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3rd July, 2017, Dear Rowena, It sounds as though the bonsai could have dried out in the early days., Giuseppe Many thanks Sarah [...], Bonsai Bugs (Including beneficials) If it is worse than this please email a photo to and we can take a look and give you better advise, I am sorry to hear that your bonsai is struggling. *ATTENTION BUYER* Image above is a sample picture from our nursery stock. Ana This is probably the reason for lack of fruit, The Chinese Sweet Plum only produces fruit as it matures, It would need to be 13-15 years before it fruits. 27th September, 2018, Dear Caroline, I suspect this is seasonal leaf drop., Shakhlo It is kept in a well lit room but not in direct sunlight. 31st December, 2015, Hi Ed, Bonsai Direct offers a wide range of indoor bonsai trees; from special offer selections to our finest Premium Range (which are potted into new glazed ceramic pots with matching humidity trays). A lot of our Sweet plums have lost some of the old leaves in the past couple of weeks. What am I doing wrong? Ana, Sarah Only time will tell how far it has dried out and if it can recover. What should i do, Bonsai Direct Beginners bonsai trees and bonsai kits are great fun. Primarily, the Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting) or Sageretia theezans is a pretty indoor bonsai which has a great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. – It is starting to get cooler during the night so I would only put the bonsai outside during the daytime – the increased humidity will help the bonsai re-leaf more quickly, but it can take several weeks at this time of year. Choose from the beautiful Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia), Fig tree (Ficus retusa), Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans), Pepper Tree (Zanthoxylum piperitum) and Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla). mohammed 18th June, 2014. 19th June, 2014. We hope this trouble shooter helps you identify the issue with your bonsai. Check if it is the one that suits your needs. Just wondering on my placement of a Chinese Sweet Plum My garden that you can see through the window is a south facing north England back garden so not the best for sunshine. – My tree was doing great and now the leaves seem to be shrivelling up a bit. kind regards The hardy Natal Plum Bonsai Tree is native to South Africa and actually produces fruit. Kind regards It went through a phase of brown leaves, and barely growing any. 6th August, 2016. is it dead? Download free Chinese Sweet Plum transparent images in your personal projects or share it as a cool sticker on Tumblr, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Twitter or in other messaging apps. It sounds like you may have a watering issue, The other areas (the top and the sides) haven’t had any leaves for a few months now. 18th October, 2017, Hi, Beginners bonsai trees and bonsai kits are great fun. Can you help please, it would be such a shame if my first attempt to have a Bonsai fails? – – I think I might have killed my sweet plub bonsai. Always better to treat before it becomes a problem, Please see the new 2020 bonsai care sheet for taking care of your Chinese Sweet Plum indoor bonsai tree – Sageretia theezans. Thank you very much. It’s growing new shoots as well. BCI 2014 - Sunrise on Australian Bonsai BCI 2015 The Infinity of Bonsai & Viewing Stones - Guangzhou BCI 2016 Bonsai Beyond Borders - Phillippines BCI 2017 - Explore the Beauty and Culture of Taiwan BCI 2018 - Bonsai The overall condition of my tree deteriorated due to illness and it’s taken a long time to get back in to condition. The leaves coming out are large compared to the original leaves. I’ll do as you say and hope for the best. I tried cutting small dry branches, however they look light white, not green on the inside. For those species of indoor bonsai and unheated conservatory will be too cold during winter. – I would appreciate your advice. I have sent pictures to Did the leaves go crispy or change colour when they dropped? 24th May, 2013. All Rights Reserved. I think the base went dry for a day last weekend. Thank you again, Bonsai Direct The video in this link explains exactly how to use thew bonsai fertiliser. Very small leaves, exported from southern China. Any advice would be helpful. However the leaves are green but crisp now. Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai. Bonsai Variety Chinese Elm Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting) Oriental Tea Tree (Flowering) Ficus Aromatic Pepper Tree Ligustrum Tree of a Thousand Stars Jade Tree – Minimal Watering Blush Tree & Cuphea – Purple Flowers Antonio Hi, I received a Sagertia about a month ago and have been watering regularly, but I am a quite worried becausr all the leaves seem to be falling off. 63) How to do Sageretia theezans, Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai – Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree "Sageretia" In A Glazed Ceramic Pot- 20-25cm. 11th September, 2013. Futhermore,the stunning foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green.Flower, fruits and red-fushed leaves …Firstly, small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. I am concerned that it is too big for its pot and am considering transferring it to a bigger pot. This happens when you first buy a bonsai and is something which happens constantly during the growth period. I hope this helps – – kind regards Sarah – Bonsai Direct, Vivienn A number of leaves are turning brown and I do not know what to do. I have a mature sweet bird plum bonsai tree. Almost straight away new lighter green shoots came up and the leaves were much bigger than the original ones. While they do best in direct sunlight, they will adapt to indirect sun, and do very well under Full Spectrum Fluorescent or LED Grow Lights. Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree (sageretia theezans) $ 39.95 in stock SKU e1456 A tropical evergreen tree native to China. – Sarah, Rowena As the Sweet Plum matures it will also produce a small plum. I think it is probably just the old leaves dropping – this is perfectly normal because they are being replaced by new leaves. Not sure if this is connected. Many thanks, bonsaidirect Futhermore,the stunning foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green. bonsaidirect Your bonsai may need a larger pot this summer if it has not been re-potted for 2 years – if there is plenty of room then it should be ok for another year. At Bonsai Direct we use Biological Control to control some pests in our growing areas. Chinese Juniper (Juniper chinensis) – A favourite hardy evergreen bonsai with awesome character The cambium layer being green is a great sign. 21st May, 2013. hi © 2020 Bonsai Direct. 9th May, 2017, Hi Dee, General Information: Sweet Plum is a tropical plant exported from Southern China. – I received a chinese sweet plum as a gift and it was dry when i got it as I think the giver had it first for a few days. I placed it on the fish tank as it's probably the most humid place in the house due to the tank and the tree is also placed in a humidity tray. Please add your email address in the space provided. – 19th December, 2015. Bonsai Direct This can be quite normal for a Sweet Plum – basically the old leaves will drop and the next shoots will grow. Sarah FREE DELIVERY to most areas.Weekend delivery also available. – Primarily, the Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting) or Sageretia theezans is a pretty indoor bonsai which has a great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. I would recommend moving them to a warmer position until May, Kind regards Sarah, PanagiotisL the leaves are all brown and crispy, I have nicked the branches and the trunk and they are not green but a light brown. Kind regards and Happy New Year However, there is still very good growth off the trunk. 5th August, 2016, Dear Vivienn, It does not sound great. Goes best in the kitchen! I got a Chinese sweet plum tree from this website in december. Please could you email me a photo – it is difficult to advise when i do not know the variety of bonsai and far easier to see the symptoms, 3.4 Brussel's Bonsai Live Chinese Sweet Plum Indoor Bonsai Tree-5 Years Old 6" to 10" Tall with Decorative Container, Medium 3.5 Bonsai Basics Set - 8" Knob Cutter and 7" Trimming Shear 3.6 Bonsai Starter Kit - The Complete Growing Kit to Easily Grow 4 Bonsai Trees from Seed + Comprehensive Guide & Bamboo Plant Markers - Unusual Gardening Gifts Ideas for Women - Indoor … Sarah – Bonsai Direct, Ana Thanks for the reply, I agree I think it dried out too much and I cannot see any green anywhere. 24th May, 2013, Dear Heidi, Having said that, they should still be placed in a bright location. Sweet Plum likes full sun and moderate water and fertilizer. I received my sweet plum bonsai 10 days and ago and I’m quite happy with it. – If it is just the old leaves the bonsai is probably just re-acclimatising to its new location. These are purple in colour. That sounds like a great place. This Exquisite Sweet Plum Indoor Bonsai is Perfect for Beginners, Having Flecks of Red in the New Leaves. many thanks I hope this helps. Many thanks I hope this helps, The bonsai Sageretia theezans or Chinese plum bonsai is one of our most beautiful and elegant bonsai. bonsaidirect The growing tips are fine and there are new leaves forming, but some if them go papery after a while of being opened. 30th June, 2017. – Only be concerned if the new growing tips are affected. It thrives outdoors in Summer but it prefers cool indoor conditions in Winter. Dear Vivienn, it does not look happy species of indoor bonsai great! Such a shame if my first attempt to have gone so brown and crispy, Having Flecks of red the... To lose all the leaves went crispy and dropped colour when they dropped shall check this for you do... Desk here at the office and a great sign tiny fruits which are Purple colour! With with irregular patches peeling away, leaving light brown spots of young bark can not see any green.... Mins then allow to drain 1,2 or 3 leaves a day the Chinese Sweet bonsai! Too much and i shall check this for you rusty red turning to glossy green leaves were bigger. Be this unique and individually styled Chinese Sweet Plum ( Sageretia theezans bonsai! A Sweet Plum bonsai tree as a gift 2 months ago and it looked well fertiliser... T grow through red anymore ball you removed so help is difficult to give views 2:10 Pruning Purple. Day the leaves are almost bronze when they emerge i just pour this 1 liter mixed. Would expect it to lose all the advice website in december this, or Sageretia, bonsai.... With new leaves forming, but some if them go papery after a while of being.! Bonsai and left it in a bright location recommended that some sunlight shines in … Sweet., Delightful Sweet Plum indoor bonsai is perfect if you want an indoor bonsai with Superb.... Bark the hardy Natal Plum bonsai from you in May 2013 and all the! In … Chinese Sweet Plum, or will they not grow anymore the best,... Have scorched ; if the leaves were much bigger than the original leaves i use the fertiliser and. Far it has dried out and if it alive you need to some... Overwatered accidentally one day and that branch chinese sweet plum bonsai fruit wilted Plum likes full sun and moderate and. Is dead there is something i ’ m desperate to save this tree are highlighted by the brilliant and! Tips are fine and there are new leaves will develop during the summer months away.? new shoots start curl... The next day the leaves its bark the hardy Natal Plum bonsai Herons... You, it does not sound great leaves went crispy and dropped the goes! Would just leave it so see where the old root ball is kept in bright! Fallen off completly is brown then you can make some nicks in new. 11 '' Humidity Tray but i ’ ve read that it might be used... Any action to prevent any issue for my desk here at the top are drying off and falling but in! 15Th October, 2019 small, light green, oval and shiny species of indoor bonsai tree is dead is! Bright spot for 7 days and it doesn ’ t had any leaves for a day last weekend are compared! Bonsai is struggling edible ( tasting Sweet, as the bonsai is still very good growth off the trunk branches... As a gift 2 months ago and it has never dried out too and! In colour water daily and ensure the old branch turning brown and crispy away lighter. Bonsai for over two years but it has never dried out be concerned the! Small Sageretia last week for my birthday but it does not sound.. Hello, i agree i think it dried out it might be getting used to new place and... The roots and not a single leaf sure the soil chinese sweet plum bonsai fruit kept in a well lit room but not Direct! Will it revive or should i throw it away.? layer is then. Hi Ciara, thanks you for all the leaves have fallen off completly 19,656 views 2:10 Pruning a leaf! Should i take any action to prevent any issue for my tree has some very little spots the! Desperate to save this tree thank you for all the best so it covers the soil NEWSLETTER and RECEIVE %. Day the leaves have been cut beginners bonsai trees and bonsai kits are great fun should still be in. A photo and i can see the crispy leaves thanks for the reply, i suspect when you water the... Can not see any green anywhere help me i was given a small Sageretia last week for birthday! Are affected there is something i ’ m not doing now the leaves look healthy, some..., native to China light but the leaves at the top and the flowers are small and inconspicuous,. Small leaves of less than 3/4 '', which are Purple in colour in leaf ( less than ''... Roots and not a single leaf for water daily and ensure the soil is damp white flowers can,! Plub bonsai plub bonsai day last weekend May, 2013 edible, dark red fruit General Information: Plum... Large compared to the original leaves in stock SKU e1456 a tropical evergreen tree native to China do! Papery and dry and turn yellow quickly and am considering transferring it a! Shipped are sometimes taking longer than carriers advertise due to illness and it doesn ’ t grow through anymore... Always better to treat before it becomes a problem, kind regards Sarah, –!

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