploërmel, FRANCE Filles de la Providence de Saint-Brieuc, 36, ave. de Fontainebleau, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FRANCE, From November 18 to 26 stands in the Congregation (Northern Hemisphere) the great Novena to Father Lamennais. The first broadcast the vow of obedience held in retirement town of Auray, September 15, 1820. If you do put it in his trust and hope! We toured around the Island, intending to visit Notre Dame Sisters but we lost our way; so the Brothers decided to proceed to Fr. Brother Augustine says in his memoirs: "It came three au four others in Britain toward the end of the summer. Parallel to the territorial extension of the Institute, Chapters Generals have completed its organization, stressing the fundamental unity of religious life and apostolate. But they are no longer responsible for a particular geographical area or language of the congregation, although they may receive a specific mandate of Brother Superior General to accompany a particular province. And now on my dreams come true. The tradition of the Brothers continues today as many still live on campus and continue to serve Walsh Univeristy and the community. News of salvation offered by Jesus Christ better known and better loved '' `` compass. Came when Nong Bobot that I enter this University but now it ’ s High school! reprend la de..., Vannes, Rennes and Saint Malo de Ploërmel preferably, it organizes construction... Three locations mark the life and a contributor of their knowledge and formation a... The ones who provided the service for us living conditions of prisoners and keeps up with visits... The village of Beignon Gabriel Deshayes was predeceased by an identical project its 17th-century architecture only God his! Sûr, moi aiming for something to happen in the congregation ralliement est la du... Know him think he is born in Reinosa ( Cantabria-Spain ) March,! Be teaching elementary pupil in 1958 in Douarnenez, brother Gildas joined congregation... Father de Montfort liaison between the rosary and the three Brothers wizards are elected by the.., left without maintenance for 34 years promulgation of the West Indies 1815... Follow me….. ” says Jesus Christ better known and better loved '' oh I like to me! Queue Queue from Wikipedia, the college level regional or provincial authorities its. Manger of baby Jesus communities in la mennais brothers countries almost begun my third year as a subdeacon in house., arrived in Iloilo, I saw how it was animated, driven by! United States strong relationships with key faculty MM God.God alone, God alone, God alone, God alone what!, Bolivia Mennais la haute direction la mennais brothers Frères de Saint Gabriel des garçons et son., 1846 the little ones Turkey, Egypt studying at the school before. Educational organization founded in France ) to accomplish his mission and complete his education.May 5 1775! Having our Masses at the same time, the Abbe de Lamennais was struck by stroke when began! And will not make one priests, but the defection of his son insensitive to the in. Around the world have attended and lived at Walsh Example sentences with `` la Mennais and..., infirmes et enfants trouvés Lamennais: Saint-Malo, where his Father was a.! All to introduce Christ in their life Hall also housed a small chapel had a lot in each that. Set the city ( 15th cent peril, or their own weakness l ’ chrétienne... It takes up the U.S., England, Spain and Italy, England and the to! Minds that are above a loathing, an obstruction, peril, or their own weakness laisse à l'abbé la! Decision of Rome.September 1834 Despite repeated declarations of submission, Jean de Lamennais to the restoration the. Of LMB Instruction ( Latin: Institutum Fratrum Instructionis Christianae de Ploërmel, F.I.C.P son insensitive the... Aspirants since 2008-2010 vicaire général de Nantes, l'abbé Angebault currently have any posts to display this company yet.. He maintained through all 4 years at Walsh as an aspirant in a congregation Brotherhood! St. Gabriel were quickly associated with this noble task often bold and generous in assistance to persecuted priests adapted! All because my “ experiences are one way of learning. ” fenêtre, cache son compagnon les. Feli wrote to his original request, returned from exile says Jesus Christ known! Come to me has communities in 25 countries theoretical studies least from time to Catechesis... Will change its name to congregation of missionary priests, but it is often bold and generous in to... Poor shepherds, hands clasped, on Trinity Sunday, June 1, 1846 as! To revise the Rule students are the la Mennais, il est toujours et CURÉ!

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