4 Legal Directories For Attorneys and Law Firms

A legal directory is an important tool for attorneys and law firms. They provide visibility, help build brand authority, and can even lead to new clients. However, it is vital to fully claim your profiles and prioritize reviews – both good and bad.

Online directories boost firm’s visibility with search engines like Google and put them in front of clients actively seeking legal services.


LawInfo is an online legal directory that provides attorneys with visibility and client leads. It includes client reviews, peer attorney recommendations, and disciplinary information. The site also includes a search tool that allows users to compare lawyers and law firms. It is important to note that it can take up to a year for directory listings to show results. Therefore, it is best to use them as part of a larger marketing strategy and budget.

The indirect benefit of being listed in a legal directory is that it builds authority. This is a factor that Google considers when ranking websites. If your law firm is listed in a high-quality legal directory, it will increase the likelihood of ranking higher on Google.

However, it is important to evaluate whether the listing is worth it for your law firm. Most lawyers and law firms have a limited marketing budget, so it is important to spend it wisely. If the directory listing has no SEO value, it should be passed over.


If you’re looking for new clients, it’s important to market your law firm online. Many clients search lawyer directories to find a reputable attorney. These directories often have a high domain authority and receive a lot of monthly traffic. They also rank well in Google searches.

Among the top attorney directories is Martindale-Hubbell, which offers a wealth of resources and attracts millions of visitors each month. Its site features blogs and other content that can boost your visibility and credibility.

Another popular option is LawTally, which allows lawyers to create a profile and include photos, videos, links, and social media accounts. It also provides a free search feature that allows customers to find a lawyer by location, name, and practice area.


Justia offers online marketing solutions for legal professionals, including a lawyer directory that helps connect clients with attorneys. They also provide free access to Supreme Court documents and judicial reviews. Their marketing services include copywriting, website design, and SEO strategies to generate leads. They also offer a premium membership that can boost your profile and help you connect with prospects.

The best way to increase your visibility on Justia is to ensure that your profile is complete. Fully completed profiles perform better in organic searches and increase the chances of client conversion. You can also increase your profile’s completion score by reaching out to colleagues and peers for reviews.

Justia’s lawyer rating system is one of the most important features for potential clients. Attorneys can receive ratings based on their communication skills, legal knowledge, and ethics and professionalism. This rating is visible to anyone who views your lawyer directory listing in Justia. The higher your rating, the more likely you are to be hired.


FindLaw is a large online resource for legal information and a directory of attorneys. Its directory is one of the strongest in the industry and ranks for 4.2 million keywords. It also offers marketing services to help lawyers build their online presence. However, some clients have reported being bullied into purchasing more products and services from the company.

Finding a good attorney directory can be challenging for law firms. Many of these directories are dependent on organic search traffic from Google, and the revenue they generate depends on them ranking well in searches conducted by legal consumers. The downside of this is that the directories may compete with your own website and deter traffic to your practice.

The best attorney directory can be a valuable addition to your firm’s marketing strategy, but it’s important to understand how these directories work and what their value proposition is. This way, you can choose the right service for your needs.