best temperature to stain deck

Well, staining in cold weather has problems. Our only complaint is that this product is quite slippery when it is wet. Other factors influence the best time to stain a deck. After all, you’ve spent a serious chunk of change putting together all that lumber into an excellent, liveable outdoor space. Spring or fall are the best times to stain your deck. This is because you can’t give up on your deck and you’ll have to stain it for future protection. Also, these cloudy or gloomy water-based stains don’t dry quickly. When is the Best Time to Stain a New Deck? What is the Best Time to Stain My New Deck? It’s best to use the product when temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Begin with the first pick of our list that is Cabot Australian Timber Oil. Wood Stain; BEST FOR NEW DECKS: Ready Seal Redwood Exterior Wood Stain and ... semi-transparent colors, can give an old, weathered deck a fresh new look. Don’t worry. The Correct Temperatures for Staining Decks It is important to know the . Not only is this stuff fantastic for waterproofing your deck, but it also comes with a 3-year warranty on decks, and a 5-year warranty on fences and siding. After that, wipe it with a cloth. Before you roll up your sleeves, keep these tips in mind. On the other hand, if the stains take a lot of time to dry, you’ll have to wait before coating that area again. Giving your timber deck a fresh coat of timber stain is the best way to preserve the wood and keep it looking beautiful. So, what kind of problems may arise if you want to stain on cold weather? Available colors include ultra-pure white, deep silver-gray, and slate gray. The second factor is when during the year, can you stain your deck? Normally, it’s better to avoid rainy and frosty weather. But what's not so appealing? Ultimately, the goal is to stain your deck when the following conditions are present: It’s below 90 degrees Fahrenheit; It’s above 50 degrees Fahrenheit; It’s a cloudy day or at the right time that the deck is in the shade; The humidity is low; Rain isn’t in the forecast; The wind is calm; Get Help Staining Your Deck. On the other hand, the pressure washer will rinse off the cleaner from the deck. Wood brightener will do just that – brighten your wood by removing any stains still left after the wood cleaner. Summer is considered to be the best season for staining the deck. Normally, it’s better to always work at moderate temperatures for staining the wood. Finding the best time to stain a deck is like selling stocks, and not just because they start with an “s”. It is a semi-transparent oil-based wood stain that contains all the ideal ingredients to preserve and protect the external wood structure. By 7052540994 • 02 Nov, 2018 • The Ideal Season and Temperature. It depends on your weather and the amount of sunlight your deck gets. You want to avoid the temperature extremes that summer and winter offer, even if you live in a moderate climate. While you’ve most likely used treated lumber or cedar, which is guaranteed to stand up to the elements, no lumber lasts forever. If your deck has been previously stained, note that oil-based stain can go over water-based stain, but water-based stain cannot go over oil-based stain. The Ready Seal 535 Exterior Stain is one of the best deck stain (as we mention in our full review). A classic mistake for many deck owners is applying too much stain. Eugene has been a DIY enthusiast for most of his life and loves being creative while inspiring creativity in others. If you have a brand-new deck made of treated lumber as opposed to cedar or redwood , you should wait at least a few weeks before sealing it for the first time. Our only complaint is that … Good Luck. Kevin Anchukaitis is Researcher, Columnist. PROS. Both of them require good timing. Wood stain won’t adhere well to damp wood and can crack and peel. Temperature and weather are very important when applying stain. For your new deck to absorb the stain, the timber needs to be absolutely clean — no dirt. As a result, staining a deck becomes ineffective. You can use a sprayer with a hand pump or a pressure washer on low power to apply the cleaner, as well. Wood naturally absorbs humidity, so if you start staining a deck or fence too early in the spring, the wood pores may be too saturated, making it more difficult for the wood to absorb the seal. Why? Otherwise, the sun and the less humidity causes a better drying process for the stains. Staining Your Deck. If you apply high-quality stains on your decks, it’ll last longer than usual. See out tips on Applying A Deck Stain in Full Sun. Defy Deck Stain should be applied in temperatures of 60-80 degrees. As a result, the stains don’t cure properly. Ideal Conditions are 70 degrees F and 50-70% humidity. Go From an Old Deck to New in 4 Steps - This Old House. In fact, it can be quite susceptible to dents and nicks of people using it and walking on it daily. To prepare your new deck for staining, you first need to wash your deck off of all debris and other materials. When it comes time for staining a new deck, there are a couple of factors to consider. By 7052540994 • 02 Nov, 2018 • The Ideal Season and Temperature. For best results, use oil-based stains over old oil-based stain and water-based stains over old water-based stain. Your best bet is to avoid trying to paint or stain your deck in the winter, for a few reasons. I mean no one wants to work in cold and harsh weather, do they? Afterwards, rinse the deck and treat the wood with Brighten, then sand down the deck to ensure a smooth staining surface. There's no secret to deck maintenance—repair the deck, clean it and protect it. Firstly, apply the stain on the 4” stain brush. If you don’t stain your new deck, it will weather into a gray, rustic look. The sun provides a better drying process. Well, if you wash the deck and ice forms in it then it would do the same when you’ll stain the deck. Choose a cool day when temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. First, clean the deck appropriately, especially if it's been a few years since your last staining. Best Deck Stain and Sealer Buyer’s Guide. Staining a deck is important to keeping your deck looking nice and in good shape. But temperature is not the only consideration. When you’re working on a colder climate, it’s essential that you look out for ice-forming. Apart from this, the wood remains wet all the time if you stain them on cold weather. Yes, rain causes the stains to go away from the decks. Step 3: Afterwards, clean the fence with deck stain cleaner and make it ready for staining. Use a deck cleaner to help you with the process. It’s better to follow an ideal temperature for staining the wood. Stains act as sealers but also stain the wood, which makes them more effective at protecting your deck. Since cedar is all-natural and chemical-free, it comes without any enhanced protection. And the freezing climate can cause the stain to never set completely. Even when it’s warmer during the day, the temperature … Updated November 20, 2020. This can cause the stain to dry quicker than it can penetrate the wood and may result in an uneven appearance or inconsistent coloring. But when is the best time to stain your new deck? Mornings are the best time of day to stain a deck. DON’T disregard temperature and time of day. An oil-based, semi-transparent stain is best because it maintains the natural look of the cedar while protecting it from moisture. But remember that just because cedar has rot-resistant characteristics, that doesn’t mean you can opt out of staining cedar lumber. Tips to Stain or Restore Your Deck. And the next time someone asks you- can you stain a deck in cold weather? So, it’s essential that you avoid rainy days for working. So, let’s start with the work: Start by using the vacuum cleaner. is reader-supported. It is important to note this process is the same when putting a stain on new decks or a deck you’ve had for 20 years. The best temperatures to apply deck stain are between 50 - 90 . The Best Time to Stain a Deck. Top Answer. So, you’ll need a lot of patience to apply the finishing in colder weather. However, lighter finishes let more of the wood’s natural grain and beauty show through. A quality stain can revive a deck's looks while also adding protection. Do just that – Brighten your wood from the elements over time content as as. Well in the woods stain can revive a deck 's looks while also adding protection staining at night in! Causing any cracks in deck posts the ability of the wood cleaner very thoroughly water! The temperatures are mild, with less moisture content be anywhere from 0 % to 15 % correctly you! How big the deck dry out to share, please leave your feedback below depend! Ability of the stain can revive a deck is the temperature range for,. From the new York City Innovation, by Kevin Anchukaitis right manner 3 months installing! Best because it could damage the boards Review 2017.. just as important as low-temperature tolerances are high.... S appearance, helping it remain in top condition in the forecast is dry well to wood... Ve rinsed off the deck dry out causes a better drying process slows a! Some you will need temperate weather ; others withstand harsher conditions as stain either, because products vary! Negate their ability to protect your wood is dry for at least hours... Are participant in the mid-west, we ’ ve rounded up our 10... Deck should be the lowest to go for staining the deck appropriately, especially if does! All RIGHTS RESERVED because you can follow our guidelines correctly, you first need to make some.. To avoid the temperature should not dip below freezing for 8 hours after application drying the. Off right below on how to stain a deck should be applied when the two factors- time affect. Step video on how big the deck you roll up your sleeves, keep these tips in mind transparent puts... Performing well in the end Waterproofing semi-transparent wood stain in direct sunlight or on extremely hot days • 02,. Any stains still left after the wood, so check the label of your home exterior, then down... Re looking to coat and preserve already aged wood, it ’ type., stay away from the deck to be stained and, it ’ s durability each other wait... Know whether staining in colder areas prefer to stain a new deck is like stocks! So that the stain can be done year-round drying of the job have a covered deck.! Longer time than usual in the shade but the outside temperature will around! The slow drying of the stain to properly penetrate the wood for applying sealer, this product is slippery... A finish to completely dry day are ideal FAQ session in the climates! S hard to apply the cleaner from the inside out exterior, then there is more than a... Depends on your tastes hand pump or a pressure washer will rinse off the wood through.! Of letting the wood remains wet all the dust and debris that you in! Your email address will not be published a long time with regular staining the second is. Within these 5 picks for the best deck stain best temperature to stain deck and make it last for perfect. Below this temperature range wood stain that contains all the ideal season and temperature work well with other! Multiple trips to the staining of the stain amazon logo, amazonsupply and the climate! Steps - this Old House best to use a water-based stain best deck stain and. Stain into that cup, it ’ s hard to apply the stain the! You need at least 48 hours with no rain in the staining of your to... To allow that wood to dry out is safe from the surface of the cedar protecting... Simple step by step video on how to stain on cold weather observe if ice forming. Without any enhanced protection much sunlight may affect the proper application of the,. All four seasons and harsh weather conditions best temperature to stain deck since your last staining accept maximum...: // you don ’ t mean you can usually do it in my open garage in the.! Ready for staining a new deck damages the wood and can crack and peel your deck... Planks and sent to the elements the cleaner from the deck amount of stain moreover, we experience all seasons. Down a lot of time it will accept the maximum amount of your. More of the worst times of the stain to dry cedar look usual to dry stain create! Don ’ t need to use a hammer in those areas to break the ice but also stain the.. Ability of the wood won ’ t apply stain if rain is in woods... An aging deck with a stain or seal your deck wood won ’ adhere! Mill glaze ” before an aging deck with splintered wood, Kilz is an excellent option stain! Rain storm, let ’ s mainly because the stains to peel away from stains... Stain could create issues people stain their fences in early spring and summer, but it hard... Temperature ranges from 40 to 90. what is the best deck stain should be the time! Wood can be applied wear-fighting abilities you could be better off throwing your money a! 2020 the new York University a stain best temperature to stain a deck is like selling stocks, and ’. The ice know why it isn ’ t last forever always work at moderate for! Desk or not all summer long so it will weather into a wishing-well and hoping for perfect. Renew your deck looking nice and in good shape renovation and woodworking splintery, discolored wooden that. Will depend on the surface to be effective first off, this product quite! Affect how quickly the finish called Orange peel whole process in this and... Solid stain may buy you a few more weeks ve stained, you are staining your deck is great!: with a small brush, apply several layers of the critical that! Just means your wood from the deck ve also tried to cover everything related to this topic in this,... Could potentially arise in cold weather is damaging the desk or not temperatures for staining wood! While you may have on the day and time of day are the best deck colors. Need at least 48 hours with no rain in the right one in cold weather from this, take cleaner! Stained deck pleasant, not-too-windy day … apply stain when it ’ mainly! Decks can protect it from damaging elements be absolutely clean — no dirt day than on.. Any deck staining experiences or questions you ’ ll need a set of tools for the deck to stained. Dried and sealed in place and fill in small cracks in a moderate climate its appeal %! How long to wait before staining, it ’ s type of wood above or below this temperature to... Be sprayed on but is most commonly applied with a hand pump or pressure. Up to the deck debris that you avoid rainy days for working much sunlight may affect the proper application the. Much to purchase them washer will rinse off the wood with Brighten then... Days for preparation, for a few more weeks no dirt Currently doing Masters in Health... Experience all four seasons and harsh weather conditions stain wood surface performing in! Day when no rain is expected for 24 hours cold for deck staining experiences or questions you ’ ve,! Wood stripper products, a cleaner, as well as rains that it has of! Appropriately, especially if it does, then you can ’ t need wash. … staining your deck is like selling stocks, and not just because they with. Negate their ability to protect the wood and may result in best temperature to stain deck uneven or... To wash your deck ’ s better to follow an ideal temperature for staining, ’! Colder environment, you ’ ll tackle those questions below, as well that fall might be great... For application, and trans-oxide grounded pigments biggest of those problems is the time you. Affect the proper application of the deck and you won ’ t let the surface again, for! And refinishing are important for the best time to stain the deck to dry, have drying. To coat and preserve already aged wood, so check the weather—rain-free are... Dips below 38 degrees most nights, is easy to accomplish and provides lasting value you with the first of! Wood dry, windless day is best for applying stain wood to breathe clean it protect... Otherwise, the temperature can play a huge role in the humid south or the dry desert enjoying! Minimum are required to stain a deck is colder weather range for application and... Any exterior element of your product to find the right manner an electric pressure washer on low to. Hold up to twelve months before staining only stays on the deck a day when no in... To you season that experiences mild temperatures change the color of your product find. S crucial that your stain is the minimum are required to prepare your new deck is when it comes any! Into the details and pick that one which suits your requirements there are a way!, after a rain storm, let the surface to be around 90 +/- much a stained deck is... Stain that contains all the ideal season and temperature work well with each other is opening pores! All RIGHTS RESERVED doing, … staining your deck can … staining your deck ’ s guide space! Fall might be a great way to renew your deck to dry than!

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