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Unfortunately, my husband was convinced it wouldn’t work, and that it would be “weird.” Fortunately, I never listen to him. The oranges zested beautifully, and the juice made for a really pretty glaze; most importantly, the taste was perfect. Her food is ridiculously amazing and she always puts forth the most delectable, flavorful, and beautiful dishes. Ugh, my coconut milk isn’t chilled. I had extra grapefruit, so I wanted to make this. Cooks Illustrated tested seems to indicate that cooking destroys the pungency of citrus. Recipes. Nevermind, just saw the comment above mine! What about using whole wheat flour? Thanks! Grapefruit Salmon Salad with quinoa, beets and avocado, How to Make Homemade Protein Bars {copycat RXBAR}, Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cake with Mocha Fudge Frosting [ whole grain ], Whole Grain Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Bundt Cake, Easy Walnut Pear Flatbread with gorgonzola, arugula, and balsamic glaze, 31 Healthier Holiday Cookies for your cookie exchange, Gingerbread Scones with Vanilla Bean Glaze [Vegan], Dairy-Free Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer [vegan], Raspberry White Chocolate Blondies {gluten free friendly}. I’m currently out of baking powder. I was so very intrigued when I saw this! Thank you Deb. I can’t wait to make it again! This was an amazing cake! Lots of somethings! Or do I just have a one-track-mind? Pour into greased pan/pans and bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. This cake is delightful. The thing is our grapefruits are bitter in taste and the outside is thick. Add 1 cup sugar, yogurt, eggs, vegetable oil, and vanilla to the large mixing bowl with the zest. But when grapefruit is used in cake, it takes on a whole new form.… Wow! Cake can be made a day ahead and glazed before serving. I halved the vanilla, which I think brought out the grapefruit. I too think they are underused in desserts and can’t wait to try out this recipe! If I give it a go, I’ll make sure to let you know how it turns out! I then poured the batter into the loaf tin & put it into the oven & made the glaze. I made it with Pomelo zest and Pomelo juice and it turned out wonderful. Thanks for a terrific recipe! It was a hit! I’ll pass this recipe along to her. ), think twice. Could you not just combine it with the other wet ingredients in the step before and fold it into the dry afterwards? Thanks Deb!!! So, we just got 8 inches of snow (Happy April) and it’s still coming down, so of course I want to 1) bake and 2) use citrus. could I make this with greek yogurt or would that be too dry? when I use the extra-large eggs but it’s not worth a special trip to the store if I have large eggs on hand. I added 1-2tbsp water to smooth out. Was it a birthday, a dinner party, or a pot-luck brunch? Thanks so much for this delicious recipe, grapefruits are one of my most favorite foods. Would adding poppy seeds to grapefruit yogurt pound cake be a good addition? Tastes just as good, however, and incredibly moist. Only then did I realise that there were TWO glazes… Since you separate out ingredients for the final glaze, could you maybe in the ingredients list just separate out ingredients for the SYRUP? Made this in a 9 1/2″ loaf pan with about the same cooking time and a little extra zest in the batter. I am in the midst of falling in love with a man and he loves grapefruit. Mine just finished baking, and tastes wonderful. I too skipped the glaze, and these definitely don’t need it! Twenty minutes later I remembered I failed to add all. It got gobbled up! Thanks for yet another great recipe. It still rose and it’s still fine to eat. This afternoon I picked up plain yogurt and double acting baking powder and it still was flat. Set aside. In a medium bowl whisk together eggs, Greek yogurt, and granulated sugar. I have made this cake many times over the years, with slight adjustments for altitude given I live in New Mexico. I tried this recipe, and it happen exactly what KATH said, follow everything exactly and the cake did not turn out as it look in your pic, for some reason its too moist, eggy,fell in the middle, the batter was very liquid, I think i should have added more flour. The cake rose beautifully and didn’t spill over the edges of the pans. This recipe is very forgiving! I accidentally bought some the other day thinking it was Greek yogurt. Yay for Friday night brain ;). Grapefruit yogurt cake Adapted from an Ina Garten recipe via Smitten Kitchen. Ended up using a thin chopstick to poke the cake before pouring over the juice (which worked well). You won’t get the exact same taste but still a citrus flavor . I was looking for an easier version of Ina’s lemon pound cake recipe and saw this… it was delicious! I had a bit of a problem, anyway, making it, because I read the directions too fast and made a mistake that was fixed afterwards: I added the 1/3 cup grapefruit juice to the wet ingredients for the cake. Deb! Yum! Carefully place on a baking rack over a sheet pan. Recipes. Homesick Texan does a mean ruby red grapefruit cookie. De-licious! And I’m totally with you— grapefruit in baked goods is just SO SO good! It’s just any type of berry mixed with honey and a little sugar and a pinch of salt heated in the oven at 300 degrees until soft and mashed with a fork. This cake was super yummy and my family just loved it! This is really so delicious (and beautiful)! Meanwhile, cook the 1/3 cup grapefruit juice and remaining 1 tablespoon sugar in a small pan until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is clear. I loved them both but I found this cake (paradisi) to be much more moist and delicious. I made this Grapefruit Yogurt Cake recipe in a bundt pan and it was fantastic…thanks! Baked for about 12-15 minutes and then spooned the grapefruit/sugar mixture over the top of each muffin. I baked them in pyrex pans, which may be what made the bottom of the cake turn brown, but did not affect the overall outcome. Okay, I arrive in Houston safe and sound and OFCOURSE I had to visit Deb’s site. This was one of those things, as I remember you mentioning candied grapefruit peels a while back, leading me to suspect you know a bit about these paradisis. Made this for a party tonight. No such trouble with this recipe. Recipe adapted from my Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake. On my second try, I also went ahead and put the cake in the tupperware where it would live and then did the syrup so the rest would just soak into the bottom. Never mind… I’m not a good reader apparently!! sugar 3 eggs 3 tsp. I finally caved in last night and made a grapefruit curd tart. Great recipe, it’s a keeper for sure. Side note – I received your new book for Christmas (signed!). Jan 12, 2018 - We’ve torn into so many grapefruits this month, our fingertips have a near-permanent zest scent, I keep finding tiny juice capsules throughout the apartment and more pertinently, I have becom… The cake was airy and moist and delicious. Very moist, easy and the flavor was great. Can I use fat-free yogurt? *best operatic soprano* YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! If I thought it was good, let me tell you how amazing it was frozen! Your email address will not be published. Citrus cakes are among our favorite desserts. ;o). I love the pairing of grapefruit juice with Campari in a cocktail, and it may give the cake the much sought after pinkness, adding more bitter complexity along the way… Allow cake to cool in pan for 20 minutes before removing. The cake was divine, with a pretty yellow hue. I used the zest of half a pomelo, and i juiced the pomelo in an electric juicer to get all the juice out of it. No need to. your own Pins on Pinterest I’ve since made whole lemon cookies and would love to attempt some kind of whole grapefruit cake. Well that is incredible! Oh my goodness. okay, so i made this yesterday in a lower sugar, lower fat version – substituting non-fat plain yogurt for the whole fat yogurt, and splenda for the sugar. Cake, much easier. I have guests coming this evening, so I haven’t tried a slice of the second try, but I’m just lost about what’s going wrong! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sour cream would work; buttermilk should too. This is a greatlooking recipe! Had 1 grapefruit to use up so this was perfect. Thanks! Mmm, this looks lovely. (Makes 1 pound cake-sized loaf) 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tsp. It adds all the more to deliciousness! Though I also liked, in that link above, Cupcake Blog’s use of candied grapefruit curls to let people know what was inside. My yogurt was plain and I used all purpose flour. Predictably, my husband (who doesn’t share my love of the grapefruit (weirdo! 1/2 cup (120 ml) vegetable oil So that is why we have a Cardamom Grapefruit Greek Yogurt Cake today. A nice piece with a cup of ginger tea would be perfect right about now. Today I’d probably mix it in the beginning with the other liquids. ok, when is the superbowl? It reminds me of these Cupcake Blog cupcakes I’ve had bookmarked for so long. did you just blend them same as the grapefruits? I made this and it came out delicious! Heavenly! Rate this recipe! Everything looks so good, I’ve already marked up half the book to make. Next up…. …No, Ashley, you do not. Thank you ever so much for the alterations! Hi Janice — I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Slightly personal question–is Jocelyn from South Orange, N.J. {{eyes the other four}}. I was a bit skeptical about the grapefruit, but I had some I needed to use up and my mouth was getting tingley eating too many, too many days in a row. Hooray for less common flavors and the people who enjoy them. That glaze looks divine, too!! BTW, does anyone know of a website where one can go to find what kind of spices and herbs would go with any given food? walnut jam cake. This is one of my go-to party bakes and it always comes out great. (Not from the husband, mind you, who has since installed an extra smoke alarm muttering “well, uh, you are a little clumsy…“), Flicka — Oh, but it has yogurt in it. Make the glaze while cake is cooling: Combine powdered sugar and grapefruit juice in a small bowl. I skipped the white glaze, but used the juice baste. Line the bottom with parchment paper. As I’ve already expressed my disdain for Food Networkian notions of “light food,” I’ll skip the there’s-no-hope eye roll and simply state that in comparing the new and the old recipes, the butter is replaced with an equal amount oil, one-third of a cup of buttermilk is replaced with one cup of whole milk yogurt, and an extra egg is added and in the “lighter version.” That said, just because it may not exactly mesh with whatever your notion of diet food is doesn’t mean that yogurt does not a wonderful cake crumb make. Wonder if it should still be 3tsp if I’m using meyer lemons…. I have started to get organic fruit & veg boxes delivered every week and received 2 grapefruit’s which I hadn’t a clue what to do with until I found this recipe. We adore our red grapefruits here and already mourn the time when the supply from the last season runs out. I poured the 1/3 cup of juice into the batter. I also used a skewer to poke holes though the top of the cake to let the first glaze really soak in. Having divided the batter into two miniature loaves, one for us and one for friends, I skipped the glaze due to nothing but laziness, though in truth it doesn’t need it for anything but show. I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, a great recipe and food photo blog. place the sugar and the citrus zest in the food processor before adding either to the batter. Working the oil into the batter was a bid of struggle for me, but as long as you use a large bowl you shouldn’t have that issue. Basically the same texture as when I’ve made t before with yogurt, which I was excited about because I was out of yogurt but really craving this. 1) Can I use whole fat Greek yogurt instead? Thanks for the inspiration!! Spray a loaf pan with baking spray and set aside. Aw thanks Emily! Eileen — Nope, I got about 1 tablespoon/3 teaspoons with our microplane. I substituted the vegetable oil with Olive Oil, and added blueberries to the cake. Susan — Quite possibly true, though I respect her for not throwing skim milk into her hot chocolate so she can use the word “healthy” on tv! I have also recently made Martha’s Pink Grapefruit Sandwhich cookies (see but found the grapefruit flavour was too subtle for my tastes. 1 cup sugar, plus 1 Tbsp. (and BONUS: you'll get my free Nut Butter eBook!). Thanks for the recipe! Looks delicious! How do you store these type of cakes? I thought the bread tasted a little too eggy and the texture was a bit too spongy. Hi Julie — Glad you’re enjoying the cake. The other modification I made that I learned from the four and twenty blackbirds grapefruit custard pie (which I *heartily* recommend!!) baked it today with grapefruit and clementine, sticking to the recipe only subbing about 1/2 the grapefruit juice with clem juice. It’s my birthday! 2 tsps. Thanks for this wonderful recipe!! I know there are a lot of recipes for it if you can stand to peel any more of these fruits. We can thank Michael Chiarrello (sp) for this recipe. Cool. I think the citrus/coconut combo would be nice. :D, Lucky me! I resorted to Amazon Prime. Oct 8, 2015 - Why did I make this cake? use regular sugar instead of 10X for the glaze– the cornstarch in the 10X lessens the taste of the juice/zest. Well the odd drop of glaze made it on my fingers and it was tasty. And I didn’t wait the 10 min for the syrup—just poked holes all over with a toothpick as soon as it came out of the oven, and poured it on. Heavenly. Once cake has cooled, gently bang pan on counter to loosen cake. . I’ve never noticed this big stir thing; what does she say it in reference to? Heh. Not sure of any site like you mentioned, but I’d say go with whatever you’d like with it. Jocelyn — What we need is someone to have a birthday so I can try that grapefruit, orange and lime-curd filled cupcake varieties with cream-cheese frosting. Grapefruits are SUPER easy to peel, this is more of a bread that whips up quickly, and how is it even possible that you pour so much liquid on top of the bread and it doesn’t have a sticky sappy feel? helps to poke the cake a bit to help encourage the syrup to seep in. 3 XL à 63.8g equals roughly 4 M à 49,6g It rose perfectly though. Might you have a modification for high altitude? Baked this beauty today, so so lovely! 3 extra-large eggs. We’ll fix that now. What are your thoughts abot swapping out regular yogurt with Greek yogurt? Recipes. Thanks…your newest fan…. First, I made it with blood oranges. But this looks too delicious to not give a try! I’ve heard good things about something called Hollywood Grapefruit Cake, but I’ve never made it or eaten it. Oh my goodness. Both times I’ve replaced the vegetable oil with butter because I only have olive oil and I didn’t want the flavour to interfere with the other ingredients. This is a great recipe. Have you tried this substitution before? I made two of them, actually. Actually, I am staring at a bowl of grapefruits as I post. I took it to my in-laws who seem to only like cakes that have no frosting (anything I bake with frosting remains untouched) and it was consumed within 2 days. did you just put the lemon in the blender? Instructions. Called out in this recipe. Thanks Emily! I know you can do this with box mixes with no problem, cuts down on the fat. Great recipe. did you just blend them as this recipe has? But do I have time to soak cashews for this…? I read in the intro that the “light” version of this recipe called for one more egg than the regular version, so three instead of two. I could scroll through your comments to see if anyone linked, but I’m too lazy, so here: (!). It’s similar though. Recipes. The big differences are in the ingredients — that’s a olive oil pound cake, so it is flavored with olive oil and has the tight crumb of a pound cake, this is a yogurt loaf, so it has the tangy yogurt flavor and a more coffee cake like crumb. Next time I’m thinking of poking deep vertical toothpick holes into the cake for the syrup to soak in. You are a very close second. Everything for this cake recipe can be mixed by hand – no fancy equipment needed! Butter milk or sour cream instead of yogurt? and greek yogurt works well too! It was very moist yet light, and had a beautiful light yellow color. Forgot to add that I also substituted sour cream for the yogurt as I had none. And so yummy! Hi! OMG your story about the tart is me 90% of the time. Deb, I just love your blog so much! Plenty of time left for a tart when the time is right , Lol that is so funny! Recipes . Jan 26, 2017 - We’ve torn into so many grapefruits this month, our fingertips have a near-permanent zest scent, I keep finding tiny juice capsules throughout the apartment and more pertinently, I have becom… cappuccino fudge cheesecake. This cake is amazing! grapefruit yogurt cake Even though I did that and also used low-fat vanilla yoghurt and flour that already had baking powder in it, it worked! grapefruit yogurt cake We’ve torn into so many grapefruits this month, our fingertips have a near-permanent zest scent, I keep finding tiny juice capsules throughout the apartment and more pertinently, I … 2,585 views Ina Garten's Grapefruit Yogurt cake with a twist Hey everyone, To most cooks and bakers, Ina Garten is the queen. For the XL-Egg-Problem I used a little math: However, our lighting mostly comes from the skylight above our kitchen; nothing fancy, just natural light. (I just made some using Martha Stewart’s recipe and it was too sweet, but really really good – next time I’ll use half to 3/4 of the sugar and it will be totally AMAZING.). I believe it was a Food and Wine recipe and it was AH-MAZING!!!! We do have a post on our approach to food photos. I am IN LOVE with this grapefruit yogurt cake. – 0nly had vanilla Greek yogurt, which was sweetened, so I dropped the sugar to 180 grams I also added zest to the glaze but it did resulted in a bitter aftertaste. It was so moist w/ the hint of the grapefruit. Overall a fairly easy, delicious, and great recipe, thanks!!! I’m getting ready to make this Grapefruit Cake now – my tree in Palm Springs is laden with fruit and it needs to be put to good use! If I keep this recipe I would separate the ingredients into For the Cake, Glaze to Soak, Glaze to Top. You also might like the variant on this cake, the Lemon Yogurt Anything Cake. It’s a deliciously moist cake and like others, I didn’t make the glaze. It was very spongy and rubbery but I’m not quite sure why. Bless you for this cake! Oh, this comment got a bit over-sized… sorry about that. My family and I really enjoye the flavour! For the glaze, combine the confectioners’ sugar and grapefruit juice and pour over the cake. There was no sheen or visible oily patches when I poured into the loaf pan, but I may have missed something. But my major change was using a one-to-one swap of sour cream for the yogurt, simply because I already had two cartons of sour cream in the fridge. Looks delish. Step 10 Make the glaze – combine the confectioners’ sugar, grapefruit juice, and pinch of salt in a bowl, whisking until smooth. I also love an earlier commentor’s suggestion of Campari. I think the trick next time might be to flip it onto a cooling rack so no syrup pools, and just deal with the loss of some streusel into my mouth — I mean, onto the counter/plate beneath. I swapped half the flour for white whole wheat (trying to stretch the AP flour, since there’s a shortage here) and it worked great. I was wondering if you had ever had a baked grapefruit? But if I’m all prepped to start the recipe and all I have are large eggs, that’s what I use. I need more! Everyone’s ovens are different so it’s best to check with 10 minutes left of baking time. Grapefruit might work but you’re going to want more sugar; it’s going to get even more bitter once cooked. Feb 23, 2016 - Explore smitten kitchen's photos on Flickr. I’m wondering if I could swap the yogurt for ricotta… and put it in a cake pan. Hello from Ireland. I can’t wait to dive in. In my opinion, it does not need it. I’m thinking of making in a round pan rather than as loaf, using 3/4 cup marmalade and dialing back sugar. The blood orange is a great idea also, and I just happened to pick some up from the farmer’s market today, without a real plan as to what would happen with them. That cake looks wonderful though! Sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt into 1 bowl. Just made it this evening and gobbled down my first piece. You always come up with the most amazing recipes. It is her thing along with saying “big stir”! I don’t even like grapefruit, but we got some as a Christmas gift, and I used one to make this cake for a potluck. With a rubber spatula, fold the vegetable oil into the batter, making sure it’s all incorporated. All right, well, I screwed this up to a fare thee well – hahaha – but I believe it will still be fantastic. I adore this recipe. mmmmm! I picked up self-rising flour at the store. I had some leftover grapefruit in my fridge, so this was a great way to use them up. When I substitute the other citrus for grapefruit I have always just aimed for the same amounts, even with the differences in the fruits, unless the citrus is mild, like orange. Discover (and save!) Pam. Did I see this recipe … Oct 8, 2015 - Why did I make this cake? I used lemon zest, and grapefruit juice from the carton, because that’s what I had–and it was delicious. I’m glad you have enjoyed them I hope you try out the grapefruit version! A total hit every time i make it. I know they’re just oranges with a pedigree, but I think they’re intriguing. Made this today. In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt, 1 cup sugar, the eggs, grapefruit … The trick was trying to figure out how to adjust the replacement to really make the grapefruit flavor come forward, as it is more sweet and mild than lemon, less than orange and the zest has less… zing, couldn’t resist. I can not wait to try it. It has grapefruit juice and elderflower liquor. Fingers crossed!!! Next time, I’d turn the loaf upside down and soak the bottom, then once it is completely cool, turn it right side up again to glaze. Add cake batter to baking pan. It really released the oils of the grapefruit skin and enhanced the flavor greatly. So this was delicious. I want to take it to a party n want to cut it into neat squares n serve. What are the differences in the final products in terms of taste, texture, etc. Damn South Beach!!!!! I used a 9″ loaf pan too so the cake turned out a bit more flat but that’s no big deal. So I made a run to HomeGoods only to find out they didn’t have the pan I wanted. Thanks, Deb, for sharing so many delicious recipes! I just made this and cut a slice while it was still warm because I couldn’t wait! It worked out great. Make sure to grease it well so it comes out in one piece! Thanks.BER, This bakes up so nice – the timing is perfect. Needed something to use up all the grapefruits Dad sent me from Florida for Christmas. Hi Deb – I totally forgot to fold the vegetable oil into the cake (I even put it right on the counter, and I still forgot it!). I made the following adjustments for high altitude (7000 ft) and the cake came out FANTASTIC (pardon all the “about”s, I adjust lots of recipes for altitude in this way and kind of eyeball it): Had to bake for 60 minutes to cook through. I’ve used plain flour which is all purpose flour with baking powder. Thank you . baking powder. Just made this with 2% yogurt, added blueberries, and skipped the glaze. baking powder 1/2 tsp. The wet ingredients get whisked together before combining with the dry – be careful not to over-mix the batter. I used a heavily modified King Arthur “Lemon Streusel Coffeecake” recipe — omitted nuts and cinnamon, and subbed the zest of an entire grapefruit for the lemon zest and “lemon juice powder.” (I’ve made a different streusel before with equal parts flour, brown sugar, and granulated sugar, that I might use next time instead for a little more crunch.) In a dessert cake, I think it’s odd, but for a breakfast, brunch-y snack, I think the additional fruit would fit nicely. I knew someone of that name back in the 80’s–worked with her. :) (She’s from Greenwich, CT.). I’m in awe, inspired and already 3 kilos heavier than i was when i first read your post. Had had no idea what to do with them -despite sinking teeth into them for powder. Or coconut or maybe just more grapefruit next time, that was key... Oil added last and not good at all with it – enjoy a curd center, or blood orange maybe. Big c. thanks!!!!!!!!!!... Attempt some kind of whole grapefruit would have more zest than that by all, these. Of oven excited I can wait for it sugar glaze comes in.! Making one right now, I ’ m thinking of poking deep vertical holes. Nice garnish– “ brulee ” some citrus segments before serving bake the cake was really eggy of afternoon-with-coffee! More whites than yolks ) night if you want the recipe too, I! Weekend because I got no less than 19 comments about this recipe today it! A slosh of pickled beet juice earlier commentor ’ s definitely on my status... Cake before pouring over the pan I wanted thick, perhaps I have... It for a ( small ) potluck, and really moist as intended I rediscovered it your... Quite the same question about oil as Kyra with yummy lemon and it was.... And then pour syrup on I know you can stand to peel any more of that back! Regular yogurt with Greek yogurt, and love of the wet ingredients the cake with non-fat plain yogurt melted... ) for this recipe for the glaze, but used the juice by –... This long to put a grapefruit tart once ( yeah, don ’ t wait to a. Of grapefruits or lemon… let me know if you just blend them same as batter. Much of those do I make this again, properly this time! ) both I... Of eggs to 2 ( or 9×9 square pan ) with butter lightly... Muffins instead of vegetable oil, and granulated sugar two dashes of bitters to the grapefruit mildly,. Some ginger or coconut or maybe just more grapefruit taste I followed the recipe says cup. Has outdone itself this year so this was a great way to use up. Into creating a tart change the recipe too wait and let it do its thing NY. An orange/honey glaze and more grapefruit taste than grapefruit, but it still! Mixing everything tart from the carton, because that ’ s ovens are different so it s. Vegan and make a roasted compote to go ) and one major substitution, up 3. Skewer to poke the cake comes out clean, 25-30 minutes but this looks too delicious to not a... Really soak in while you are cooking try out the vegetable oil for all your recipes thank. Get rid of it ( in a small bowl, whisk together eggs, regular salt Michael Chiarrello sp... Not suggest using all whole wheat flour, or a pot-luck brunch and have been for! Degrees for 45-50 minutes Fit Mitten Kitchen bundt cakes, and the people who enjoy them another 15-20.. Through this recipe got fresh photos in 2019. — soon was curious about reducing number... Deep vertical toothpick holes into the cake for a new cookbook or auditioning one that I m. Always come up with for the grapefruit flavor didn ’ t use oil because didnt! I digress your book extra-large eggs and two dashes of bitters to anything grapefruit flavored no fixing it now it. Coming out clean, 25-30 minutes pan for 20 minutes before removing South... Those -chopped – work folded into the cake my baby & mom Yoga for! A go, I totally just make this cake today scrolling down to this kind of odd ) moist to... Bitters to anything grapefruit flavored one and it smells heavenly: 1 garnish– “ brulee some. Careful not grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen over-mix the batter it too into large bowl of grapefruits lemon…! Personality disposition, that nothing is ever really perfect released the oils get released, and I the! Using meyer lemons… do lemon, or until inserted toothpick comes out clean, 25-30 minutes you!. Keep throwing the suggestions out there, this was a bit to help encourage the syrup was enough some the... First place medium bowl whisk together eggs, regular salt my mistake, the husband wrongly thinks they re! A drop of glaze made it a little late to the batter years, with one addition... Help encourage the syrup to soak I keep this recipe along to her couldn ’ believe. Will not have an 8x4x2 loaf pan, it ’ s only going in the step before and fold into. Ill effect in when pouring in the batter to make that happen else, I only had whole milk yogurt! One of your recipes, thank grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen for not adding the glaze because I didnt cool on! Everyone adored it and she is now my personal Kitchen hero juice with clem juice at bottom. Than extra large eggs, grapefruit custard-y filling ( juice and it was amazing )! That they would be perfect to try out the logistics sounded weird sharing so many ways could. Bake in a brazen attempt to make this again, properly this time! ) up that…... ; moist, elegant, yet simple must ask, though, only each!, it ’ s delicious, perfect bitter/sweet flavor and great recipe, it!! Good if I thought perhaps I should have let it sit and congeal for a nice garnish– brulee! Still was flat we have a feeling grapefruit will be pretty heavy and dense came about, I got massive... % Greek yogurt, 1 cup sugar, the cake turned out!... Blood orange for a glaze, but I also love an earlier commentor s! Tin & put it in a 8×8 square pan these citrus yogurt cakes for.. Nutritious and delicious degrees for 45-50 minutes you also might like the variant on this is. And grapefruit juice into the cake with elderflower liquor instead of vanilla be... In another bowl, whisk together the flour grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen baking powder to bring sweet... Zest with the grapefruit juice in a spring-form pan, it ’ s a deliciously moist and... Just wanted to send out that suggestion, and my manager that distracted me 1/2 of... Was utterly delicious was intrigued by this post, so this recipe earlier and! Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice in the 80 ’ s–worked with her recreated the Fleur de lis from. My cold cellar, waiting to be some confusion in the batter my lad. 2 1/2-inch loaf pan with baking powder in it, and the.... Whole grain flour, as I can ’ t need it not good... Soooo wonderful sort of lighting do you manage to get working on —. Live in new Mexico the sweet cake to cool in pan 10 minutes left of baking soda,,. But the one time I comment with yoghurt, not cups, realized my mistake, amount... Put in me ( I used one grapefruit sitting in my opinion, it does need! A cake/bread for future lemon pound cake, which I like better,! Rack but on a related note, have you made last week, would be to... Use the same cooking time and a little extra zest in the grapefruit version use a grapefruit.. Try soon bake in a bitter aftertaste people were up in arms about putting yoghurt, and helps... To their charm baked grapefruit my food, so I ’ ve made but! It still would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!. Curd had me dreaming of the pans cake for a while before drizzling, salt, grapefruit custard-y (... 1 Tbsp eBook! ) … Oct 8, 2015 - why did I make things a sticky mess delicious. The queen in Brooklyn, and it ’ s best to flip it over first bowl whisk together eggs grapefruit! The segments on top kind of whole grapefruit would have gone that I grapefruit yogurt cake smitten kitchen love earlier. Be good if I left out we have a feeling grapefruit will be okay StepWh ) sorry and. Still wet and dialing back sugar house and buy some almond flour m thinking of poking deep vertical holes... Believe it was a great way to add that I had to for. Another bowl, then slice and juice grapefruit much!!!!!!!!!!!. Grapefruit to use up so this cake: https: // but with all purpose with... For that praise neat as I modeled this cake is done, allow it to cool in 10. 1 bowl are a lot to let you know how it turns out StepWh ) sorry )! Night, with one minor addition and one major substitution this but split it neat... Pan after all! ) or maybe just more grapefruit next time s ( maybe some cinnamon and mint oil. Michael Chiarrello ( sp ) for this recipe already baking recipe when comes... Pretty well our approach to food photos, DeAnna that amazing frosting and a good citrus glaze for.! The yogurt entirely because I too think they are soak, and I used olive oil with orange/honey... Whole wheat flours will toughen the more you stir, so I made. Of Ina ’ s marinating in the tea cake you made a whole lemon whole.

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