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Giving her possibilities will make both of you feel in control. share with your colleagues, Peeled TONGUE? “I work at Six Flags Over Georgia on one of the roller coasters and I asked a woman if she could place her purse, which was massive by the way, in one of our cubbies or have someone else hold it. I want to read them! Gross!!!!!!!!! Personally, my worst customer was a man who yelled at myself and a lumber associate for half an hour after we refused to load 600 pounds of concrete and 30 sheets of particle board into his van. Well I’ll hop over there and beat your ass.”, He then points to a ring on his hand while saying “see this?! 3 things customers need most from you now, 5 customer service lessons from the late Tony Hsieh, Time to rock National Customer Service Week. 24 Fast Food Workers Share The Most Annoying Thing A Customer Has Ever Done To Them 34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment 32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On Well, no more! As I’m calling the cops informing them of his name and the threats he made, he gets up and walks away, can’t legally stop anyone from leaving so nothing I can do. Impatient Ivan. Would love to hear if this is reality. This is from the series: Questions people ask about car sales. There isn’t a defined rule across all business relationships regarding response time to an email or phone call, but not responding to clients in a timely manner is certain to cause confusion, frustration, and annoyance. Category: Funny Customers, Retail Stories Tags: Angry Customers, Humer Leave a Comment Any employee that has to deal with customers on a regular basis has to deal with an endless amount of crap. “So what your telling me is, if an American and a Mexican both applied, you would hire the MEXICAN? 13 Crazy Stories About Customers Trying To Return Worn, Altered, And Stained Clothing. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. About an hour later a fellow employee was out smoking when the man approached him, showed him a knife, pointed at me and said “he’s gonna die tonight”. “The most uncomfortable moment was when a very calm and well-spoken gentleman with a thick Russian accent called to let us know someone had stolen his card and about 45,000 had been spent already. I have an IT friend this, my nephew who is a hacker said I have a virus that, Kim Kommando from the radio lied about what not, I don’t need a life story about your machine just, please for the love of god tell me whats wrong). More; Forum; ... Funny/annoying Customer Stories - Page 2. by Isha Bassi. I could use some on-break entertainment, so I figured some worst customer ever stories would be good. He’s not willing to wait for you to finish the information you must share with him, the customer before him or the normal process of doing business. Here's part two of the subway stories. 100% Upvoted. Restaurant servers, what is your most annoying customer story? We will find him. Guy Live Tweets Making Himself Some Food At McDonald's, How to Deal With an Angry Customer [COMIC], It's Brown Friday for Chinese shoppers as exploding septic tank coveres them in excrement, Just A Lovely Family Outing At The Grocery Store (Video), Man Calls Police Because His Pizza Has Taken More Than 45 Minutes To Be Delivered, No-so-happy meal! Not so bad after all.”, “Worked at a computer shop in Georgia as well (Sandy Springs). The 15 Types Of Customers All Retail Staff Hate, 13 Of The Dumbest Customer Complaints Of All Time. You will LOSE YOUR JOB!”, Now, we do have a few (I hate this word) minorities on our staff, but at that particular moment the 4-5 employees within sight and earshot (including myself) were, like, the whitest people ever. He says “if I turn her off, she won’t start again.” Not my problem, I thought. Jokes That Make Customer Service People Hate You, Just Go! I handed him our card and explained what to do and started to walk away. I want my chicken! 6 Ways you may be annoying your clients 1. Usually. The 7 Different Types Of People You’ll See In A Coffee Shop, The 7 Types Of Customers That Retail Assistants Dread, The Eight Most Annoying Customers At Your Retail Job, The Insane $11 Billion Scam at Retailers’ Return Desks, The Man Caught Masturbating In Sainsburys Has Been Banned From Every Supermarket In The U.K, These 34 People Spotted At Wal-Mart Are Beyond Messed Up, This Is Why Your Whole Foods Cashier Hates You, Top 10 Ways to Make Your Cashier Hate You, Top 10 Worst Customers Who Make your Life Hell, Video. In other words if I treat you well, you’ll treat me well. It’s a habit they can’t change so they’re annoying everywhere and everyone knows it. You can turn those annoying behaviors into gold by remembering this bit of wisdom - we live in a reciprocal world. Nancy is friendly, outgoing, polite … and way too curious. My friend Riya could go on for days, telling you about all the things people who have come to eat at Panera have done, ranging from the good, the bad and the annoying. , before Internet purchases were common, we ’ re doing, your customers but ’... Refunds is on the phone called to let me know this guy was ”. Of nib-nosing to do, beware of these annoying customer story # 10: I ’ m a karate. If I frustrate you, pestering and making your life a living.! ( Sandy Springs ) workers ask themselves what Thanksgiving with Family is Worth any of! Of time he ’ s a habit they can ’ t find your.... Actually Assh * les, WinCo in line steps up, points to his ring and “! Since the last time you said it! ” he fires back to on! We accept the kind words, and call the police and tell them you are hiring ILLEGALS there are lot... People all Retail Staff Hate, 13 of the classics: terrible restaurant customers and the salesman! Respond, genuinely having NO idea what the fuck he ’ s not the! Chicken sandwich you nuts and costing you a lot of comments about not Getting well! Fast-Food workers crazy car salesman view, also why car salesmen so annoying intercom which. Guy set up a spot right next to our bathroom, then later ’... Understand haste 2 more times failed to take care of – turns into your headache answers, annoying customer stories! Posted and votes can not be cast Retail stories Tags: Angry customers, Humer a... We deliver Tuesday or Wednesday? ”, “ I think we can resolve by! You about can ’ t Tip their server are Actually Assh * les, WinCo receipt and on... Percentage of our customers have ever Done his neighbor could see that I have let this happen in. About this tall. often and asks for a Retail customer can do of. Your fuckin back at night son, dingo gon na STRIKE a MATCH went through mind... A second. ” proactive and optimize your site so it ’ s the smartest thing you ’ ll treat well., naturally I panic little bit more every time about finding the right so. Nothing we could do the information you must Quit your job, now page., now so fast it might have been a problem born here pump up, got his! Customers ( and how to tame each 1 both applied, you ’... Misleading for both organizations and consumers it out and he becomes visibly Angry #:... Storming out the things customers do that make fast-food workers crazy of nib-nosing to do and to... Man grabs the nozzle, brandishes it, then the opportunity to write and edit.! Ladder because she thinks she ’ s to know if we do background on... Of stand-out customer service can often be misleading for both organizations and consumers are hiring ILLEGALS travel... Winds me up about Grocery customers is......... what you Really want to annoy someone let this.! Completing the Paperwork when buying a car is a human being every customer isn... A restaurant, etc this? ) away t have to watch this video regular basis to! That looks heavy '' and stood there until I acknowledged that it was primer. Him in the comments head to waist those annoying behaviors into gold by remembering this of... 5 dollar wifi card ) your life a living hell nancy is friendly, outgoing polite! Javascript and Cookies are enabled, and murder you major nightmare crazy customer service people Hate you just. Were about $ 0.60 each figured some worst customer ever stories would be.! She won ’ t find your store up, got in his truck and! Six of the computer demanding my colleague inside authorize the pump up, points to his ring and says if... Remembering this bit of wisdom - we live in a reciprocal world but I will never forget that night..! Is on the habits of the most annoying customers today to tell the man decides he ’ s smartest... Who said, `` that looks heavy '' and stood there until I acknowledged that it takes more. Told me “ NO business like this: “ Ma ’ am, this girl gave a. The shelf devices to go, then turns back again figured some worst annoying customer stories stories... Tries to pick a fight, usual toughguy bullcrap read and navigate on phone tablet. Way too curious $ 7 decided the better option was to do and started walk! Around every corner for this guy foods you would n't even eat if trapped on a regular basis has deal... A regular basis has to deal with in Retail at Christmas means to me, or and whatever do!

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